Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 455: LOOK AT YOU

The second girl snickered. "Margaret, how can she know us or our family? She is a simple artist. A commoner."Margaret pretended to remember, "Oh, I forgot. You are not even close to our status. No wonder that you bark like a street dog."Mu Lan didn't care what they said. She smiled like a villain. "Of course I'm not of your status. I mean look at you. You all look like strippers." She learnt this dialogue from TV drama. She always wanted to use it. She felt rather happy to use it.Margaret raised her hand to slap Mu Lan. "You bi*ch!"Mu Lan grabbed her hand on time and tightened her grip. "I know animals don't have emotional control. But if you think of your status, you should control your temper."The other four girls wanted to come closer but they flinched as they saw the warning in Mu Lan's eyes.Margaret trembled in anger. "You dare to teach us?"Mu Lan smirked. "You dared to stop me from leaving.""Please don't argue." Suddenly they heard a sweet voice. Someone came closer. Mu Lan saw a blonde girl. She smiled at Mu Lan and she looked friendly. "Hello, I'm Arisa. I'm lovely to meet you. I apologize for my friends' behavior. I hope you don't mind." Mu Lan let go off Margaret's hand and said, "It's fine as long as you put collars on their neck and they don't come to bite us next time."Arisa gracefully said, "Ah, please don't say it like this. Let me repent for what they did." Mu Lan found this Arisa girl bothersome. She shook her hand. "No need-" Arisa didn't let her go. "On the next weekend, it's my engagement party. I know it's not easy for people like you to get invitation of such big parties, so I will be glad if you can come and enjoy the party."Mu Lan felt tired of their stupid remarks. 'People like me? Who does she think she is?'These days, who cares about those so called status? Mu Lan wanted to end this game. "I don't like those types of parties where I don't know people. Also, I have programs on the next weekend too.""How can you guarantee that it's not the same program?" Margaret sneered.'She never learn, does she?' Mu Lan thought.She replied, "Then there is no need for me to have this card, isn't that right?"Margaret bickered. "Don't get full of yourself! Do you think you are the one who is getting engaged to the first young master of the Mu Family? How nave! It's Arisa who is getting engaged with the first young master of the Mu Family."Arisa softly said, "Ah, Margaret, don't break her heart."'So that's why they are picking a fight with me.' Mu Lan felt like laughing at them. "Don't worry about my heart. When the time comes, I hope you are prepared for your heart so that it doesn't shatter." She glanced at Qi Ying who looked worried. "Xiao Ying, let's go." Margaret tried to grab Mu Lan's hand but Arisa blocked her. "No need. We will see each to her soon enough." There was a smile hanging on her lips.Mu Lan glanced at Qi Ying and saw her drinking another cocktail. Mu Lan blinked. "Were you having so much fun watching me fighting against them that you had to drink?"Qi Ying blushed and said, "N-no, it's not me who bought it. It's the rule. The customer who drinks the most expensive drink can have a free cocktail." Mu Lan tried to remember. "I don't recall you drinking the cocktail.""You were painting at that time." Qi Ying was having the green colored cocktail and she gave Mu Lan the other one with red one. "Here, this is for you."Mu Lan saw the differences of the colors and asked, "Why are the cocktails different in color?" Qi Ying smiled at said, "Well the bartender said that green is to match my eyes, and red for you to match your dress and the engagement ring."Mu Lan was indeed wearing a red cocktail dress. Watching Qi Ying's expression, she couldn't help but tease her. "Aww you are blushing."Qi Ying was flustered. "I-I'm not."Mu Lan was having fun. "I need to tell brother Feng that you were blushing because a bartender was praising your beauty."Qi Ying denied. "I am definitely not blushing. You are mistaking."Mu Lan grinned. "Am I? I wonder what punishment you will get after I tell him."Qi Ying was so red that she could be compared with tomato. She didn't look like the girl who was composed in front of those girls.Mu Lan sipped her cocktail. "Mmm, it's good. I like the taste."

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