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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 470: TASTE IN MEN IS HIGH CLASS

The couple went back and saw grandpa Lu and Doctor Lu both were in the ICU."When did they come?" Mu Lan asked Yan Su."A few minutes ago. They nurses saw some unusual improvement of dearest Ying, so they hurriedly came and didn't say anything to us." Yan Su was curious as she looked inside the room through the glass.Doctor Lu came out and asked Mu Lan, "You have been here all this time haven't you?""I was." Mu Lan knew what he was going to ask next."Have you seen any doctor coming in here?" Doctor Lu asked what Mu Lan was waiting for.She answered innocently. "I did. After he came, the nurses went out. I didn't see much since he covered what he was doing with his large body.""Didn't you suspect him?" It would be weird if she didn't."I was suspecting him, but then I remembered that the security here is very 'tight'." She emphasized the word 'tight'.Her comment made Doctor Lu a little embarrassed. "Ah, that's true." Jing Sheng asked, "Is there something wrong?" She didn't get what was going on.Doctor Lu didn't hide anything from them. "An unknown doctor came and injected something in Ms. Qi's body. Now she is improving fast. I think that she will gain consciousness in two hours." Yan Su whistled. "What a cool doctor!"Jing Sheng was standing beside Mu Lan. She sighed in relief. "I hope that she will get well soon.""The doctor seems suspicious, but he did it with good intention. It sounds so odd." Mu Lan commented.Hearing the word 'suspicious', Mu Liang eyed her.Doctor Lu didn't notice it. He asked her, "Have you seen his face?""He was wearing mask. But I'm sure he looks ugly." Mu Lan answered.Mu Liang was speechless. 'It looks like my wifey wants some punishment.' He thought."Ugly, but what the nurses said was total opposite." Doctor Lu got confused. He remembered that the nurses said that the doctor was tall and handsome."My taste in men is high class." Mu Lan Commented.Doctor Lu chuckled. "Everyone knows it."Mu Lan was dating the sexiest man alive and getting married soon. How would some random man be handsome to her? The 'high class' man was pondering if he should punish his wife or not.At that time, grandpa Lu walked out and whispered something in his son's ear. Doctor Lu's eyes become larger than a flying saucer. "Excuse us." Saying that, both the father and son hurriedly went inside the room."For some reason, they are making me nervous." Mu Lan murmured."Ying dear is safe now, isn't it great? I'll call second cousin and let him know." Yan Su was relieved and happy, and so she called Mu Feng."I should tell your grandfather. He is worried." Jing Sheng said. She took out her cell phone."How is he today?" Mu Lan asked. She felt guilty towards Mu Cheng. After he got sick, she only visited him when he was sleeping. She didn't dare to stand in front of him when he was awake. After all, she took his most beloved person from him at this old age.Jing Sheng answered, "He is doing good. He asked about your duties and how you were doing." She sighed. He kept asking for forgiveness to me. He was saying that everything was his fault and he should have taken care of me and everything. If he did then no one would get hurt.Her voice was low, so Yan Su didn't hear her. Yan Su was busy talking on her mobile. "I'll talk to grandfather." Mu Liang calmed Jing Sheng.Jing Sheng nodded. At that moment, two security officers walked over and stood beside them. Doctor Lu saw them from inside and came out."I want the surveillances cameras of this floor from around ten to eleven in the morning. Be quick." Doctor Lu just instructed them, then a fat scientist came running towards them."Doctor, I can't find my venom." The scientist was about to cry. He was sweating and panting."Which one?" Doctor Lu was used to the way the scientists talk."The West African Carpet Viper one." The scientist sobbed.The venom could be obtained easily in the black market but it was expensive. It cost over thousands of millions of dollars.Doctor Lu froze on the spot. 'Is this a coincidence?' he couldn't help but thinking that Qi Ying was poisoned by the same venom. Even she was cured by the same thing. He became doubtful if that handsome or ugly masked doctor had anything to do with it. 'Could it be' He gasped."When did you last see it?" He asked the scientist."I took a nap for two hours around nine to eleven in the morning." The scientist began to think that it was his own fault. He began to tremble.Mu Liang realized that someone could have borrowed this scientist's ID card while he was napping in the restroom, perhaps the masked doctor.Mu Liang definitely noticed the scientist's face back then."Find out who stole it." Doctor Lu instructed the security officers."Yes sir." They strode away."Come with me." Doctor Lu grabbed the scientist by his hand and took him away."They won't find the culprit, will they?" Mu Liang whispered in Mu Lan's ear."Don't underestimate my talent." Mu Lan snapped."Yes, ma'am." Mu Liang said. He rubbed her head.They then saw grandpa Lu come out of the ICU's room. He looked exhausted."How is she?" Mu Lan asked."The girl is doing well. She will wake up in two hours." Grandpa Lu said."Are you alright?" Jing Sheng came and asked grandpa Lu. She noticed that this old man was tired."I am. How is old Cheng?" He asked about his friend."He is doing great. Please visit him whenever you have time." Jing Sheng said politely."I will." Grandpa Lu went out. He couldn't tell them what made him so exhausted.

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