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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 51: TO CHANGE HER MIND

After going to Mu Mansion, Louise was greeted by Butler Leo. He was same as before.

"Miss Fontaine, we prepared a room for you. Please have some rest. If you are hungry then you can call me or Irene anytime." Head Butler introduced Irene who was a maid.

"Sure." Louise shortened her answer and went to the room which was prepared for her. After going to the room, she went to bath.

Irene prepared dress for her and she waited outside of the room. That moment driver Ronald came to talk to her. "I heard from my sister that Miss Louise is in your care. Is that true?" He asked.

Irene looked at this handsome young fellow and replied, "Alice told you the truth."

In this household, everyone knew that Mu Lan's maid Alice and driver Ronald were twins and they had good relationship. If they were to disguise in same clothes it would be hard to recognize who was who. Even Mu Lan was shocked when she saw Ronald the first time.

"Did Miss Louise ask you about young mistress?" Ronald inquired

"No, she didn't? Why are you asking?" Looking at his serious face Irene also became serious.

"Miss Louise has been asking everyone about young mistress. Assistant Long didn't answer her, so I did the same. I told Alice and Uncle Leo about it and Uncle Leo told me to warn you not to tell her about young mistress. After all, she is an outsider." Then Ronald asked her, "By the way, I haven't seen young mistress anywhere. Where is she?"

Irene smiled, "Miss went out with Hugo. She said that she wanted to visit Eiffel Tower. Young master will be very jealous if he hears it. He was planning on taking her there this evening. Hugo was so nervous when he heard where young miss wanted to go. Hope he got a plan to change her mind."

Ronald laughed, "You're right. Or else, he will have to face young master's wrath."

As they were talking they both heard sounds from inside. 'It seems like Miss Louise finished her bath.' Thinking that Irene signaled Ronald to go and she knocked the door.

- - - - - - - -

Mu Liang was busy in a meeting that's when he got a message from Hugo. Seeing his bodyguard's name on the cell phone Mu Liang frowned and looked at the message. It says, "Boss, young mistress wants to go to Eiffel Tower. I couldn't tell her that you will take her there tonight. How can I change her mind?"

He cued Ju Long to continue the meeting while he called Hugo. When Hugo answered the call Mu Liang said in a low voice, "Take her to Bibliotheque Nationale de France." After saying one sentence he hung up.

Ju Long could hear his boss's voice. He understood that his boss was talking about Miss Lan. As he was standing behind Mu Liang, he saw Hugo's message. Ju Long knew from his investigation that Mu Lan liked books and most of the times she spent her free times in library. More precisely, library was her second home.

Therefore, it was easy for Ju Long to catch Mu Liang's point. 'If she were to go the national library of France which holds extensive historical collections she would forget to return Mu Mansion let alone Eiffel Tower.'


Ju Long shook his head in disbelief. He was once again amazed by the intelligence of his boss.

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