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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 476: TALENT TO ATTRACT UNWANTED ENEMIES

Jason was overwhelmed with the pain and even in terrible pain he was perplexed by the strength of Mu Feng. It felt like Mu Feng's leg was made of steel. He cried again as he felt that his face bone was about to brake."I will. I will." Jason said. Sensing that Mu Feng loosened up, he hurriedly said, "Let go first. I will tell you."Mu Feng cruelly looked down at him before letting him go. His eyes were glowing like snakes' eyes."S-she h-has a-a g-gold k-key." Jason coughed and blood came from his mouth. "T-they a-are l-looking for h-her.""Who are they? Who is looking for her?" Mu Feng asked as he bent down. 'Did I just hear right? Golden key?'Jason's eyes were filled with tears because of unbearable pain. His head was buzzing and body was getting numb in pain. His eyes grew wide as he saw with the corner of his eyes through Mu Feng's torn shirt that He was wearing a steel vest underneath the shirt.No wonder bullet didn't affect him.Mu Feng wore a bullet proof shield and Lu Feng's new invented a pair of shoes. When twenty men surrounded him, Mu Feng thought that they were so stupid.Just as they began firing, Mu Feng jumped. Under his new shoes had two steel plates which could be separated from the shoes. They worked like magnets. He used force before he jumped and the steel plates were separated from the shoes and they were on the ground. Mu Feng pushed a button of a small remote control which was attached to his belt. His steel vest was activated with electricity and was connected with the shoe plates. Because of that, after he jumped, he was ten feet above the ground for less than ten seconds.So when the men around him began firing, since Mu Feng wasn't in his post, the bullets hit the opposite men most of them either died or was injured. It took five seconds to break their defense.In the end Mu Feng only used his sharp knife to kill those who were still alive and growing in pain.Jason quivered in fear. He never felt such fear after he met his boss."Who are they?" Mu Feng asked again."T-the C-c-c-o..a""Come again?" Mu Feng asked again as he couldn't understand."C-cobra." Jason said and coughed blood once again.Mu Feng's face twisted. 'What the hell? The Cobra is the strongest terrorist team in the world. Even I won't dare to make them mad. Sister Lan Lan really has the talent to attract unwanted enemy. Is he sure that it is *The Cobra*?'"Are you sure?" Mu Feng couldn't help but ask again.However, Jason couldn't speak anymore. He was losing consciousness. Mu Feng realized that too. "Oh no, you won't. I won't let you go that easily. Since you can't speak anymore, why don't I take off your useless tongue?"Jason couldn't stop Mu Feng. The King of the European Underworld put his right leg on the middle of Jason's legs and used force."Ahhhhhhh!" Jason's scream echoed in the room. He gasped for air."That's for saying dirty things about my sister." Mu Feng said. As he saw Jason's open mouth, he took the opportunity to grab Jason's tongue and pulled it out forcefully.Jason screamed again. Mu Feng twisted his hand and pulled out Jason's tongue quickly."Ghaaaaaaah!" Jason fainted in pain. Blood came out his open mouth. It was a horrible sight.Mu Feng slowly walked towards the table and saw and brand new whiskey bottle. He opened the lid and poured the liquids in Jason's mouth.Jason jolted awake after feeling piercing pain and subconsciously drank whiskey. His mouth was already injured. So everywhere burnt as the liquids went down to his throat."That's for my Ying." Mu Feng said. Jason was crying. All he wanted was to die at this moment. He couldn't bear to live anymore. The pain was killing him. He swam in his own pool of blood and grabbed Mu Feng's leg."Shoot! You dirtied my pant. It's from Stuart Hughes! Thank goodness that I left the diamond suit in the car. First you tore my shirt and now my pants. Those hands of yours are so destructive. You better live off of them." Mu Feng was super furious. He used his legs to used pressure of Jason's fingers and broke them without mercy.Jason only groaned. He didn't have a tiny bit strength left to cry out load.Mu Feng took out his gun and shot at the whiskey bottles one by one. The room was filled with the smell of strong alcohol. The liquids soaked Jason's bloody body.Mu Feng took a lighter from the table and ignited the fire. Afterwards, he threw it on the floor. Instantly the fire filled the place wherever the liquids were. It didn't take a minute for the fire to catch Jason.Jason's groaned as he wanted Mu Feng to kill him. But Mu Feng didn't give him a glance. He walked away from the room. ***He looked at the tubes and saw seven heads which he knew. He frowned. 'I sent five of my men. Why the sixth and seventh one is very familiar?' Mu Feng tried to remember his identity.All of a sudden he gasped.'Aren't they the two bodyguards whom my big bother allowed to be with sister Lan Lan? I just saw them today in the hospital. Then how come.....'Soon he realized what was going on. He forgot to breathe.Jason somehow got the bodyguards and planted his own men with face mask. Or The Cobra helped Jason. It was impossible for Jason's men to take Mu Family's bodyguards by themselves.'I have to check if sister Lan Lan is alright.' Mu Feng planted five bombs before leaving hurriedly. After he went inside the car and started the engine and called Mu Liang at the same time.After he left the place he pushed a button and the bombs in the tunnels burst. Whatever was there, gone in a blink of eyes.

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