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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 468: CALL SCARY FRIEND

"Did you take care of the surveillance cameras? There are three in number." Mu Liang said."I did. Don't worry about it. I'm wondering why nothing is happening." Mu Lan's frown deepened.She couldn't take breath after speaking, the screen sowed the irregularity which meant that something is wrong in Qi Ying's body."Ah! What's happening?" Mu Lan almost screamed.Mu Liang looked at the screen and replied, "It seems like her life is ending soon.""Don't say things like this! I'll give my blood." Mu Lan's whole body was shivering. She took out another syringe and prepared to take out her own blood."Wait!" Mu Liang's voice was sharp. He was nervous too and forgot where they were for a moment. "Look at the screen."Mu Lan narrowed her eyes as she watched the screen. The irregularity of the blood cells turned normal and the heart was beating regularly. Mu Lan couldn't believe that her plan worked. Still she took her own blood with syringe."What are you doing?" Mu Liang asked. He knew what she was doing but he couldn't help but ask. "Just to make sure nothing ever happens to her." Mu Lan was still had the syringe in her hand."If she ever has a blood test, do you know what is going to happen?" Mu Liang's voice became chilling cold.Mu Lan halted and sighed. "I know, but, I need to make sure if nothing happens to her in the future. We can tell brother Feng about it."Mu Liang frowned. "The more people will know, the more you will suffer.""You trust you brother, right?" Mu Lan asked. She just wanted to make sure that her friend was alright and nothing will harm her.Mu Liang sighed. He was frustrated to see that she wasn't thinking properly. "I trust him. But if something like this happen again in the future, and Qi Ying and your other friends get to know, one of your friend is going to marry Lu Feng. You think she can hide it from her husband? Can't you see? You are becoming a huge target day by day. You cannot live a normal life. It's not only about you, it's about us and our family. Don't you want to live peacefully with our children? When you become the target, your children will face danger too. Just listen to me once."Mu Lan admitted that he was right. She was so into save her friend that she couldn't foresee the upcoming danger."What will I do with my blood then?" She asked. She showed him the syringe full of blood.Mu Liang calmed down a bit. "You have to option. Drink it or just put it back inside your body. We have to burn this syringe then.""I'm not vampire, so I'll put it back." Mu Lan changed her expression. She didn't like syringe at all."Here, let me help you." Mu Liang took the syringe from her."Ah! Hurts!" Mu Lan flinched."I'm done." After he was done, he asked, "Is there anything we need to do?""No. Let's get out of here before anyone comes." Mu Lan said and got out of the room. She sat on the usual place and Mu Liang went to the rest room, where the nurses were. He ordered them to move back and then he went to the changing room and changed into his actual attire and before leaving he put the ID card where it belonged.Afterwards he came back. He sat beside Mu Lan and she gave him a thumb's up."You did well." Mu Lan praised him. She was feeling lighter.Mu Liang replied, "I am a professional.""Stop being narcissist." Mu Lan saw that this guy was changing. He was praising himself a lot lately.Mu Liang felt helpless. "I just told you the truth.""What the hell? My friend is dying and you are being lovey-dovey in front of her room?" A seductive voice said."Ah, Yan Su!" Mu Lan got up. She hugged her friend tightly."How is she? She must be better if you two are acting this way." Yan Su said as she suspiciously looked at them."They are making the antidote. I hope that she will wake up soon.." Mu Lan said."Where is second cousin?" Yan Su asked. She was surprised that he wasn't here."He is punishing those who harmed her." Mu Lan replied. "Did you come here alone? When did you arrive?"Yan Su complained. "When did I arrive? Lan dear, my whole family was invited in your engagement. What was with that party? You guys didn't share vows or exchanged rings, or danced together or greeted the guests. It was the worst engagement party I have ever seen.""It was only a ceremony to bring down the old rules and regulations of the household. The main engagement party will be held in France. We live there after all." Mu Lan replied. She knew Mu Liang's engagement party plan and she couldn't disclose family matters to anyone."And what the hell with auntie's divorce announcement. We were beyond shocked." Yan Su said."It's mother's choice. We have no way to interfere. Ah! Mother is here!" Mu Lan said. She began calling Jing Sheng mother since the divorce papers were signed.Jing Sheng nearly ran towards them. "I'm sorry that I'm late. I was taking care of your grandfather since Noel was busy taking care of the mess. How is Xiao Ying? I went to the temple before I came here."Mu Lan let her sit and said, "Everything will be alright since you prayed, don't worry."At that time, Mu Liang got a call from Mu Feng. He answered, "What?"Mu Feng immediately asked, "How is Ying?" His voice quivered.Mu Liang replied, "Living."Mu Feng's heart was about to burst. "She is going to be alright?""Yes." Mu Liang said firmly."Oh that goodness." Mu Feng fell on the floor. He was still in the dungeon."What did she say?" Mu Liang asked about the maid."She couldn't remember anything. I still locked her up and let the medical team take care of her wound. Can you call Ying's scary friend to help us?" Mu Feng pleaded.

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