Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 467: BORROWING

Mu Lan thought deeply before speaking. "According to Grandpa Lu the poison was taken from West African Carpet Viper. It's wonderful that he know where it came from. However, they don't have the antidote. So what if I can make an antidote in five seconds?"Mu Liang asked, "And how on earth you are going to go it? Using your blood?" His voice was low.Mu Lan thought once again and whispered, "Well, using my blood is better option, isn't it?"Mu Liang hissed. "Don't even think about it! Don't you understand if they find out that you used your blood, what will happen to you? Do you really want other people know about it? It is a research center. This place is full of insane researchers. There's nothing they cannot do to research something which is different species. If they find out that something is unusual in your blood, they will try their hardest to make you their lab rat."He could never let her take the lime light. If people found out that she was different from other human beings, she could never have a normal life.Mu Lan sighed. "Fine. Then I can stick to the Plan A. Since it is a research center and grandpa Lu knows the poison, I think they have the poisons in here. They won't give such thing to the civilians. So, all I have to do is to steal it and inject the venom in Qi Ying's blood."Mu Liang frowned. "So you mean that you want to kill poison with the same poison."Mu Lan nodded. "Yes." Did her voice quivered when she answered? She couldn't tell."Will it work?" Mu Liang was worried because of Mu Lan, not Qi Ying. If her plan failed then she would blame herself for the rest of her life. Even Mu Feng might never forgive her. The whole family would go down, if her plan failed. It was very risky.Mu Lan replied, "I guess so. I read it somewhere when I was using my laptop. It can be done this way. In the rural areas of Africa, they use this type of treatment since they don't have the facilities. If my Plan A doesn't work, they I have to immediately use Plan B. but I'll try my hardest not to use Plan B."She was already feeling nervous. Her heart was beating faster than usual.Mu Liang said, "You know we can just ask for the venom. He might give it to you since we are close."Mu Lan bit her lower lip. "I thought about it first. But it will take too much time. Even if I make him understand, grandpa Lu will stick to me like a glue, and if it fails, I have use Plan B which I cannot use if he is present."Mu Liang nodded. "That makes sense."Mu Lan said, "So do me a favor and give me your notepad. I'll find the location where the venoms are and hack the security. I will back you up. No one will find you. Just wear a white uniform like the researchers and wear a mask. Then you have to do is to steal it. Come back with it and of course don't change the uniform."Mu Liang replied, "You don't have to look for the venoms, I know where they are. We used to play here since childhood, so I know the area more than any researcher knows.""Awesome." Mu Lan was excited. She took the notepad from Mu Liang and her hand beautifully dance over the keyboard. Ten seconds later, she said, "I hacked the surveillance cameras. You can move now."Mu Liang thought, 'I have to tell grandpa to tighten the security system. Their security lacks basic foundation.' Mu Liang got up and went to the changing room. Just as Mu Lan instructed, he 'borrowed' a white uniform, gloves and mask. After he put on the uniform, he 'borrowed' an ID from another researcher, who was napping on his banker. Then, he went to the top floor where most of the research would happen. There was a large room in the east side. He walked there normally. As he showed his ID card, the glass door opened.Mu Liang directly went to the right side. He remembered that the snake venoms were in the fourth row of the third column from the right side.It took him less than five minutes to find the venom of West African Carpet Viper. He 'borrowed' it and went out of the room.Mu Lan was sweating as she looked through the screen. She made Mu Liang vanish from the room. So no matter who the security officer was, that person could never find out who stole the venom from the storage room.After a while, Mu Liang came to Mu Lan. He was still wearing the uniform. "Thank goodness that nothing had happen. You did great! Let's go to the ICU.There were two female nurse guarding Qi Ying. Mu Liang signaled them to go out. They seemed confused but then they still obeyed, since he seemed like a doctor.Mu Lan entered the room after the nurses headed out. She took the syringe from the table. "Give me the venom."Mu Liang handed her the venom and she took venom with the syringe."Oh Buddha, please let it work." She murmured before inserting the syringe in Qi Ying's hand and let the venom go inside her body and mix with the blood cells."Please make it work. Please make it work." She kept praying as she looked at the screen beside Qi Ying's bed. It was showing her rate of heart beating, and irregular body functions.In a minute, nothing changed.Mu Lan frowned. "The situation should be changed. It should be either good or bad. What's happening?""Did you take care of the surveillance cameras? There are three in this room." Mu Liang said."I did. Don't worry about it. I'm wondering why nothing is happening." Mu Lan's frown deepened.She couldn't take breath after speaking, the screen sowed the irregularity which meant that something is wrong in Qi Ying's body.

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