Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 465: NARCISSIST!

"Ying, your milk is here." Mu Feng called out his beloved. He was in his drawing room, working on something. The maid served snacks and milk for Qi Ying without a sound."I'll be there in a minute." Qi Ying answered from the bedroom. "Feng, can you come here and help me here?""Coming." Mu Feng stood up and walked into the bedroom. "What's wrong?"Qi Ying was trying to take a book from a bookshelf, but her height wasn't allowing her. "Give me the book please. It's too high for me.""Okay." Mu Feng was six feet tall. He took the book without any difficulty and handed it over to Qi Ying. "Here you go.""Thank you." Qi Ying smiled.Mu Feng glanced at the bookshelf. "This shelf is high for you, isn't it? I will tell my butlers to remove it and replace it with a short and wide one. "Qi Ying shook her head. "No need. I love this one. It matches the style of this room. If you order for something short and wide, it would destroy the charm of the bedroom. You can ask for a stool. That all be a great help."Mu Feng frowned. "Are you sure this is okay?""I am." Qi Ying nodded.Mu Feng gave up. "Fine. Now let's go and drink your milk before it turns cold." He took her hand and they walked into the drawing room.The maid was about to leave, but Mu Feng ordered, "Clean the kitchen before you leave."The maid nodded and began cleaning the kitchen.Qi Ying sat beside Mu Feng and opened the book. She drank the milk slowly as she read it. Mu Feng's eyes glued on the laptop screen as he worked. It was a peaceful day. It had been ten days since the family drama had stopped. Mu Cheng was still in bed. Noel, the Head Butler was serving him constantly and Mu Lin was locked up in the dungeon. Mu Jin went to China, helping Mu Liang to find Mu Lan's mother. Jing Sheng was cooking lunch for her sons and future daughters-in-law.No one was there to harm anyone. No more scheming. No more sufferings.All of a sudden, Qi Ying grabbed Mu Feng's right hand and stopped him from working. He turned his head towards her and was about to ask what was wrong. But his tongue was tied when he saw blood coming out from her mouth."It's. poisoned." Qi Ying murmured painfully before fainting right in front of him. The glass fell on the floor and shattered into pieces,Mu Feng grabbed her tightly and called out to her desparetly, "Ying! Ying!"However, Qi Ying said no words. Her breaths were shallow.Mu Feng's blood shot eyes glanced at the maid who flinched at his stare. She turned towards the door and ran.In a flash, a knife cut through the maid's left foot and she screamed in pain. She fell on the floor and couldn't move anymore.She was in the lion's den. Did she think that she could get out of here without getting after what she did?Mu Feng pushed a red button in his pocket and the whole castle was in red alarm. Everyone got alerted as the siren kept going on.It was a special red button with a small remote control. While staying in the castle, every member of the Mu Family whole keep one with them. If they were attacked by someone, then they would press the button and the whole castle would be alerted.All the gates would be closed automatically and trained guards would guard the doors. The security would locate the GPS and would find out where the attack had happened. The bodyguards would come inside the castle and would take necessary steps.There would be a medical team ready for them. If it was in control, the medical team would take care of it. But if the situation was out of reach then their ambulance would take the victim to the Lu Research Center.------Meanwhile, Mu Liang and Mu Lan was having a sweet time. He was massaging her whole body and she hissed in pain."I'm sorry. I'll be gentle next time." Mu Liang was mortified. He was way too rough last night and caused her pain."Rub there, faster." She pointed her waist. The faster it would be, the warmer it would be. She would feel better."Alright." Mu Liang agreed. "Should I use some hot oil?"Mu Lan replied, "No. I don't like oily things. Massage in okay. Ow!"Mu Liang was upset. "I'm sorry."Mu Lan's mouth twitched in pain. "Don't apologize anymore. I lost count how many times you said that you were sorry."After a while, she said, "It's okay now. I'm fine." She moved her body."Do you want to take a nap?" Mu Liang asked while putting the medicine inside the first aid box."No. I want to walk outside for a while." Mu Lan replied."I'll walk with you." Mu Liang helped her to get up of the bed and then assisted her to put on a dress.Mu Lan asked, "Are you sure? Don't you have work? I heard that the Arisa girl's father was making it harder for you in the new project.""Who told you?" Mu Liang asked. "My business teacher." Mu Lan replied. As the head of the family, she had to learn etiquette, manners, rules and the current situation of Mu Family and business. She was passing her time with books and references all the time.Today, Mu Liang canceled all his and her appointments since he tired her out."Don't worry about it. Do you think that your hubby is that powerless?" Mu Liang asked her while combing her hair.Mu Lan shook her head immediately. "There is no way I think that you are powerless after last night."Mu Liang bent down and kissed her hair. "Smart girl."Mu Lan was speechless. She commented, "Narcissist!"

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