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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 469: I WANT TO LIVE LONGER

[A/N: I'm so sorry for keeping you all wait because of my weak body. I'll give you mass release which was supposed to be updated on Saturday. 10 more chapters compensation will be given as bonus in this month whenever I'm able to write more.]"What did she say?" Mu Liang asked about the maid."She couldn't remember anything. I still locked her up and let the medical team take care of her wound. Can you call Ying's scary friend to help us?" Mu Feng pleaded.Mu Liang wasn't surprised. "Hypnotism?"Mu Feng stated, "Since she's scared to death and also she can't remember why she did this, I need to check."Mu Liang Questioned, "Don't you have nine experts in that field? Where are they now?"Mu Feng's answer was simple. "They're on vacation."Mu Liang, "." Mu Feng described. "To trap Jason, I removed my most important possessions from my side." Mu Liang agreed. "I'll let Xiao Lan call her.""Shouldn't she be in here for the engagement party?" Mu Feng thought that since Yan Su came, then Xue Lin would also come. He didn't have any time to greet the guests.Mu Liang replied, "I sent an invitation card and Xiao Lan called her, but she refused to join since she had some research to do."Mu Feng shivered. "Her scariness is going overboard.""Don't say that in front of anyone else." Mu Liang didn't mention that a certain grey eyed man would slice Mu Feng into pieces if he commented something bad about that 'scary friend' of Mu Lan.Mu Feng didn't understand the hidden meaning behind Mu Liang's words. He scratched his head and said, "Yeah, I can't say it in front of Ying. She will be sad."Mu Liang sighed and said, "I can't believe that you let your guard down and let her get hurt. This is the second time she's become like this when she's with you. Care to explain what you were thinking?"Mu Liang needed to know if Mu Feng was betting Qi Ying, because it wasn't easy to make Mu Feng go off guard when the time wasn't good."I knew that Jason was lurking in the shadows. But I never thought that he could harm Ying in our own home. I underestimated him." Mu Feng clenched his fists. "Now that I think about it, he was after you. He tried to harm Ying, to make me devastated. If you lose me, you lose your right hand man. Dirty thinking for a psychiatrist. He must've been with the mafia for too long, but I cannot find any documents about his past no matter how many times I look. I let my team look for some missing mafia members. If Jason ever changed his identity, my team can find him.""How long have they been searching for?" Mu Liang asked.Mu Feng answered, "For ten days. Thousands of them went missing and got killed in a year you know. I ordered them to search the previous years before Jason came with his new identity. He is acting mysteriously."Mu Liang carefully asked, "Are you sure that it is him? The poisoning act is similar to what she faced in Germany and the hypnotism act was similar to the US mafia."Mu Feng focused on Mu Liang. "You mean that they are all connected."Mu Liang nodded. "Hmm."Mu Feng narrowed his eyes. "I swear that I will make them all pay whoever is behind it."Mu Liang instructed. "Tell your team to work fast. You don't have much time left for you. There must be spies in the castle. Find them before you go back." Mu Feng nodded. "I'm on it. Just let me know Ying's condition every minute."Mu Liang, ""Mu Feng said, "Every hour?"Mu Liang, ""Mu Feng gave up. "Fine, just let me know every two hours."At last Mu Liang said, "I will let you know when it is necessary.""That's unfair!" Mu Feng complained. He was worried to death about Qi Ying. "You deserve it." Mu Liang walked back to Mu Lan and the other women.Jing Sheng glanced at Mu Liang and asked in concern, "When will doctor say that Xiao Ying is alright?""Soon." He shortly answered and glanced at Mu Lan. Mu Lan looked at him and asked, "Is there something you want to say to me?"When Mu Liang nodded, Mu Lan gazed at Jing Sheng and Yan Su. "Both of you stay here. The doctor might come at any moment. I will be back shortly." She took Mu Liang's hand on her own and walked to the corner. Seeing no one there, she asked Mu Liang, "What is it?""Call your other friend to come here to help that culprit speak. The maid seemed to be hypnotized." Mu Liang said.Mu Lan said, "She will kill me if I disturb her so often. Last time, she threatened to block my number." It was the time when Mu Lan called Xue Lin to come to Italy to attend the engagement party.Though Mu Lan said that, she took her cell phone from Mu Liang and dialed Xue Lin's number. Xue Lin answered the call and said straightforwardly, "Tell me, how would you like to die?"Mu Lan replied, "Xiao Ying is poisoned and she is in the hospital. We caught the culprit but she cannot answer who is behind this as she was hypnotized. A private plane is waiting for you at the airport. Don't worry about visa. You can come anytime." She didn't dare to create drama and only said the main point."How is Xiao Ying now?" Xue Lin's tone softened."The doctor is taking time. You better hurry." Mu Lan replied."I'm on my way." Xue Lin hung up.No matter how cold heartened she was, she really cared for her friends.Mu Lan glanced at Mu Liang and said, "Hurry up and prepare a plane and ticket for her or she will kill me for lying."Mu Liang looked at her and said, "The moment you said those words, I already did." "Thank goodness. I want to live longer." She didn't mention that Xue Lin threatened her right before Mu Liang.Who knew what would happen she did.

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