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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 466: POISONED AGAIN

Mu Liang and Mu Lan were walking leisurely in the corridor. They were going out for a stroll. That's when the red light turned on and siren filled the whole castle, making everyone alerted.

Mu Liang's body immediately tensed. He quickly checked his mobile and then ran towards Mu Feng's chamber.

Mu Lan ran beside him. She became weary. "What happened?"

"Feng" Mu Liang only uttered one word.

Mu Lan guessed the rest of the meaning. She followed him to Mu Feng's room.

As they got closer, they saw that the door was already open and medical team was there inside the room. There was a commotion inside of the room.

Mu Liang and Mu Lan entered inside the drawing room and saw that a maid's leg was bleeding and her mouth was tied, so neither she could make sound, nor she could bite her tongue and suicide.

On the other side, Qi Ying was lying down and blood was coming out of my mouth. Her whole body became pale and her eyes were shut peacefully. Poison made her lips turn violet.

A thin pipe was inside her mouth and the medical team was taking out poison as well as all other foods from her stomach with it.

Mu Feng sat on another sofa, looking helpless as he could do nothing to help his beloved.

Mu Liang got close to Mu Feng and sat beside him. "Poisoned again?"

"....Yes." Mu Feng's eyes looked vicious and cruel as his gaze fell on the maid on the floor.

"Did you find out the reason?" Mu Liang's tone became harder.

"No." Mu Feng replied.

Mu Liang said, "I will interrogate her if you want-"

"No need." Mu Feng gritted his teeth.

Mu Lan felt pity for the maid. Only Buddha and Mu Feng could tell what was waiting for her. The maid might have sensed something. She looked at Mu Feng in horror and shook her head violently.

"Take care of Ying." Mu Feng softly said.

"We will." Mu Liang promised.

Mu Feng got up and grabbed the maid by the rope which was bound around her body. Then he pulled her with him. She was scared half to death because of sudden jerkiness. When she realized what was happening, she cried more and more. However, Mu Feng didn't give any heed to it and walked in the corridor. He took the maid with him to the downstairs and went further down, to the dungeon. He had lots to know.

After getting out the last bit of food the doctor said to Mu Liang, "She doesn't have much time left. Though we took out the poison, it began affecting her body parts the moment she started drinking. This poison is very unique. Without its antidote, it's not possible to save her. So we are taking her to the Lu Research Center."

As the doctor was speaking, the medical team took Qi Ying in the stretcher and took her down with an elevator. The ambulance was waiting down stairs. They took her inside the ambulance and drove away. Behind the ambulance were a cars full of bodyguards.

Mu Liang nodded at the doctor who just finished talking and he took out his mobile and dialed the number of Lu Feng's father.

"Xiao Liang, what's the emergency?" As Lu Feng and Mu Liang were childhood friends, Lu Feng's father always called Mu Liang 'Xiao Liang' like his own family did.

Mu Liang didn't waste a single second. "My brother's fiance has been poisoned. The medical team took out the poison but she needs the antidote. She is dying."

Doctor Lu realized the emergency. He asked professionally, "Was she poisoned before?"

Mu Liang replied, "She was, twice."

Doctor Lu said, "I'll ask my son about it."

Mu Liang agreed. "Okay."

Doctor Lu asked again, "Is she on the way?" He already sent an email to his son, asking for Qi Ying's reports about her suffering from poison.

Mu Liang replied positively. "Yes."

"I'll do everything to save her." Doctor Lu only promised that he would try his best. But he didn't guarantee her life.

At the same time, Doctor Lu got an email from his son. He downloaded the attachment file and read it. His frown deepened.

"Please do." Mu Liang hung up.

He sighed and looked where Mu Lan was. But he didn't find anyone there. In the room, there were only him, the Head Butler, three maids and tow butlers.

"Where is Xiao Lan?" Mu Liang asked as he took Mu Lan's cell phone from the sofa.

The Head Butler Noel answered politely, "Madam Mu went with young mistress."

"Prepare my car." Mu Liang ordered and walked out of the room. He strode to his own room. 'Lan, what will I do with you? You are wearing only a house dress. You didn't take any shawl or coat. You could at least take your mobile.'

After Mu Liang reached the Lu Research Center, he went straight to the VIP floor. He saw Mu Lan was sitting on a bench beside ICU. She looked worried and distressed. She was covering her face with her both hands.

Mu Liang got closer and dropped a coat on her. "You are freezing." He commented as he sat beside her.

Mu Lan didn't have the mode to speak. She silently leaned her head on his shoulder.

"How is it going?" He asked softly.

Mu Lan sighed this time. Then she answered, "They don't have the antidote. They are creating one, but it will take a lot of time. They said that Xiao Ying cannot hold it much longer." A drop of tear fell from her right eye.

Mu Liang hugged her to give her strength. He didn't have the courage to say that Qi Ying would be fine.

"Grandpa Lu came and looked into the poison. He said that the poison was created in Africa." Mu Lan said. Her voice was suddenly calm.

Mu Liang glanced at her. "Is there anything you want to do?" He already guessed her answer.

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