Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 454: YOU ARE SMART

He slowly came closer to the painting and was dumbfounded.It wasn't a picture of his sitting on the sofa. It was the picture where he was in the restaurant. But instead of eating, he had a watch with a silver chain. It seemed like he was swinging it.It didn't look like a painting but a photo taken by camera."This is" Jason's voice trailed off. He didn't expect this.Mu Lan smirked. "You love to hypnotize people. Don't you Jason? This is my reward for you for the other day." He tried to hypnotize her on their first encounter.Jason smirked as well, showing his real face. "So you knew from the very beginning and you didn't let it show through your body language. You are smart.""Thanks for the complement." Mu Lan smiled.Jason's eyes began sharp. "So you made me sit on the sofa for no reason.""It's the punishment for deceiving me. Next time, I won't be this nice. But I hope we will never see each other again. Have a nice day." Mu Lan took her Ruby Rose cocktail and got closer to Qi Ying. Mu Lan planned to encounter Jason and wanted to end the whole drama he crated. Since it was nothing to do with her, she didn't want to cause more problem for Mu Liang. They had already too much to handle before engagement. Since Mu Liang said that he would let Mu Feng deal with it, she would leave it that way. "What were you talking about? You don't look like that you like him." Qi Ying was totally oblivious of the whole thing. She was sitting a far from them."I don't. Let's leave. I'm tired." Mu Lan didn't want to stay here any longer."Sure." Qi Ying finished her drink and they were about to leave."Oh my, isn't it Qi Ying from Qi Family." A voice made the girls halted on the track.Qi Ying and Mu Lan both turned around and saw five girls were walking towards them."It has been awhile, Ying. It's nice to see you again." The red haired girl said."Miss Margaret, indeed it has been a while. Hope you are doing well." Qi Ying politely said.Margaret sneered. "It looks like you have gotten skinner. Are you eating well? Since you were kicked out of the Qi Family, it must have been hard for you." The other four girls giggled beside her.Mu Lan slightly frowned.Qi Ying gave a polite smile and said, "I'm fine. Thank you for your concern though it's not needed. I heard that your engagement with my brother has been postponed. Is everything alright?"Margaret's face slightly turned red. It's obvious that she didn't like this topic. "Since you were kicked out of the house, Yang and Qi Family have nothing to do with you."Qi Ying never had to go through such humiliation causing by others when she was still in Qi Family. But she learned to talk back against her father since her marriage was decided with the Major of Chinese military. Moreover, she got friends like Mu Lan Yan Su and Xue Lin. She learnt a lot from them. So dealing with Margaret wasn't that bad. All she had to do was smiling like a graceful lady and speak the truth.Qi Ying answered. "You are mistaken. Though I left home, by blood, I'm still connected to my family. You can break a marriage relationship with law, but you cannot break sibling relationship or parents-daughters relationship even if you cut ties with them."Margaret narrowed her eyes. "You are getting too cocky these days. Is this what your ex-family taught you? Is it because you have some artist friend that you became so low?" She eyes drifted towards Mu Lan.'So her real target is me. What did I do to make them angry?' Mu Lan thought.Margaret asked Mu Lan, "Don't you know how to introduce yourself? Are you dumb?"Mu Lan smiled beautifully and replied, "I know how to introduce myself. But I only do that in front of human beings. I can't see one right now."Margaret burst into anger. "What did you say? You dared to insult me?"Other customers began to glance at them and began whispering. Since they didn't know Mu Lan and her background, they looked at her with hostility.Mu Lan brushed Margaret off. "Haha, I think you are mistaken. Animals don't feel insulted. If you have nothing to do but disturbing other, then do it with your fellow friends. We are busy." She turned towards her friend and said, "Xiao Ying, let's go."The third girl blocked the way to stop Mu Lan to go out. Margaret said from behind, "Did you think you can leave just like that after insulting us? Do you know from which families we are?"

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