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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 462: FAMILY DRAMA PART 2

Jing Sheng was speechless and so were the others. "You are disgusting!" "Disgusting! Look at you. Didn't you like him as well?" Mu Jin sneered."Do you think everyone is as playful as you?" She commented. She never thought that her husband was this kind of person.Despicable!Mu Jin looked shocked. "What? That means, I misunderstood you!""Why does it sound like a question? Not everyone is as disloyal as you. My sons got my loyal heart at least. I thank Buddha for that." Jing Sheng cruelly said.Mu Jin felt mortified. He glared at that man.That man almost wet his pants. He said, "Madam gave me lots of money to do it.""Which madam?" Mu Jin asked."Y-your mother. I'm so sorry for what I did, but please let go of my grandchildren. They did nothing wrong." That man cried."You broke my marriage and on the other hand you had a harmonious family. I will kill them all. That's your punishment. Take him away." Mu Jin's blood was boiling.All these years, he misunderstood his wife and turned his back away from her. How much pain must have been she through?His heart was shattered in guilt. "No! No! Please! Don't kill them! Kill me! Kill me! I'm the one who did wrong. Don't hurt the innocent!" That man screamed as he was dragged away."Make sure that you finish the whole family." Mu Feng ordered his men.Mu Jin glanced at his mother and spoke painfully, "Mother, do you have anything to say?""It's a lie son. All lies. I never did such things. It has to be the servants. They did everything." She blamed everything to the servants. Even after all this time, Mu Lin had to lie.Mu Cheng couldn't bear to see his wife's tears anymore. "Which servant dared to lie? Bring them here at once!" He ordered.This time, the Head Butler Noel came forward. He bowed and politely said, "It was me, master."Mu Lin's expression changed.Mu Cheng gritted his teeth. "You dared to lie about your madam! You will be punished-""Master, I have already the agreement between me and madam." Noel didn't call Mu Lin Madam Mu anymore, since this title belongs to Mu Lan now. "What agreement?" Mu Cheng asked."Grandfather, it was you who started this rule. If a member of Mu Family let his or her servant do something illegal, there would be a written agreement between the master and the servant. So after the crime was exposed, the servant didn't have to take the blame but the master." Mu Feng explained. It must be the first time, he called Mu Cheng grandfather.Mu Cheng stretched his hand. "Show it to me."Noel carefully handed it over. Jing Sheng sipped warm milk. She was enjoying the family drama.Mu Lin panicked. "Don't read it!" She screamed.Mu Cheng said, "Dear, don't stop me." His tone was rueful. He took it and began reading it. Slowly his expression began to change. He could never fail to recognize his wife's handwriting and signature, let alone her seal."This is all made up. I didn't do anything. I am innocent. I have been framed. I have been framed." Mu Lin cried.Mu Cheng didn't say anything. His body started to quiver. The letter fell from his hand. His face was deadly pale."Do you have anything to say, grandfather?" Mu Liang asked softly. He felt bad for his grandfather. He was the only genuine person in the family.Mu Cheng heard nothing. He didn't hear his wife's cry or his grandson's question. He just sat there as if he wasn't in this world anymore.Mu Liang looked at his brother.Mu Feng took the letter and handed it over to Mu Lan. "Sister Lan Lan, from now on, you are in the charge." He winked at her. Then he helped his grandfather to stand up and took him away.Mu Liang looked at Mu Lin. "So for the violation of several laws what type of punishment do you deserve, grandmother?"Mu Lin trembled.Mu Liang glanced at Mu Lan. "You are the head now. You have the right to punish her."Mu Lan didn't like the idea. "I don't want to. She is your blood after all. You do it. But hey, didn't grandmother said that as mother-in-law hurt her, she would be generous enough to lock up mother-in-law in the dungeon?"Everyone was speechless.Mu Liang rubbed her head showing helpless expression. "She is fit to be the wife of first young master." Noel complemented.Mu Liang glanced at his grandmother and said, "Since we are merciful, we will only let you stay in the dungeon. You will get to eat and sleep. But you cannot meet the members of the Mu Family. You cannot talk to any human being from now on. Take her."The bodyguards who were protecting Mu Lan and Qi Ying that day, came forward and took grandmother away.Mu Lin became hysterical. "You cannot do this! I... I'm your grandmother. I love my grandchildren. Don't take me away... Jing Sheng. Save me.... I was wrong... Forgive me....."Jing Sheng only smiled and said, "Serves you right, mother-in-law." Since she decided to divorce her husband, she won't hold back any feelings for this hypocritical family."Noooo.... Save me......" That's the last thing they heard about Mu Lin.Jing Sheng felt tired. She said to Mu Liang, "I'll leave the divorce matter to you. Do it as soon as possible. I feel disgusted to stay here any longer.""Will do." Mu Liang said.Mu Jin stood up. "Wait, Sheng, listen to me. I was wrong." He grabbed her hand and pleaded.Jing Sheng looked back at him and said void of any emotion, "But I wasn't and I won't be wrong." She pulled her hand away and left.Qi Ying went to sleep and so did Mu Lan.Before Mu Liang left the room, he said to his father, "I booked a ticket for you to go to China. You can look for your love of life.""Didn't you say that you respected me?" Mu Jin's voice shook. He couldn't imagine that his would do that to him.Mu Liang replied, "Oh, I do respect you. I will always do that. But I will never approve the way you treated mother. Since you neglected her for a woman, you can go and look for her. You are going to divorce soon, so it won't be a problem, right? Also, take it as a mission. I need you to find Xiao Lan's mother. Good luck!""I have a heart disease." Mu Jin said."So you remember that you are sick. Sure. I'll hire a doctor for you." Mu Liang said lightly."Don't you love me?" Mu Jin thought that his son was cruel."The one who loved you the most was mother and yet look what you did to her. And why are you so upset? I thought that you would love to see her again." Mu Liang opened the door.Mu Jin's eyes welled up with tears. "Xiao Liang, you are so cruel."Mu Liang looked back and smirked. "You have yet to see my true form."

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