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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 461: FAMILY DRAMA PART 1

Mu Lan was eating a piece of black forest cake while sitting on the sofa. Mu Liang carefully looked at her before turning his head in front of him."Explain what just happened there." Mu Cheng ordered. His voice trembled in anger.Not only his most favorite grandson deceived him, but also his daughter-in-law announced such a shocking news.The reputation of Mu Family was gone in a single night.----After Jing Sheng announced her plan to divorce Mu Jin, she handed over the crown to Mu Lan.The guests clapped nevertheless. They were too confused to understand about the whole situation. Since they didn't hear about what the members of Mu Family were talking about, they could only guess.For the first time in history, before marriage, a girl got the power of the most powerful European aristocrat family. Moreover, she was a commoner.Mu Lin never felt such humiliation in her life. 'Not only this low class Jing Sheng talked about divorce in public, she even dared to let go of the power to control my family. Now another commoner called Lan got the power. It's even worse!'However, neither she could protest, nor did she can digest it. Mu Lin was near to go insane.Mu Lan was totally unprepared for a speech. Not only she didn't except Jing Sheng talk strongly about the divorce, she even gave Mu Lan the authority to control the Mu Family.Mu Lan gave a simple but strong speech. Except for female guests, the male guests realized that this girl was a tough cookie. They noticed her mannerism and the way she spoke. She looked like a girl from an aristocratic family.After that, the dumbfounded MC ended the ceremony and the guests began whispering to themselves.In the meantime, the Mu Family headed towards the castle. As they reached drawing room, Mu Liang ordered dinner for the whole family.However, the elders weren't in the mood to have dinner. So Mu Lan and Qi Ying didn't dared to touch food. Only when they were threatened by Mu bothers, the girls finished their dinner.Mu Lan took her dessert to the drawing room where everyone was present. She sat beside Mu Liang and began eating. She couldn't wait to see the end of Mu Lin."Explain what just happened there." Mu Cheng ordered. His voice trembled in anger.Mu Liang started from the very beginning. He told them the story about Mu Jin and Jing Sheng's meeting, then her becoming pregnant, after that Mu Jin fell for another girl, later he kidnapped Jing Sheng and took her in Italy against her will and then married her. However Mu Jin was such a playboy, even after having his third son, he went back to China to look for his lost love and spent a night with that girl's sister."Stop it!" Mu Jin stood up. In shame and guilt, his face turned red. He looked at his eldest son and said, "I trusted you."Mu Liang strictly said, "Our family needs to know the truth for why I acted this way today. I need to give you all an answer. Since it started with you and your perverseness, then it's not my fault. Sit down."Mu Jin sat down with his trembling legs.Mu Liang continued about how his mother was tortured by Mu Jin's behavior, how she got to know that Mu Ji cheated on her. It was all thanks to grandmother Mu Lin."What do you think you are saying?" Mu Cheng refused to believe."I don't have to tell you that I never lie, do I? Don't interrupt me when I'm talking. You wanted to know the truth. Why creating drama now?" Mu Liang then explained, how Jing Sheng was apart from her sons, how and why she was in bed for months after giving birth, why she was never out of the area, why she never got close to her sons when they were sick"Stop it right there! When did I locked her in the dungeon and never let meet you all? Why are you doing this to me?" Mu Lin sobbed as she complained. 'There is no way that he knows everything. He can't prove anything. I hid everything properly. As long as I have the spade, no one can do anything to me.'Mu Cheng hugged her tightly and glared at Mu Liang.Mu Liang smirked. "No matter how you act grandmother and whatever you say, the people who worked under you all told me how vicious you were to you daughter-in-law. Just a few days ago, you ordered your personal maids to lock mother in the dungeon.""What did you say? You think my wife did that! Impossible!" Mu Cheng roared. Mu Lin sobbed even more."The doctor who used to give mother poison is present at this moment. Mother was never treated by Dr. Lu. Why didn't I bring him here?" Mu Liang signaled his personal maid.The maid opened the door and an old man entered the room. He looked dirty. His dress was tattered. It seemed that he was tortured thoroughly before he was brought up here. He trembled as he looked at Mu Lin.Mu Lin's vicious glare made him fall on his knees. "Madam! Madam! I'm so sorry. I know I should have get out of this country but I couldn't. Please forgive me, madam!" He wailed.Mu Lin cried. "I don't know him. Who is this ugly guy?"Mu Cheng wished to tear apart this dirty old man. "Take him out! My wife doesn't know him.""Wait a moment. I think I saw him here before." Mu Jin frowned. He recalled a doctor treating his wife after she got pregnant. His mother said that it was her personal doctor that Jing Sheng preferred. The way that doctor and Jing Sheng talked to each other, it would make Mu Jin jealous all the time. There was no way that he would forget that doctor's face.Mu Cheng asked, "You saw him here? Are you nuts?"Mu Jin didn't listen to his father. He asked the dirty man on the floor, "You are the one who used to get close to my wife while treating her didn't you?"That man shuddered in fear.Mu Jin asked furiously, "Why did you poisoned my wife? I thought you loved her!"Jing Sheng was speechless and so were the others. "You are disgusting!"

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