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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 460: ENGAGEMENT PARTY

Soon Sunday arrived. The Mu Castle bustled with the sound of classical music, gossip and 'clang' sound of wine glasses. The place was festive. Everyone was happy and excited to see the lucky couples.Since it was spring, the party was held in the ball room in the garden. There were lightings everywhere and smell of food filled the area.Outside the ballroom, a limousine stopped and two men got out. One of them held out his hand and a slender hand toughed his. A pair of leg touched the ground and got out of the car. After that, the other man held out his hand and another soft hand took his and then got out of the car.The couple walked towards the end of the ball room, through the backside.At the same time, the MC began speaking, "Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. Tonight two wonderful couples will be bound with love and trust. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the ballroom of Mu Castle. Today is a special day for the two young masters of Mu Family. Please welcome, the most powerful two men in Europe with their soon-to-be brides."Everyone began to clap as they saw Mu Liang and Mu Feng entered into the room as they stood on the high stage. Their hands were tangled with two beautiful ladies. Everyone was mesmerized by the beauty of the couples. They were too dazzling.Mu Liang wore a white shirt with black coat and pants. His bow tie was baby pink, matching with Mu Lan's pink colored embroidery gown. Mu Feng was wearing a white shirt with black coat and pants and his bow tie was golden in color matching with Qi Ying, golden embroidery tulle gown. The guests stopped clapping and began murmur. They heard that Mu Liang was getting engaged to Arisa. Then who was the girl beside him?Even the MC became astonished. Mu Feng took the microphone from him and said, "Thank you everyone for coming here. We are happy to be with you tonight. Let me introduce big brother and mine soon-to-be wives. Big brother, the first young master of the Mu Family is getting engaged to Mu Lan. They are in relationship for a year now. And the beautiful women I'm getting engaged is Qi Ying. We are also in relationship for a year. If it wasn't for my future sister-in-law, we wouldn't be together and we are very grateful to you. And of course, our beloved guest, we hope that you will give us your well wishes and blessings." Mu Feng and the three of them bowed.Mu Lan and Qi Ying blushed.The guests were still confused. Still they clapped as Mu Feng finish his speech.Mu Lin was trembling in anger at this moment. She prepared everything. 'How on earth everything turned this way? Where is Arisa?' She definitely couldn't let Mu Liang marry that commoner.Mu Feng's team right now guarding Arisa and her family so that they couldn't get out of the house and they couldn't contact anyone. They were grounded in their own house. Mu Feng continued, "It is truly an important day. Tonight, not only my big brother and I introduced our future wives, we also have something important to announce. For the sake of the peace, Mu Family changed some rules and regulations. The head of the Mu House, my beloved grandmother as well as my respected grandfather approved it. Now the Head Butler of our family will read it to us."The Head Butler Noel came in fully dressed. He calmly took the file and introduced himself. Then he started reading the new acts."Servants will obey their masters and will never hurt the members of Mu Family, including the girlfriends, boyfriends and the soon-to-be-spouse.."People began gossiping. "Did anyone hurt the members of Mu Family?"Someone asked, "What's with the rules?""The mistress of the household has the right to cook for the family members only. They cannot go to the main kitchen but they can cook in the personal kitchen without the help of the maids.."The guests thought they heard wrong. "What?"Some said, "Mistress will be cooking! In Mu family? Do they lack of servants?""After marriage, member of the Mu Family will be true to the spouse and always take care of each other." "Member of the Mu Family cannot get married to a commoner..."Mu Lin was speechless. 'Was there anything like this in the file? Is this the reason Xiao Feng didn't let me read the whole thing? Treachery!'The guests couldn't believe it. "Nonsense!"Some said, "Commoner marriage with aristocrat!""If something goes wrong, male member of the Mu Family can take charge of the Household business.""Unbelievable!" The guests weren't sure what the future held for Mu Family anymore."And finally, the current Madam Mu will step down from her post and will transfer all her power to the next generation."".." Suddenly the whole ballroom became silent. There was no sound. It felt like a graveyard."Stop this right now!" The one who spoke first was Mu Lin. She walked furiously and climbed at the stage. She looked at both grandsons. "What is the meaning of this?"Mu Feng was dumbfounded too. He didn't read the document either. 'So that's why...'Mu Liang coldly said, "You already signed the papers. I will give you a copy if you need a proof." He gave her a copy of the document.Mu Lin saw that there was no flaws. There was indeed a rule like that and she sighed it without reading everything. "I don't believe it." At last she said."It doesn't matter anymore." Mu Liang didn't softened his heart."What's going on?" Mu Cheng and Mu Jin came on the stage."Grandfather, you said you that you wouldn't back down from your word and here is the proof of your signature and seal. You cannot back down now." Mu Liang said as he handed the file.Mu Jin and Mu Cheng read it and their tongues tied. "This is" Mu Cheng had no word."Now grandmother, be generous and hand over the title of Madam Mu to mother." Mu Liang said.Mu Lin trembled."Why are you doing this to your grandmother? She loves you so much? Is this how you repay her? Ungrateful child!" Mu Cheng bickered.Mu Liang said calmly, "We didn't betray anyone. We found the truth and realized that how blinded we were how much sufferings our mother went through.""What do you mean?" Mu Jin asked."I'll tell you everything after the party is over. You don't want family's dirty laundry to reveal in front of the guests, do you? Hand over the title and end the party soon so that we can have a little chat." Mu Liang said looking at his grandmother. "Or I'll announce everything you did to my mother. You won't have any face left." He threatened.The men were confused. Mu Lin trembled in fear. 'He knows! How? How is that possible? My all planning were they for nothing?' She walked towards the microphone and took it.The guests were talking nonstop. They felt like that they were going crazy. They couldn't take it anymore. They saw Mu Lin talking the microphone and they hushed.Mu Lin began, "I have been in the authority for so long. I became older and there are certain things I cannot do. So today, I'm gladly handing over my title and my power to my daughter-in-law Jing Sheng."Jing Sheng was still in the ground. She was stunned as the things happened so fast. She almost lost hope. Jing Sheng slowly made her way to the stage. She stood in front of Mu Lin. Mu Lin hissed. "Don't think that everything will go in your way." Saying that, she took off her family crown and put it on Jing Sheng's head.The guests began clapping. Many of them weren't happy to see a commoner having the family crown. Some were happy. However, most of them were neutral.Jing Sheng took the microphone and thanked everyone. But the next thing she said was even more shocking. "I'm not fit to wear such crown because I am going to divorce my husband in a week. So I'll hand over my title and power to my future daughter-in-law Mu Lan.""...."They everyone burst into uproar. Everyone lost it this time."What the hell is going on?""Divorce in Mu Family?""Are they nuts?""What is happing in here?""Is this a soap opera?"Mu Family was also the same.Mu Liang walked towards his mother. "Mother, I'm sorry that I couldn't take care of you all this time. Now I'm here. Still you want to divorce?"Jing Sheng gave him a tired smile. "Son, I'm disgusted with this family. I can't go on. I want to leave the rest of my remaining life in peace."Mu Liang took a deep breath and said, ".I understand." He tried to take care of the matter, but what was broken, couldn't be mended.Mu Lan came towards them. She smiled, "Mother-in-law, it is fine. You can live with us in Paris and cook for me every day."Mu Liang added, "If you live with us, I won't allow father or grandparents to visit France as long as you are with us."Mu Jin glanced at his wife. "Sheng"Jing Sheng stopped him. "Please don't try to stop me. I'm tired with your acting. You not only broke my heart but also kidnapped me and imprisoned me. Since you love someone else and be with her. Don't come to me anymore. It won't work like before."

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