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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 464: SPOIL ME TOO MUCH

Mu Feng asked out of curiosity, "Do you remember Arisa the blonde?" Qi Ying recalled her face. "I do. She was saying about something engagement party, but I have never seen her tonight. What happened to her I wonder."Mu Feng answered, "Of course you didn't. My men were house guarding her and her whole family so that they couldn't cause trouble. In other words, it was a house arrest in their own house."Qi Ying was amused. That woman was really arrogant. "What about now? Isn't she upset? And what her father said about it?"Mu Feng replied, "Well, his father is surely ambitious. He threatened to break the contract between two companies and what not. He doted on his daughter a lot. So he was really angry when her daughter was crying. Big brother didn't say anything but, I think that old man was bluffing us."QI Ying frowned. "Is he an important person?"Mu Feng nodded. "He is influential. We are working on an exclusive project. It costs billions of dollars. If he withdraws now, it will be a problem. But, even if he withdraws, big brother will have a backup plan.""Her daughter is really scary. Now I understand why." Qi Ying replied.Mu Feng frowned. "She sent her bodyguards to touch sister Lan Lan with their filthy hands. After knowing that, big brother cut off their third legs and hands too. This Arisa is vicious like grandmother. I hope big brother will deal with her soon.""Maybe I should go to the temple tomorrow." Qi Ying yawned. She rubbed her eyes. She couldn't stay awake anymore."I kept you awake long enough. Let's go to the bed." Mu Feng finished the bowl, cleaned the table and took Qi Ying's hand as they went inside the bedroom.----After leaving the drawing room, Mu Lan freshened up and waited for Mu Liang in bed. Her heart was beating fast. 'What a crazy day!' She thought. It was her engagement day, but she got the whole power of Mu Household. Even Jing Sheng asked for divorce and Mu Lin's real face had been revealed. Fifteen minutes later, Mu Liang entered the room and silently went to the bathroom. After bath, he put on his sleeping shirt and pajamas and went under the quilt. He hugged Mu Lan from behind and asked, "Why aren't you sleeping yet? Aren't you tired?"Mu Lan turned towards him and got atop him. "Wasn't it too much for grandmother to stay in the dungeon? She is an old lady after all."Mu Liang's grip tightened around her. He took a deep breath before saying, "Four days ago, when you went to the parlor, grandmother ordered the manager to put aphrodisiac in your drink. Also she made sure that no one could use any device to contact. Moreover, she even hired three men to **** you." He buried his face on her hair. "When I found about it, I nearly wanted to destroy everything." He shivered. "If I was a little bit late, I can't imagine the rest. I almost lost you." He was really scared of losing her. If something would happen to her, according to her psychology she would definitely not stay with Mu Liang and would bear the consequences alone. She would only suffer."No wonder that I couldn't call you." Mu Lan's eyes turned cold. "Forget what I said before." She also hugged him tightly. "I know I will be alright as long as you are close.""I won't ever let my family hurt you." Mu Liang promised.Mu Lan glanced at him. "I don't think there is anyone in your family who can hurt me. But why didn't you tell in front of everyone about the parlor incident? Did you care about my reputation that much?" "Your reputation means my reputation. I didn't want other look down on you or talk about you. I don't want you to become the subject of someone's dinner gossip." Mu Liang answered possessively."Ahaha I think I have already become newspaper headline." She said. After what happened in the engagement party, how couldn't those people not talk about it?"In the party, no paparazzi and cell phone devices were allowed for the privacy of Mu Family. So no one toook pictures except for your family photographer. So the pictures wouldn't go out. Don't worry about it." He kissed her head.Mu Lan felt a little disappointed. "Alas! And here I thought that I might become famous."Mu Liang smiled at her. "Do you want to become famous?" "Well, I want people to bow down to me like I'm the most treasured person in the world." Mu Lan boldly said.Mu Liang chuckled and said, "Well, you are my most treasured person so I will bow down to you whenever I see you from now on."Mu Lan instantly rejected. "No need. You are my most treasured person. When people bow to me, they have to bow to you too. We will be treasured together."Mu Liang bit her nose lightly and said, "Okay, wifey. Now, you should sleep. From tomorrow, you will be in charge of the family. I will be in your care from now on."Mu Lan shuddered. "Hmm sounds like a big deal. Can I do whatever I want with this power?""You can." Mu Liang nodded."What if I take all the jewelries?" She asked in mischief. Mu Liang replied, "If you want more let me know."Mu Lan immediately asked, "What if I take all the money and spend it buying expensive clothes?""If that is not enough, then I'll give you my personal credit card." Mu Liang stroked her head.Mu Lan's eyes sparkled. "Can I let you all starve and I can order delicious food for me?"He answered without hesitation. "You can."Mu Lan gave up. "Liang Liang, you will make me spoiled.""I will support you no matter what you do. Now sleep, or do you want some exercise?" Mu Liang asked."Sleeping with you is the best exercise." Mu Lan answered.

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