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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 472: MIGHT BE FAMILY FOE

Doctor Lu came closer and said, "The security team didn't find the footage of the time from ten to eleven on this area and the top floor. Can your men help us with it? Dad is going crazy trying to find out the person who came up with this idea. There was fifty-fifty chance to save the person by using the same poison. This unknown man not only saved the patient but also made them immune to the poison. That man is a genius."He was also curious to find out who was that man to come up with such brilliant idea.Mu Liang replied, "I will call my team to help you tighten the security and help with whatever you need.""Thank you son. I'm relieved." Then he turned around and walked away.Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. 'Is it a coincidence or did Lan just know about the immune system?' He glanced at the room and saw Mu Lan sitting on a chair smiling at something Yan Su said.-----Mu Feng glanced at Xue Lin. "What did you find out?""Your grandmother is genuine. She is a proud wife of an honorable man. She wouldn't have an affair with a random man. She was close to him because that guy is tricky. He knew the exact way to close to your grandmother. She fell into his trap. Perhaps she thought that she knew best, so it was easy to get her. As he got the permission to visit your place easily, he had no one to stop him from carrying out his plan. This man acts like a villain from one of those gangsters movies. Are you sure that he is a professor of psychology?" Xue Lin gazed at Mu Feng.Mu Feng was surprised. Just like his big brother analyzed Jason, she gave him the exact same report. Both of them thought of Jason Arnold as a gangster. Mu Feng said, "We found out about his conspiracy a long time ago. But he wasn't easy to catch. Now we've got a lead to trap him. However, we have yet to find out about his past. His background is really vague. Can you make a profile for him?" Xue Lin calmly glanced at him. "What have you done all this time when you knew that he was harming your family?"Mu Feng never answered to anyone except for Mu Liang for his action. Now he had to answer to a tiny girl. "AhumI thought that since he dared to harm us, I just have to catch him...His past wasn't important"Xue Lin was trying to understand what was actually going on. Interrogating him wasn't her plan. "That makes sense. Then why is it important now?"Mu Feng answered truthfully. "Because his actions are quite similar to what we've faced before."Xue Lin recalled the time her friends suffered. "Like the hypnotism and the poison?""Yes, that's right." Mu Feng nodded. Xue Lin realized the situation now. She said, "Hmm, I'll help you. But I'll need a paper and pencil to write it down."As Mu Feng handed her a paper and pencil, Xue Lin began writing. "He is forty-two years old. His observation skills are sharper than a normal person which mean he has been through a lot. He is experienced in a field where he has used his tricks. He knows how to control someone with through deception. He is more like a con artist. However, his viciousness makes him different than the usual con artists. Usual con artists choose this occupation to earn money in the easiest way. But he is trying to harm your family and he is doing it only to your family and not other people. Which only means that he has enmity towards you. Something must have happened in the past that made him hate you all so much that he wants to destroy your family. Since he came after your family, it could be that you did something to your family first. So he wants to have revenge by killing those closest to you."Xue Lin took a glass of water and drank slowly. She never like talking a lot, but when it came to someone's personality analysis, it made her talk more than Yan Su normally did."Did something to his family that would have made him want to kill those closest to me" Mu Feng could recall things like this, since in the mafia they killed whole families, leaving no traces, but his team and Mu Liang's team never failed missions like these."I don't remember anything like that." He replied in the end.'You mean that your team doesn't remember since you've killed so many.' Xue Lin didn't point out the whole thing. If Mu Feng thought that she was blind about what Mu Family's inner business was, then he was completely wrong. But there was no way that she would let him know that she knew. Xue Lin said thoughtfully, "He seemed like he had been preparing for a long time. It must have happened when you were young."Mu Feng understood where she was heading. "You mean that he is a family foe.""I'm not saying that. I'm saying that your grandmother likes blue blood, right? He must have elegance which made her trust him and like him. It looks like he is a blue blood or a great actor. No matter how rough his life was, he was able to put an elegant aura around him." Xue Lin said. "How's your connection with your relatives?"Then Mu Feng realized where he was wrong.He shouldn't have looked into only the gangs but also his relatives. They were more vicious than the mafia. He had been dealing with mafia so often that it hadn't cross his mind.During the dark period, many relatives went off to different countries and different continents. Mu Liang's team killed most of them who had betrayed their family and tried to harm them. But some escaped. Since the whole family was part of the mafia, everything was dealt with underworld methods. If one person was a culprit, the whole family was killed.

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