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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 457: WHAT HAPPENED?

The bodyguards seemed delighted as they thanked the heiress countless times before heading out towards Mu Lan and Qi Ying.Mu Lan's bodyguard saw them coming and blocked the way. "You are forbidden to go to any closer to the misses. Or, you will be hurt."The bodyguards didn't know that the girls had a bodyguard with them. They saw the bodyguard's uniform and it had a sign of Mu Family.They backed down and gulped down a mouthful saliva. Mu Family's bodyguards were trained specially. They can kill people in a blink of eyes and even police didn't have the power to punish them.Mu Lan's breath quickened and she felt worse in a second. Her face was flushed, her eyes were teary and lips were open and inviting, making the men's hearts skip a bit in the parlor.Some men tried to approach her."Are you okay?" One man said.Another man said, "You look sick. Come here, this friend of yours will help you.""Are you feeling bad? Come to me. I'll make you feel good." Other man said.Their words were so nasty that Qi Ying's eyes turned wet. Mu Lan couldn't even hear anything at this time.The bodyguard was busy with threating the bodyguards of Arisa, he didn't notice this dirty men.Some tried to touch both Mu Lan and Qi Ying, just then, a shadow came into their view.The men looked back and saw a giant man, looking at them with killing intent.The men were so scared that they back down, getting closer to Mu Lan, accidentally and unfortunately. The giant man took two men in his both hands and threw them aside, making loud sounds and breaking furniture and glasses.The parlor was completely in chaos. Girls started screaming and boys began running out. The giant kept throwing men those who tried to touch Mu Lan.Mu Lan's whole body was shivering and crying for a man's touch. She hugged herself tightly and closed her eyes.Just then, a familiar warmth covered her whole body.She felt light headed and she sensed that her whole body was flying.She heard a voice which she wanted to hear the most at that moment. "I'll take you out. You will be fine. Don't worry." Mu Lan subconsciously grabbed the man and rubbed her body in his. She took her mouth close to his neck and smelled with her heart's content.-----When Mu Liang lost connection with the bodyguards, he didn't waste a single moment and drove towards the parlor. When he was close, one of the bodyguard contact him, told him the whole situation and also said that he called for reinforcement. The bodyguard already got a red signal from the bodyguard who was inside. Mu Liang frowned. As he reached the place, his reinforcement was already there. After he ordered, his reinforcement entered the parlor wit Mu Liang.Watching the whole scenario, Mu Liang's blood boiled. As his reinforcement threw people around, he ordered the bodyguards to catch those who were guilty.So not only the bartender and parlor manager, but also the five girls, Arisa's bodyguards, and those men who said those dirty words were captured. All at once.Mu Liang took Mu Lan in his arms and hugged her closer. Seeing her acting unusual, he realized that she wasn't drunk, but she was drugged. He hurriedly took her in the car.Qi Ying didn't dare to sit with them. She sat in the passenger sit with the driver.After they entered the car, Mu Lan's hands and lips were all over Mu Liang's body.She snuggled close to him and her hands run over Mu Liang's strong body and her seductive lips touched his skin.Mu Liang shudder at her touch and his eyes became darker. He forced himself not to do anything to her and grabbed her so that she couldn't move much."Drive faster." Mu Liang ordered the driver coldly.The driver was already flustered to see the scenario behind him. He speeded up and skipped some traffic signals. Soon the car reached the castle. Seeing Mu Feng in the garden, Qi Ying left the car and ran towards him.Mu Feng was totally oblivious of everything as he hugged the girl in his embrace. He repeatedly coaxed her and asked her what was wrong. Qi Ying wiped her tears and began to tell him everything.Mu Liang carried Mu Lan out of the car and began walking towards his chamber. The girl in his arms didn't care about the surroundings and soundly kissing his face and neck."What happened?" a sharp voice came from the across of the hall.It was Mu Lin.She frowned at the sight and said, "Xiao Liang, your soon-to-be wife went to my parlor and got drunk. How can you explain her behavior? It is already past dinner time."Mu Liang took a deep breath and spoke, "Grandmother, I will explain to you later."Mu Lin's temper was rising. "Explain? What is there to explain? Look, how unsightly scenery is this? Is she like this whenever she is drunk? Then how can I be sure that she isn't like this way in front of other men?"Mu Liang tried to explain. "Grandmother, she is not like that." Mu Lan tried to bit his earlobe and moaned softly, making the situation worse. Mu Liang held her tightly. Mu Lin felt disgusted. "I can see what type of woman she is right now. Thank goodness that I saw her true nature before the engagement. Xiao Liang, I'm very disappointed in you and in your taste."Mu Liang began, "Grandmother, please-"Mu Lin interrupted him. She tried hard to control her anger. "I don't want to hear anything. This girl is not fit to be the mistress of this household. Since the engagement party invitation already had been sent, your engagement won't be canceled. I'll introduce to you some other ladies of prestigious families that day. Choose one for your life partner. And throw this sort of woman out of the castle. I don't want to see her face ever again." Then she left.

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