Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 475: FINISH HIM

Jason said sarcastically, "You really don't know who the real Hua Lan is, do you? What a pity. If she didn't lose her memory, your brother could never touch her. What a destiny! This girl actually caught a man's attention who never liked women. My eldest nephew is so possessive towards her that he can't let her be alone even for once. Who knows what he will do after he gets to know the real Hua Lan. But I don't think neither of you will have the chance to know that much about her. Both of you will die and she will go where she belongs."Mu Feng frowned momentarily. "Where she belongs? What do you mean?""I already told you what I meant. She doesn't belong here with your family. A jewel like her is only for decoration. She fits in the crown as a jewel. Why do I have to treat her like a human?" Jason chuckled. He didn't hide his naked lust.Mu Feng's eyes became fire ball. "You sure know how to cross your line. A street dog should know its place."Jason stopped laughing. His eyes became vicious. "It's you who should know its place. Have you forgotten, barking dog seldom bites?""But that's you, isn't it?" Mu Feng snickered."You will know the answer in a minute." Jason trembled in anger.The moment he said that twenty men came with guns and sharp weapons. The surrounded both Mu Feng and Jason.Mu Feng looked at them with funny expression and exclaimed mockingly, "What a feast!"Jason snorted. "Laugh all you want right now. Because this is the last time you are going to laugh." He walked out of the circle and said to the men without even looking, "Finish him." Then he left the room.The door closed and it was only Mu Feng and twenty men. The men looked at Mu Feng with hungry eyes. Mu Feng closed his eyes and touched his chest with right hand. 'Ah, what is this feeling? I feel like a bunny in the wolves' den. This must be how Ying feels when I look at her before making love. I should change the way I approach her. It feels ugly.'The men who had guns with them pointed out to Mu Feng and began firing. The room echoed the sounds of gun firing. Blood splashed everywhere. Mu Lan's photos soaked in blood.-----Jason went to the next room after he talked to Mu Feng. He sat down in the sofa lazily and drank tea. "Ah, what an exciting day! Killing three birds in once stone." He laughed loudly.Jason's mission was to bring Hua Lan to his boss. He wanted to get his revenge as well as finish his mission. So he poisoned Qi Ying, lured Mu Feng in his headquarter, killed him, made Mu Liang vulnerable and then he would take Hua Lan back with him. As long as Hua Lan was in his boss's hand, he would get lots of money. His boss even promised to fight against Mu Liang if Jason was able to send him Mu Feng's head. Jason collected body parts of his enemies and sold the good body parts in high prices. He could only imagine how much money he would get after he sold Mu Feng's head. He was a well-known enemy in other continents after all."What an easy task! From now on Mu Corporation is mine!" Jason hold his wine glass up to celebrate by himself."I told you. Stop day dreaming because barking dog seldom bites." Mu Feng as he opened the door with a loud sound.Jason startled by Mu Feng's sudden appearance. His hand jolted and wine glass fell on the floor and broke into pieces."Missed me?" Mu Feng grinned. He looked as good as new. There wasn't a scratch on his whole body, let alone blood.Impossible!"H-h-how d-d-did you e-s-scaped?" Jason stuttered. He couldn't think what would happen as Mu Feng was still alive."Did you think tiny creatures could do anything to me?" Mu Feng scoffed. He looked dissatisfied.The people who Mu Feng was calling tiny creatures were Jason's best people.Mu Feng continued. "So that's your people? I thought I could have more fun. Looks like you are the one who is going to be my last playmate." His eyes were as cruel as a snake; vicious, hungry and sly."Or not." Jason took out his gun and fired at Mu Feng.One, two, three, four, five, six one by one bullet hit Mu Feng.However, nothing happened to Mu Feng. There was no blood or any injury. The shirt torn apart and six bullets, one by one, touched the floor. "H-how.. w-w-why..." Jason was totally confused.Mu Feng looked down and saw the condition of his shirt and sighed deeply. "You know I loved this shirt a lot. I tried so hard to avoid tearing it apart and here you go, firing at me. This shirt is very expensive. It was given by younger brother. I will make you pay for it."[WARNING: Those who cannot read violent part can wait till you see the sign ***]Like a lightning bolt, Mu Feng came towards Jason and punched him in his jaw. Jason was thrown to the floor by excessive force. There was a sound of bone breaking and Jason coughed blood."That's for the shirt. So you were saying something about my sister. What was it again?" Mu Feng came forward and put his left leg on his face and used force. Jason's nose broke with a terrible sound. "Ahhh!" He cried loudly in pain. Blood came out from his broken nose."What about my sister? Tell me." Mu Feng asked and used more force and nearly smashed Jason's face.Jason was overwhelmed with the pain and even in terrible pain he was perplexed by the strength of Mu Feng. It felt like Mu Feng's leg was made of steel. He cried again as he felt that his face bone was about to break.

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