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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 458: HUBBY, YOU ARE SO TASTY

[WARNING: Not for underaged. Still I know that you guys won't listen. XD]Mu Liang acted as if nothing happened. He took her in his chamber. He carried her in his bedroom and kicked the door close.Mu Liang put her on the bed. As he wanted to let go, Mu Lan grabbed him by his collar and threw pulled him towards her.Mu Liang kept his balance, he didn't want to smash her. His body was already reacting. He grunted and said in a low and dangerous tone, "Lan, be good."Mu Lan seemed to find her voice back. She breathed heavily and said, "Liang, it's it's so ho.t. Take it off.""I'll prepare a bath for you. Stay here." Mu Liang tried to make her stopped touching him any lower than where she was touching at this moment. "Mm... Liang" Her voice quivered as she captured his lips and kissed hungrily.Mu Liang growled. He tried to control his lust and move away.However, Mu Lan flipped their position and straddled him. Her hungry lips found his and she grinded her lower part against his erection. "Hubby, you are so tasty. I want to eat you up."Her seductive voice stuttered his last attempt to control himself.Mu Liang grabbed her head and kissed her aggressively. He chewed her both lips, sucked them hard, bit her and licked them. Her mouth invited his tongue inside as their saliva and warmth mixed together. They both opened their mouth for air and again, their lips locked.Mu Liang tore her dress and threw it somewhere. His hands roamed over her body making her moan loudly. He unlocked her brassier and let it fall from her body.Mu Lan's breasts popped out and felt air. Feeling sudden cold there, she shuddered.While cupping her both breasts, Mu Liang flipped their positions and he straddled her this time.His tongue was unlocked from hers and his lips kissed every corner of her mouth and then trailed to her ears and from ears to her neck.His teeth grazed on her skin leaving red marks everywhere.When he played with her hard nipples, he teased them with his lips. It made Mu Lan whimper. "M-more." She cried out.Mu Liang halted for a second and glanced at her. Watching her luscious and yet lovely appearance, he lovingly kissed her lips before his hands trailed south. "I'll give you as much as you want." His voice was husky.Mu Lan's last piece of cloth was taken. She let out a loud moan, as his fingers entered her. His mouth was busy sucking her breasts.In ecstasy, Mu Lan grabbed Mu Liang's head and pulled it hard. Mu Liang felt like he was in heaven as his warm tongue touched her perky nipple. He bit it softly."Ah!" Mu Lan squirmed under him. She came undone as she saw light in her eyes.Thinking that she might get hurt, he took off his shirt, belt, pants and boxer. Then he smashed his whole body against her and continued what he was doing.Seeing her flooding, he sucked her clean and then with one thrust, he entered her. Mu Lan's breath hitched. She welcomed him completely.The whole room became steamy as the air was filled with moans and grunts.Mu Liang came inside her for the fourth time and stopped moving anymore. He kissed her right temple and his breaths became regular. He let himself become softer inside her.Slowly he tried to pull off of her body, but Mu Lan's broken voice said, "I want more." She screamed so much that she couldn't let out her original sound anymore. But her body was still anticipating for more. Her lustful eyes made him hard again. Mu Lan felt it too and moaned.Mu Liang's eyes darkened even more. He pulled out and Mu Lan cried as if she lost something important. He changed his position and brought his hard rock thing close to her mouth and said, "Darling, clean me."Mu Lan took the large, hard part inside her mouth and began sucking. Mu Liang took the opportunity to like her swollen entrance making her jolt in surprise. He didn't let her go before she came twice more.As she opened her mouth to scream in pleasure, he took the opportunity to pull him out of her mouth and released himself making sure that she wouldn't get wait.Then he took her in his arms and asked, "Do you want some more?" His eyes flickered in desire.Mu Lan nodded and kissed him. He was able to taste both of them. Her lips and eyes were swollen and red. Her breasts moved up and down was she breathed in and out.Mu Liang couldn't control his desire to taste her once more."I love you." He kissed her affectionately.

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