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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 471: WHAT DID YOU SAY?

Though grandpa Lu was tired, he was excited to know that the poison could be cure of the same poison. He wished to meet that doctor who came up with such an idea. Unfortunately for him, his wish would never be granted.An hour later, Xue Lin reached Italy. She saw Mu Feng waiting for her arrival."Thank you for coming." Mu Feng said."How is Xiao Ying?" She didn't beat around the bush and asked him directly."The Doctor said that she would wake up in an hour." Mu Feng answered.Xue Lin sighed in relief. "Then let's finish the business you have for me. I will go to the hospital when I'm done."----------Forty minutes later, Mu Liang got a call from Mu Feng. He was still in the hospital, having lunch with Mu Lan, Jing Sheng and Yan Su. He got up, went further away from the table and answered the call.The moment he answered the call, Mu Feng started speaking before Mu Liang had a chance to speak. "Big brother, it was Jason. He hypnotized the maid. He not only used one maid, but some other maids and butlers. It turned out that grandmother's personal maids were his own. I already captured the other servants who were his spies. They are being treated by the scary girl.""Grandmother...? Were they close?" Mu Liang frowned."They wereum The maid said that grandmother had an affair with him..." Mu Feng didn't know how to explain.Mu Liang's head stopped working. "What did you say?" He thought that he had misheard something."Umm grandmother had an affair with Jason?" Even Mu Feng was confused."I'm asking you. Why are questioning me back?" Mu Liang wanted to make sure if that was true. Mu Feng was making him feel more puzzled."Brother, I don't believe that maid." Mu Feng said.Mu Liang replied, "Neither do I, but ask Noel. He knows everything about the household. If possible let the maid interrogate grandmother and Noel."Mu Feng frowned. "She knows too much."They didn't let Yan Su know the private matters of the household, and now an outsider is going to find out more than the close relatives.Mu Liang said, "She won't bother to tell anyone. Trust me on this. What about your team which is looking into Jason's past?"Mu Feng sighed. "Not a clue. They are still looking into it." Mu Liang's eyes narrowed. "You don't have much time.""I'm going to capture him tonight. Just wait for the good news." Mu Feng said."It could be a trap. Why don't you lure him into your den?" Mu Liang suggested.Mu Feng grinned. "That's what I'm doing."Mu Liang said, "I'm looking forward to your new strategy.""Is it Jason?" Mu Lan whispered to him as she saw him coming back and sitting right next to her.Mu Liang shortly answered. "Yes." "He sure had the courage to offend brother Feng." Mu Lan said. "He had a lot of free excess in the castle. He could do worse." Mu Liang's eyes narrowed."Did something bad happen?" Mu Lan asked."No, I just remembered that grandmother gave him lots of free excess to enter the castle whenever he wanted to." Mu Liang's fingers tightened around the fork's handle.Mu Lan noticed his discomfort. "Are you trying to say that she had a strong connection with him?""I hope not." Mu Liang's eyes were sharp and distant. A cold aura engulfed him.Mu Lan understood that he must have heard something terrible to act like that but she didn't ask anymore. -------Twenty minutes later, Qi Ying opened her eyes."Oh, the Queen of the Snakes woke up." Yan Su teased. She named Qi Ying 'the Queen of Snakes' knowing the fact that she was poisoned twice with snake's venom.Qi Ying didn't hear her. She blinked a few times to adjust her eyes. She felt tired and her eyelids were heavy. Still she looked around and saw three women: Mu Lan, Yan Su and Jing Sheng."How are you feeling?" Mu Lan asked.Qi Ying smiled at her lightly. She opened her mouth and wanted to speak, but her throat was painful. She frowned."Your throat is feeling painful, isn't it?" Doctor Lu was standing on the other side watching her every movement.Qi Ying nodded."Don't worry. It will hurt for around three days since you drank the poison. You will take medicine regularly that I have prescribed for you and you will be healed in no time. Have as much rest as you can. A doctor will be by your side at all times. Let him know if you feel anything strange and I'm sure that next time you drink poison, nothing will happen to you. Your body has become immune to the poison. Isn't it great news?" Doctor Lu smiled.Qi Ying didn't hear most of the words he said. But she understood that she won't be harmed by poison again. She smiled and nodded."Take some rest. Drink cold water as much as you can. I'll be leaving now." Doctor Lu went out.Qi Ying didn't' find Mu Feng anywhere. She felt sad.Mu Lan saw her friend's expression and said, "Xue Lin and brother Feng are working hard to punish the bad people who harmed you. They will come and visit you in no time. Don't feel bad."Jung Sheng asked in concern, "Do you want some water?"As Qi Ying nodded, Yan Su helped her sit properly on the bed and Jing Sheng helped her drinking water.------Mu Liang was waiting outside of the room. He had no interest in going in. He saw Doctor Lu coming out and he nodded at him.Doctor Lu came closer and said, "The security team didn't find the footage of the time from ten to eleven on this area and the top floor. Can your men help us with it? Dad is going crazy trying to find out the person who came up with this idea. There was fifty-fifty chance to save the person by using the same poison. This unknown man not only saved the patient but also made them immune to the poison. That man is a genius."

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