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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 473: DARK NIGHT MISSION

Once Mu Liang had a kind heart and only killed the one who harmed his father. However, the culprit's family raised their second child to take revenge by hurting his grandfather. Since then he showed no mercy, not even to the children.Since they didn't let those who couldn't flee at that time go, someone must have escaped from their hands and now they had to pay the price for it.Mu Feng called his team. "Find out which family member survived from 'that' time. Don't leave a single person. Those who survived, match them with Jason. Find out how we killed his family. Don't make any mistake." "Yes boss!" The team leader said.Mu Feng came out of his room and saw Xue Lin was drinking rose tea. Mu Feng said, "Let's go to the hospital.""Sure." Xue Lin finished her tea and got up.------After they reached the hospital, Mu Feng went inside the room first and hugged Qi Ying with all he got without caring whoever was inside the room. Qi Ying was silent in his embrace, but her heart was filled with love.Xue Lin sighed as she saw the drama going on in front of her. However, she was glad that her friend was okay. Mu Lan and Yan Su came forward to hug her."Please stop." Xue Lin stopped them before they could."Aww, are you shy?" Yan Su teased."Disgusting." Xue Lin shut Yan Su's mouth.Yan Su sighed. "This girl will never change.""She will. After she gets a husband." Mu Lan spoke wisely.After a long time, Mu Feng let Qi Ying go and cupped her face with his both hands. "How are you feeling?" Qi Ying brightly at him in answer.Mu Feng was about to feel relieved but he frowned. "Why aren't you talking?" Before he panicked, Mu Lan said, "Since she drank poison, her throat is hurting. Doctor said that she will feel better after taking medicine."Mu Feng's eyes dangerously darkened. "Her throat is hurting.." He murmured.As if poisoning wasn't enough. Her throat was hurting.All because of one person.'I won't let him live.' Mu Feng promised. Then he leaned closer and gave Qi Ying a light kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry. Stay here till you recover. I'll prepare lots of bodyguards to guard you. Rest well. I'll be back after I'm done with my work."Qi Ying obediently nodded.Mu Feng kissed her lips making her blush and stood up. "Where is big brother?" He asked."Your brother went to talk to Doctor Lu." Jing Sheng replied. She was resting in the corner."I'll find him. I request you all stay with Ying. Don't let her be alone and don't go anywhere by yourself. If castle isn't safe for you, no place will. I will take care of it soon. Then I'll call you to come home." Mu Feng said before leaving."Don't worry. Me and Yan Su will protect Xiao Ying and mother." Mu Lan said."Thank you sister Lan Lan. You are the best." Mu Feng grinned and left the room.The moment he turned his back to them, his eyes turned vicious."What did you find out?" Mu Liang's voice turned Mu Feng back to normal."Jason is someone from our family. He must have escaped during that period and now revenging his family. I will find him sooner than he expected." Mu Feng said."Do you have any idea where is he now?" Mu Liang asked. He wasn't surprised that Jason was their own."I know very well." Mu Feng's eyes narrowed."Get ready then. We don't have much time left. He will try to attack in the hospital if we give him more time." Mu Liang said."I'll handle it. You can go to the castle first. I want you to help me with something." Mu Feng said."Sure." Mu Liang agreed.-------On the same day, Mu Feng walked in the dark alley in the middle of the night. In the end of the alley, there was a manhole covering with a lid. He looked at it for a long time before he touched it and began looking for a small hole.Mu Feng could see clearly in the darkness. It was his one of the greatest talents. Therefore, in the dark night, he didn't have much problem to find out what he was looking for.In the small hole, there was a wire. Mu Feng took the wire and pulled it forcefully. There was a 'click' sound and the manhole lid opened automatically. Mu Feng smirked and went inside swiftly. The lid closed right after he entered.In the underground, there was no sewer but a long tunnel. There was clear water above ankle. Mu Feng walked slowly so that there was no sound. Cool breeze was freezing him. The water was also freezing cold. His legs started to get numb at the process.The tunnel had two sides. A ray of light coming from right side. So he chose the right side. In the end of the tunnel, there were two guards standing and turning their backs at him.Mu Feng took out two sharp, small knives and threw them aiming to the guards' necks. The guards shook at first before falling down. Mu Feng caught them before their bodies hit the cold water. He silently put them down.Afterwards, he looked down. In the end of the tunnel, there was a large room in the downstairs. The room was filled with human body parts in various tubes. This place was a huge freezer.'No wonder this place was freezing cold.' Mu Feng thought. He was prepare for many things, but not a freezer.This place was Jason Arnold's headquarter. Over the past years, Mu Feng sent five of his talented spies, but no one of them returned. They just vanished in the air.Now that Mu Feng saw the body parts, he wondered if one of those were his men's. Thinking of that, his fists tightened. In the past, he trained them personally.

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