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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 474: YOUR DREAM IS SURREAL

The tubes were eye catching. Anyone who came here for the first time would want to see if those things were real or not. Even Mu Feng had a strong urge to see if his men were there or not.However, he resisted. He realized that the place was sort of trap. 'They must have tried to inquire and fell on the trap. That's why they never returned.' Mu Feng thought. There was three more tunnels on the other three sides. But there were no guards.Mu Feng frowned. 'Why do they have guards here but no there?' he carefully looked around. The tunnels were connected with an iron bridge joined with the wall. There were also stairs to go down.Mu Feng circled around the whole area as he walked soundlessly. He found no one else.'This is a trap, isn't it?' He smirked.He went downstairs and saw five iron doors. 'Why is every door made of iron? Too much for a silly trap.' Mu Feng scoffed and opened the first door which was close to him.The moment he saw what was inside, his body froze.All this time, Mu Feng and Mu Liang thought that the target was Mu Family. Mu Feng never imagined that the target would be someone else. "Curious, aren't we?" A voice distracted Mu Feng. He was startled at first but in the next second chuckled. He slowly turned around and faced his enemy."Well, well, well. Look who it is!" The man gleefully said."Good to see you again, Jason, or should I say Uncle Rich? I missed you so much." Mu Feng lightly said."Good to see you too, the second master of the Mu Family. I missed by clever nephew too. I wonder, how come a clever man like you dared to come here and fall in my trap? I'm surprised. Have you lost your mind after your fiance was poisoned?" Jason mocked.Mu Feng let out a chilling laugh. "How about you? I thought you were after us, not someone else, uncle Rich."Jason laughed. "So you found out. You are shocking me more and more. How come you found out my real identity?""When my brother hunt your family down, you escaped his grasp and fled to America. As soon as you went there, you were caught up with American mafia and you had a deal with them. I guess you were planning on going against us since then. No wonder my brother never found you in America. You changed your identity from Mu Richard to Jason Arnold, got trained, had plastic surgery and then came to Italy with new life. Your first target was father and then grandmother. You had their trust so easily. Slowly you carried out your plan. You definitely waited long enough for this day, didn't you?" Mu Feng chuckled. He wasn't scared at all.Jason aka Richard clapped his hands. "You did your homework, my nephew. I'm so proud of you. I never thought that my cover would blow up so easily."Mu Feng rubbed his cheek. "Did I? I think I took long enough.""How did you come up with such idea since all your men are in holidays?" Jason was curious.Mu Feng smirked. "So curious! But I'm not telling. First tell me, why your target is not Mu Family."Jason was relaxed as he walked closer. "So hungry for information! That's so you! Who said that my target wasn't Mu Family? It was always MU Family, from the day I was born. And my cousin (Mu Jin) took everything from me""It looks like you have a lot in your mind. How did my father take your position? It was always his. Just like grandfather, my father was the first born." Mu Feng saw his movement and so he walked to a corner looking at the pictures covering the wall.Jason scoffed. "A weakling did nothing but flirting. I, on the other hand worked my butt off. And then he took the position. This is not a fair fight."Mu Feng said lightly, "Everything is fair in love and war. You are overreacting. Have you forgotten that you corrupted the company when you were working there? It was father who took care of the massacre you made. If you have the ability, why don't you have your own company?"Jason stopped in the opposite side of Mu Feng and took a photo from the wall. "I will. Don't worry. After I finish you three brothers, I will take which is mine. Your father can't do anything, not even his father. If I kill you first, your brother will lose his right arm. It will be easier to take him down.""Ahahaha I must say, your dream is sure big. and surreal." Jason's expression changed slightly. But Mu Feng continued, "So tell me, why you are targeting my future sister-in-law. She has nothing to do with Mu Family."Mu Feng was startled when he entered the room by the pictures of Mu Lan's daily life hanging all around the room. Someone was tailing her for a long time and they never realized it. There were not only the recent photos, but also the photos of her in China when she was in the middle school.Mu Feng discovered that, Jason was tailing her for a long time, before Mu Liang got to know her. And that was certainly scary.Jason said sarcastically, "You really don't know who the real Hua Lan is, do you? What a pity. If she didn't lose her memory, your brother could never touch her. What a destiny! This girl actually caught a man's attention who never liked women. My eldest nephew is so possessive towards her that he can't let her be alone even for once. Who knows what he will do after he gets to know the real Hua Lan. But I don't think neither of you will have the chance to know that much about her. Both of you will die and she will go where she belongs."

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