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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 52: MANY AMAZING PLACES YET TO VISIT

Without any advance notice Hugo Muller took Mu Lan to Bibliotheqe Nationale de France. After she was out of the car, Mu Lan was astonished by the scene in front of her. What was before her it wasn't what she expected; she saw four pillars like buildings. Each building looked like open book. What made her more astound were not the glass buildings but these for buildings were situated in a rectangle shape. From distant it looked like an open book.

Mu Lan slowly looked at the bodyguard beside her. "It doesn't look like Eiffel Tower."

Hearing her voice without any sign of dissatisfaction Hugo Muller felt slight relived. "Young miss, Eiffel Tower looks more attractive at night. It is still afternoon. So I thought before I take you there I should bring you here. We can go inside. If you still don't like it then we'll go to other place."

His logical explanation left her with zero objections. She looked at the sight again. She looked at there in daze and asked Hugo, "What is this place?"

Hugo sincerely replied, "This is called Bibliotheqe Nationale de France. This is the nation library of France."

Mu Lan looked at him with full of confusion. "Which building is the library?"

Hugo didn't smile at her question. For every visitor who didn't know about this library would think same thing. So he replied seriously, "Young miss, these four buildings are the part of the library. The main building is underneath. More precisely, we might be standing above the library."

Mu Lan looked at Hugo in disbelief. Seeing her reaction Hugo Muller shrugged. 'Well, there are many amazing places she has yet to visit. It has just started.' He thought looking at her.

It wasn't that Mu Lan didn't want to belief him. Rather than that, she didn't want to belief her own ears. As she had yet to decide what to belief, she ran in the middle of these four buildings. She crossed a bridge and suddenly she stopped in front of the railing before her. She saw trees and glasses on the side of the walls. Lights were on and anyone could see what was inside. The she looked down on her feet. She realized that she was standing above the library.

'Then what Hugo was telling was the truth. i didn't hear wrong.' She excitedly looked at Hugo Muller. "Show me the entrance."

Watching her acting like a child who got a new toy Hugo was shocked. As he showed her the way to entrance he thought, 'Boss, your idea is really effective but I'm not sure if it will last long.' What Hugo didn't know that he had still enough things to get shocked in near future.

After security check up they went to the library section. As soon as they went through the door Mu Lan stopped in the track. Her jaw dropped. She was stunned the view of the library. She saw desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves between every pillar and of course books. Thousands of books were there. If the books weren't enough, the yellow lights above every bookshelf made it more grandeur and royal. Mu Lan looked up and saw in the roof there was a large oval shape window and around it there were more than eighteen round windows. They were the source of the light they were getting inside.

Seeing such majestic, ancient vibe coming from this place Mu Lan was dumbfounded. She didn't move, neither she blinked once.

Her reaction made Hugo a bit flabbergast. He didn't think that some books could make a person react this way. He was never fond of books. He liked weapons more. Since he was a child, he liked gun toys. He always thought books were boring. But her response towards these thousands of books made him think otherwise.


Dear Readers, I thank you for voting though many of you still have confusion about Mu Lan's past.

I really want to tell you about her past but it has to wait for President Li to show up.

When will he show up? I still didn't plan on it.

I plan on writing more than 200 chapters and I hope I can make it 500.

And also, as I promised I'll write 6 bonus chapters because this novel ranked 49. It passed 50 already.

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