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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 53: WILL MORN THIS WHOLE WEEK

Mu Corporation

The heads of all departments were shocked by their boss's sudden development of emotion. It was the third meeting they were having and their boss was extremely cool. Even though there were one or two mistakes, he pointed out the flaws and more shocking to them, he showed them some easy way to handle the problems they were facing.

Earlier they thought maybe because it had been nine months since he had meeting in the office. However, they saw their boss check his wrist watch multiple times. At first they were surprised. In a second they all became curious what made their calm boss so restless. They started to whisper at each other:

"Today we have such an important meeting, still boss is looking so relaxed."

"True, Finance department and Management department made such silly mistakes and boss didn't say anything."

"Who says he is relaxed? Look, he is looking at his wristwatch in every fifteen minutes."

"What could be more important to him than a meeting?"

"Does he have a date? Today he looks like he dressed up a little."

That was true. Before Mu Liang would wear only grey suits and pants, but today he wore Prussian blue suit and pant. Moreover, the suit was from famous Prada brand.

"He got a girlfriend! No! I'll become a widow!"

"If he really got himself a girlfriend hen all our female employees will morn this whole week."

"It would be good for us 'single men'. Because of boss we never got a girlfriend. Our female colleagues are such beauties."

"Even we got ourselves girlfriend, they would turn us down after they would see our boss's face.

Have you forgotten what happened to Vice-president's daughter? When she saw our boss at Christmas party two years ago, she confessed to him and even tried to seduce him. Within a week she divorced her husband to get our boss."

"Huh, even married women can't be saved from our boss's look."

"How do think boss's girlfriend will look like?"

"She must be very beautiful."

"She could be a royalty."

".....maybe a demon tamer."

Mu Liang could hear all the whispering going on around him. But he was really in good mood. Therefore, he didn't try to stop them. All he needed to get the reports within office hour time. If he could finish this meeting on time then he could stay with his 'wife' more. He personally made a reservation. He was very eager to give her a surprise.

As he was thinking all that a smile crossed his face for a second. And this scene didn't get missed by his eagle-eyed employees.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

They became more flabbergasted. Their imaginations ran wild.

"Ahh, what did I just see? Our Demon boss just smiled!"

"He was definitely thinking of his girlfriend."

"Boss, if you were to breakup with us then why did make us fall for you again, even with a seductive smile?"

Ju Long saw everyone's tortured face and deeply sighed. Today, in a different way his Demon boss tortured his employees while he was thinking of a romantic date.


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