Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 46: HAH, OLD LOVE

Thirty minutes later a black car went to the Mu Mansion. The passenger inside didn't come out but the driver opened the back door and let Mu Liang enter.

Mu Liang saw a woman was sitting beside the driver. Her blond hair was tied up. She had a glasses on her nose and was busy with some documents in her hands.

"I'll treat you Eva's cook." Mu Liang understood that she did it because of her friendship with Mu Feng. She really had an important project in New York. Still she came here to work for him personally. If it were for other businessmen, she would send her assistant.

Louise looked up from the documents. She looked behind. Her beautiful green eyes shone. "I can't say no to that. But I'm surprise to see you alone, Mr. Mu."

Mu Liang understood what she meant. He answered, "Feng went to Switzerland."

Louise's left eye brow went up. "Fleeing from exes?"

Mu Liang shook his head, "Holiday." As usual, his answer was short but friendly.

Louise seemed shocked, "Mr. Mu, since when did you become so generous?"

Mu Liang went speechless.

'Am I that heartless?' He thought.

- - - - - - -

Pierre and Marie Curie University

Dean Andrew Smith chose a perfect time to let Mu Liang and Louise Fontaine visit girls' dormitory. Everyone was busy with classes so the dorm had zero population except for ten people. They were the Chancellor and the Dean of the university, Mu Liang, Louise, two other interior designers and four assistants.

The Chancellor already who was going to come so he was all prepared. Mu Liang and Louise Fontaine were welcomed warmly. They didn't waste their time. As soon as they reached the room Mu Lan was going to stay, they started to plan. Mu Liang gave Louise materials for furniture and Louise immediately started to draw.

Louise is well known interior designer, so she didn't need much guide from Mu Liang. After half an hour Mu Liang and Louise finished their tasks and Mu Liang ordered the other two interior designers to work according to the design Louise set out.

Before noon, Ju Long came to take Mu Liang to the office.

Ju Long was waiting at the entrance when Mu Liang and Louise came out with the Chancellor and the Dean. Ju Long greeted three gentlemen and then looked at Louise and smiled, "It's been a while Miss Fontaine."

Hearing an old class mate addressing her so formally Louise felt upset. She ignored his greetings and entered in the car.

While passing Ju Long, Mu Liang sighed and said, "Hah, old love." Then he entered into the car too.

On the other hand, Ju Long froze in the spot.

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