Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 459: IT WAS YOU

When Mu Liang and Mu Lan were having pleasant times, Mu Lin made the whole castle upside down."This girl cannot marry into this family. My words are final." Mu Lin said. She was fuming.Mu Cheng, Mu Jin, Mu Feng and Qi Ying were also present. Mu Cheng and Mu Jin were silent and frowning. They never imagined that the girl Mu Liang chose would be this sort of."Darling, don't say like this." Mu Feng coaxed her."No, my child. My words are final." Mu Lin's face was red in anger."Sister Lan Lan was drugged. Ying gave her the drink accidently. Both of them had no idea what was there. It was all bartender's fault. We already finished him." Mu Feng lied without batting his eyes. They already found the culprit. But he would wait for the right time to disclose the information."What did you say?" Mu Cheng was stunned. Mu Jin asked, "Why would he do that?" He was astound as well."We don't care why he did that. He did something wrong and we killed him, that's the end of it. I don't want anyone to say anything vicious about sister Lan Lan. I believe big brother feels the same way." Mu Feng took Qi Ying's hand and said, "Come on, you had the worst day. Let me take you to the rest room."After the couple left, Mu Lin said to her husband, "You don't know how she looked like after she was drunk. She is not fit for being the mistress of the household."Mu Cheng sighed. He was getting old and didn't want to force the new generation to do the otherwise. He said, "Dear, remember that she was drugged. She doesn't even know what she is doing right now. It's a good thing that nothing happened to her. Please don't get angry anymore and don't let Xiao Liang and Xiao Lan hear those unpleasant words. She is the victim. You are wise enough to understand it, don't you?"Mu Lin was annoyed at her husband. "I don't care. I already chose a girl for my elder grandson."Mu Cheng was speechless. "What?"Mu Jin sighed. "Mother, Xiao Liang is indeed your grandson, not a puppet."Mu Lin frowned. "What do you mean?"Mu Jin tried to explain. "He is a human, also an adult and has every right to choose his own life partner, just like you two did and I did. Don't force him to do anything. He is the head of the Mu Family business. A whole country can act in his command. Do you think just simply you chose a girl and he will marry her? Your relationship with him with become severe."Mu Lin snapped. "Don't talk as if you are the wise one here. I saw what type of girl you married. If you married the girl I chose that time, things wouldn't turn this way. I don't want history to repeat itself." She left the drawing room.Mu Jin clenched his fists and didn't talk back anymore.Mu Cheng said, "Son, don't be sad. Your mother is just angry now. Let her calm down, everything will be alright."Mu Jin said, "I can't imagine that the things went that way. It's my fault.""You had plenty of time to fix it. Why regretting now?" Mu Cheng sighed."Because I'm stupid." Mu Jin's tone was painful.------After Mu Lin entered her room, she was startled to see another person. Quickly she became normal. She sneered, "looks like your fever is gone."Jing Sheng glared at her. "It was you, isn't it?"Mu Lin didn't look at her anymore. "What do you think?"Jing Sheng gritted her teeth. "I'll tell Xiao Liang about it. I'll tell what you did to me too."Mu Lin sneered. "As if anyone will believe you.""I will let others know too." Jing Sheng stood up from the chair and walked past Mu Lin.Mu Lin lightly said, "Be my guest. But don't regret what happens next as a result."Jing Sheng looked back. "What do you mean?""Your Xiao Lan will disappear from the earth." Mu Lin's eyes were vicious.Jing Sheng shook on the spot. "You wouldn't dare!""Is there anything I cannot do?" Mu Lin ignored her and sat on her own chair.Jing Sheng felt so lost. 'Can't I save a little girl?'------After Mu Liang lost control over his own body, Mu Lan became unconscious. Thus Mu Liang had no choice but to clean her up. He saw the bruises and the bite marks he left on her body. He admired his work, but also, he was worried about her body.After a warm bath, he dried her body and hair. After that he took out an ointment and put on the bruises and swollen places. Then he took another ointment and massaged her body parts where she might be hurt. Then he took her cotton shirt, undergarments and pajamas and put it on her. Afterwards, he tug her to sleep.Mu Lan caught a fever because of the drug. Mu Liang called Lu Feng.Lu Feng said, "It's a normal fever. Since you tired her out, she is exhausted. Give her only one tablet for fever after she finish breakfast. Make sure that she eats on time regularly. When she regains her strength, fever will be gone in no time."As he instructed, Mu Liang made her wake up from her deep slumber. He made her drink warm honey lemon water for her voice and then let her eat egg and bread. She didn't want to take medicine, but he forced her.Her fever was finally gone, but Mu Liang didn't let her get off of the bed. He knew that her body hurt. He helped her to bath and eat.Even Mu Lan was embarrassed. She couldn't let others to see the marks on her body. The marks are all over her body.Thus, Mu Liang forbid others to enter his bedroom to see his wifey.

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