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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 50: ASKING ABOUT YOUNG MISTRESS

On the way back home, Louise Fontaine remembered that she didn't ask Ju Long about the girl who was going to stay at dorm. She was too busy to plan on confessing to Mu Feng that she forgot about that girl.

She took her cell phone from the bag and called Ju Long. Before it could ring once Ju Long answered the call.

"Louise?" Ju Long unhurriedly asked.

Louise mocked, "Are you playing with your mobile or something? Or maybe you were eagerly waiting for my call."

From the other side Ju Long smiled a bit, "Is there something you need?" He went straight to the point.

Hearing him not giving attention to her joke Louise pout a bit, "I want to know who is going to stay at the dorm? Judging by your boss's seriousness, it must be someone closer to them. But I never heard Feng mention anything about his younger sister."

Ju Long sighed, "Is that it? Look Louise, I'm busy right now. I was going to call a client when you called. I'll answer your questions later."

"Can't your call wait?" Louise felt like she was wronged.

Ju Long shook his head hopelessly. 'I really did spoil her too much.' He thought. Then he answered, "No, my work can't wait. See you later, bye." He hung up the phone.

Louise thought that Ju Long was changed. He always listened to her indulgences. Now he chose work over her. Unhappily she looked at the driver who was about twenty years old. She asked him, "What's your name?"

Usually a driver cannot talk to the guest of boss while driving. But this guest was friend of second master. It had been three years since he started working under Mu Family but it was the first time anyone other than Miss Lan asked his name. Though it had been sixth time he drove Louise, it was the first time she asked her name.

He answered, "Miss, my name is Ronald Roy."

"How long have you been working here?" Louise asked again.

"Three years, miss. It's the sixth time that I'm driving you." Ronald didn't like this 'ungrateful' miss, so he answered as he razzed and acted all innocent.

"Oh, yes, I remember." Seeing his innocent face Louise didn't get angry but she was annoyed by the way he answered. She felt like that he mocked her. Still she didn't express it. "So tell me, who the girl is going to attend in the Pierre and Marie Curie University. I never heard Feng mentioning that he had a sister."

'So that's the real reason you talked to me. When Assistant Long didn't answer your question, you think I am going to answer you? And who are you to ask me with such bossy tone. Even second young master talk to me with a friendly tone and Miss Lan talk to like I'm her younger brother.' Ronald was displeased by the way Louise was asking him questions.

Therefore he answered, "Miss, it's forbidden to answer the question you asked. Boss said not to talk about this subject. I beg your pardon if I offended you in any way but I'm obliged to follow the rules."

Louise's beautiful face darkened. "Fine." She answered curtly while thinking, 'Even if you don't tell me it's fine because I'm going to know it sooner while I go to the mansion.'


Dear Readers, you can't believe what I dreamed today.

I saw that I was chased by the goblins. They looked like human and they were so ugly.

They killed many of my friends and imprisoned some of them. Those who were imprisoned were: Hak, Yona from Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn). Have you watched the anime or read the manga. I'm a fan of them but never thought that they would become by friend in my nightmare.

I didn't tell you the most shocking news yet! ! :o

After detaining us they arranged a marriage between me and their king!!!!!!!

Do you want to know who that is????????

Last time I tried to flee from the marriage I got to see his face because he chased after me.

That goblin king was Yang Yang! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I don't know if you know this handsome Chinese guy but I really like this actor a lot, specially his smile. XD

But that was not the point. Even though I recognized him in my dreams I was scared to death. It didn't matter if he was Yang Yang, it was a goblin I was going to marry. TT

When I woke up I realized I was so thirsty and I was sweating a lot. I guess it will take time to forget this nightmare. Look, I'm still shivering.

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