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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 456: SHE IS ALL YOURS

Qi Ying simply drank her cocktail without looking at her friend.Mu Lan said, "Come on, I was just making joke. I won't ever tell brother Feng really. Don't take it to heart"All of a sudden she stopped speaking. She blinked and then shook her head. She softly asked, "Xiao Ying, who gave you the drinks?"Qi Ying still didn't glanced at her. However, she still answered, "The bartender to whom we ordered before.""Do you know him?" Mu Lan's voice drifted away. She had a hard time to focus."I know him." Qi Ying glanced at Mu Lan to see what's wrong with her voice and gasped. "Xiao Lan, what happened? Your face is bright red." She panicked.Mu Lan felt that her head was spinning and her whole body grew hot drastically. She took out her cell phone as her body quivered tremendously and she dialed Mu Liang's number.Unfortunately, her call didn't go through. Not knowing what to do, she told Qi Ying in a raspy voice. "C-call... Liang."Mu Lan let go of the glass in her hand and it shuttered into pieces. The sound of breaking glass caught lot of attention. She sat on the ground as she didn't have any strength left. "Xiao Lan!" Qi Ying felt like crying. She tried multiple times to call Mu Feng but none of the calls went through. She felt helpless. She grabbed Mu Lan's hand and made her stand up. "Let's get out of here. I will help you." Qi Ying said as she dragged her friend with her.Mu Lan's body felt like burning where Qi Ying touched. "L-let go" She protested. Her voice sounded seductive."Let's get out of here first." Qi Ying walked as she took her and looked around. 'Where are the bodyguards? Shouldn't they stay with us?'Unfortunate for the bodyguards, they were in the parlor too. They had frequent contact with Mu Liang. They reported him that Jason offered them drink and Mu Lan accidentally drank it without knowing, later she painted a picture for him and left the art room, and afterwards, they began conversation with some girls.That's when they lost connection with Mu Liang. They tried to contact, but nothing happened. The bodyguards exchanged glances and one of them left the parlor to get the signal. Another one, who left behind, was astounded as he didn't know what he should do as the aristocratic girls bickered at the two lady bosses. They were ordered to fight against assassins or gangs, not some cheeky girls. Moreover, they were just having argument, none of them was hitting each other. Furthermore, Mu Lan was controlling them quite well. The bodyguard didn't need to do anything.Another bodyguard went out to get the signal. In the end he got the signal and tried to talk to Mu Liang. At the same time, a middle aged woman screamed "Help!" and since no man was around, the bodyguard helped the woman from a bunch of gangs and saved the woman. Afterwards, he tried to contact his boss again, but his cell phone as well as walkie-talkie were gone. He was mad since he realized that he was set up. He decided to go inside the car and looked for an extra walkie-talkie. However, when he tried to contact his boss, Mu Lan had already started reacting to the drink.The other bodyguard wasn't sure what to do. They were strictly forbidden not to touch their lady bosses. But the lady bosses needed help. What could he do?Neither he could go outside to contact, nor did he can help them. There was another reason that he couldn't, because the men in the parlor began to look at Mu Lan in hungry eyes.Qi Ying tried to take Mu Lan out the parlor, but the girls from before stopped them. Qi Ying asked, "What do you want this time? Get out of the way!" She gathered enough courage to use cold tone.The red haired girl Margaret let out a laugh. "Your friend is such a sl*t! Drinking and seducing men in the parlor, why don't you let her taste what she wants?"Mu Lan still had some conscience left. She chuckled and asked her, "Are you tired of living? Then I can help you."Then what Mu Lan did, no one expected that. She used a high kick to send Margaret on the floor. She didn't have enough strength left, thus the kick wasn't strong. However, Margaret wasn't prepared for it and with her stupid four girlfriends, she fell on the floor all together.From the corner table, Arisa saw everything and narrowed her eyes. She glanced at her own bodyguards and said, "The drunk girl is all yours. Enjoy as much as you want."

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