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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 453: SHE SEDUCED THE FIRST YOUNG MASTER

While Mu Lan was so busy painting, in the corner of the bar, six women were whispering.The first woman asked, "Did you see the girl who was painting?"Other three girl looked at the corner and the second one replied, "Yes, but I've never seen her here before.""Who is she?" The third girl asked curiously.The forth one frowned in disdain. "I don't know. She looks oriental."The fifth girl said, "She seemed to very close to the girl of the Qi Family." Her hair was red.The first girl tried to remember. "Qi Ying? She never had a girlfriend that I knew of.""Maybe this artist girl is from Paris too." The second girl commented.The red haired said, "This oriental girl looks like a commoner."The third girl gasped. "Oh my, how can the girl of Qi Family make friend with a commoner? Why did her family not say anything to her?"The red hair girl smiled in ridicule. "How will that happen? This Qi Ying is not part of the Qi Family anymore."The second girl spoke, "What! How do you oh, you are fiance of Qi Yang. Did he say anything to you regarding why she was chased away from her family?"The red hair girl replied, "Of course. This girl was supposed to marry into Chinese military family, but she ended up being with Mu Feng of the Mu Family.""Mu Feng!" The four girls screamed in excitement.The first one cursed. "This bi*ch is lucky!" "How did she seduce our prince?" The second one didn't look pleased either. Mu Feng was her dream man too."I don't know but Mu Family likes her quite a bit, I must say." The sixth girl opened her mouth this time. She had a blonde hair. She was quite a charming woman.The red haired girl twisted her face. "Of course, banned or not, she is from an aristocratic family."The blonde girl said, "I heard this oriental girl seduce Mu Feng's elder brother, Mu Liang.""WHAT?!" The first four girls lost it.The red girl hissed. "Ssh! Silence! Do you want to be killed? No one can say the name of him out loud."The third one said, "What? He is not a terrorist."The second one said, "He is not. But he is the most powerful man in the business world. Everyone admires him."The third girl said in disdain, "Tsk. So what? He is still a man and he got seduced by a mere artist."The forth one got curious. "But how? He never let women go close to him. How can she seduce him?"The blonde explained everything, "I've heard that she was a simple one month assistant of him while his assistant was away. A month later, she was kicked out. Feeling broken heart, she got drunk and barged into the office screaming out loud and she said that he was her husband and went inside his office. After a long time, he was carried out by him while she was covered with his clothes.""So shameless!" The first one commented.The second one asked, "Wait, how do you know the details?"The blonde girl lightly answered, "How do you think? His family doesn't like this girl judging by her sl*tty attitude. So they leaked the information."The third girl couldn't get it. "But how is that possible? They already organized the engagement party."The first one said, "Yes. It's on next Sunday. My family got an invitation."The second one said, "We all got invitation because we are from aristocratic families.""Do you think it's that simple?" The red haired asked.The four girls go curious. "What do you mean?"The red haired said, "All talented girls like us were invited. It only means one thing."They gasped. "It means that this girl will be discarded and one of us will be chosen to be future Madam Mu of the Mu Family!"The first was couldn't control herself. "Ah! I so wish it to happen."The second one looked dreamy. "I want to be the future mistress of the Mu Family."The third one agreed. "Me too."The fourth one copied her. "Me too." The blonde seemed bored as she saw their stupidity. She commented, "It's every girl's dream in Europe who knows this family."The red haired smirked. "Shall we see what type of girl actually seduced first young master of the Mu Family?""We should check her out." The other girls' hearts filled with evil intention. "I agree."-----When those girls were planning something awful, Mu Lan was in the world of colors.She finished her painting and glanced at Jason. "It's finished."Jason sighed in relief. "Thank goodness. I thought that I was never going to stand up again." His whole body was stiff as he tried to get up.Mu Lan secretly smiled.

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