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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 463: PUNISHMENT OF THOSE WHO HURT THEM

That night, Qi Ying couldn't sleep well. She woke up after having a nightmare.The room was dark and the curtains were opened. The place beside her was empty and cold. It seemed that Mu Feng didn't return by her side.QI Ying glanced at the clock ad saw that it was four in the morning. She frowned and got out of the bed. She saw a dim light coming from the drawing room.She drank a glass of water before headed out of the bedroom. She opened the door and immediately covered her nose smelling strong alcohol.Qi Ying turned towards the bar and saw Mu Feng was sitting on a chair and drinking without stopping. He already emptied one bottle."Feng" QI Ying felt bad for him and got closer. She hugged him from behind and said, "Stop. You will get sick."Mu Feng's body froze as he was hugged. He looked down at the pair of familiar arms and slurred, "Why.... are... y..ou up...? Go back to sleeeeep I will you. soooooon."Qi Ying realized that he must have felt bad when he heard that his most beloved grandmother tried hER best not to let him get closer to his mother. His heart must be wounded.She saw Mu Feng taking another bottle and she warned him, "If you touch another bottle than I will began drinking with you."Mu Feng's hand halted. He pondered for a minute and then said, "But I waaaaant. tooooo""I will listen whatever you want to say. Just stop drinking, will you?" Qi Ying moveD her body in front of him and pleaded.Mu Feng looked deeply at her sorrowful eyes and nodded slowly.Qi Ying sighed in relief. She said softly, "Take a bath. I will cook hangover soup for you." Afterwards she helped him in the bath and prepared soup for him.While he was drinking soup, Qi Ying sat beside him and put her head on his left shoulder.Mu Feng began speaking, "You know, when I was little, I always wanted to play with mother. But she was always in bed or she was sick. Since I, big brother, Chen were very precious to grandmother, she ordered that we couldn't meet mother when she was sick. We felt bad and we would go to the temple to pray for mother's health. Just today, I realized that she wasn't sick but she would be locked up in the dungeon."He sighed loudly and a drop of tear fell from his right eye.Qi Ying hugged him with one hand. 'Strange, he never showed it in front of others how badly he was infected by his grandmother. He should have at least complained to his grandmother than he would feel better.'Mu Feng continued, "Mother cooks really well. For the first time she cooked in the castle for sister Lan Lan. I was so jealous that I ate her chicken soup. Then Sister Lan Lan punished me. She ate mother's cooking in my present. She didn't let me have a single bite."Qi Ying chuckled."Mother's cooking is first class. Too bad, I was never able to eat her cooking all these years. Everything is grandmother's fault. I hate granny. Old people are the worst." Mu Feng frowned as he drank the soup."Don't you feel bad for grandfather? He loved his wife so much that he gave her the authority to control the household but she broke his heart and trust. I felt so sad." Qi Ying said.Mu Feng got quiet. Later, he said, "I feel bad for him too. He didn't utter a single word when I put him on the bed."Qi ying pondered before saying, "Also, about that guy who was crying and screaming. I know you deal with your enemy with your own style, but was it alright that you ordered to kill his grandchildren?"Mu Feng chuckled. He said, "Ying, you are soft and weak. It makes you an easy target for the enemy. I don't mind but when I'm not around, be sure to know your enemy well. I wasn't supposed to find that doctor since he hid very well, but his grandchildren were smugglers. So it was easy to track him down.""What are you saying?" Qi Ying was dumbfounded.Mu Feng replied, "Yes, they were. They were also doctors and killed many innocent pregnant women, just like their grandfather did to my mother. It was good that someone secretly gave mother antidote. Or she would never get justice."Qi Ying gasped. "So terrible! But who gave mother-in-law antidote?" "Big brother didn't tell me. But I have a hunch." Mu Feng finished the soup and said, "Give me more."Qi Ying filled his bowl and commented, "So according to mafia law, you ordered to kill them.""That's right." He nodded.Qi Ying quietly asked, "And what about those who bullied Xiao Lan? Are they dead too?"Mu Feng frowned as he mentioned those people. "No. What do you take me for? A murderer? Of course, I am one but they were the children of businessmen. They are not part of the mafia, so they are locked up in jail. They will be punished according to the law. Even the strongest attorney cannot bail them out." He grinned."But what about the company then? It will be a problem at work since their fathers are your business partners." Qi Ying was worried about it.Mu Feng lightly answered, "Oh, you don't have to worry about it. Big brother captured them and threw them in jail. Moreover, he takes care of the business, not me. So I have nothing to do with all these and this way I will be safe."Qi Ying protested, "How can you say that? You are administrator of your company."Mu Feng nodded. "Administrator, not the President. Do you remember Arisa the blonde?" He asked out of curiousity.Qi Ying recalled her face. "I do. She was saying about something engagement party, but I have never seen her tonight. What happened to her I wonder."

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