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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 452: WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE?

Qi Ying remembered her mother's words and answered, "Of course, from the same status. Aristocratic family really cares about blue blood, status and they have prejudice regarding commoners." "If that's the case, do you think grandmother is happy about me marrying Liang Liang?" Mu Lan carefully asked."I was surprised at first that she won't agree, but since mother-in-law is she same and grandmother bought you lots of dresses, I think she approves you." Qi Ying innocently said.Mu Lan still felt uneasy. After coming here, she understood the taste of Mu Lin. Every corner of the parlor was screaming money, wealth and royalty. The design was ancient. The moment she entered, she felt like that she went to any royal palace. Moreover, the system of the membership described that Mu Lin only cared about aristocracy, not money. If she was really blinded with blue blood, then it was nearly impossible that she would be happy with Mu Liang and Mu Lan's engagement.'Or maybe I'm thinking too much.' Mu Lan wondered.However, the way Jing Sheng was being treated that night, she lost confidence that Mu Lin actually cared about commoners. Dragging Jing Sheng out, caring nothing about her appearance, let alone she was a human and daughter-in-law of Mu Household, also, trying to lock her up to the dungeon.Which mother-in-law did that to her daughter-in-law, unless the mother-in-law hated her daughter-in-law from the bottom of her heart?'It was inhuman.' Mu Lan recalled Mu Lin's facial expression and body language when they were having breakfast and Mu Liang talked about Jing Sheng attacking Mu Lin.Mu Lin's eyelashes quivered for a certain second.Mu Lan admired Mu Lin's power to control her own emotion. She even skillfully dodged about the fact that she was the one who ordered to lock Jing Sheng to the dungeon.Since then, Mu Lan lost her trust in Mu Lin.'This woman is something.' She thought.Her chain of thoughts broke when the most expensive cocktail came in front of her. The cocktail was red in color. It was a mixture of Hanger One Vodka, St-Germain, fresh grapefruit juice, pomegranate and a spoonful of rosewater. It shouldn't be more than eighteen dollars cocktail, however, the addition of a four-carat ruby garnish added a bit more value to the drink. It cost forty thousand dollars only.Mu Lan sipped a little and she almost fainted. "It's amazing! The taste is very rich. But didn't you ask for non-alcoholic cocktail?" She glanced at Qi Ying.Qi Ying was busy in drawing. She looked at Mu Lan and then her eyes fell on the cocktail. "I didn't ask for it. It is Ruby Rose Cocktail. It costs forty thousand dollars. I'm not such a money maker."Mu Lan's jaw dropped. "Forty thousand! Did I mistakenly had someone else's drink? Now I have to pay for it!" She was thinking of something else, or this mishap wouldn't happen.Qi Ying "More importantly, it was given to only you, not me-" She couldn't finish, the bartender gave her the same cocktail which was given to Mu Lan.Qi Ying, "..."Mu Lan, "..."'Is this parlor trying to sabotage the customers charging eighty thousand dollars in five minutes?' Mu Lan thought. She quickly glanced at the bartender and said, "Excuse me, I think you have mistakenly given us this cocktail. We didn't order for it." The bartender smiled and said, "Of course you didn't, mademoiselle. But the gentleman over there wanted you two beautiful ladies to have them."As the bartender pointed out, both girls looked behind them and found a gentleman looking over at them."Mr. Arnold!" Mu Lan exclaimed.Jason Arnold came closer and politely greeted them. "Good afternoon, mademoiselles. It's pleasure to see you again, Miss Lan. And it would be lovely to know your name as well, miss." He glanced at Qi Ying.Mu Lan smiled lightly and said, "Good afternoon to you too, Mr. Arnold. She is my friend Qi Ying. Xiao Ying, he is a famous professor of Fine Arts in the University of Milan, Mr. Jason Arnold."Qi Ying smiled at him and said, "It's an honor to meet you, Mr. Arnold.""The honor is mine." Jason Arnold politely bowed. "Please call me Jason, if you don't mind."Mu Lan spoke, "Jason, what brings you here? And thank you for the cocktails, we appreciate it. But my friend here cannot drink alcohol much, so she will pass. And since I've already tasted it, I'm going to finish it."Jason looked sorry. "I should have asked you before ordering for you, mademoiselle. I apologize for that."Qi Ying hurriedly said, "No, it's alright. Please don't feel bad about it. I have already ordered mine."Jason nodded and glanced at Mu Lan. "I'm here to pass some time. Since mademoiselle is busy with her family, may I have some of your time right now? There is a studio in the corner of the parlor as you can see." Jason pointed out a corner. "I would like to have my self portrait painted by you."Mu Lan glanced at Qi Ying before noding her head towards Jason Arnold. "Since I have time, why not?" She didn't know his motive but she would be careful around him. It was too much of a coincidence to meet him here, or maybe not."Splendid!" Please come this way." Jason Arnold was happy as he took Mu Lan and Qi Ying in the corner. There was a studio with colors and canvases. There was an artist as well. People who wanted to have their own portraits would come and spend one hundred dollars for each painting.Jason talked to the artist and gave him a check. The artist nodded and left his seat.Jason glanced at Mu Lan and side, "Mademoiselle, you can paint here without any disturbance."Mu Lan nodded and took the place of the original artist. She took and blank canvas, brushes and acrylic colors. She glanced at Jason and said, "You can seat. Remember that you cannot move an inch after I start painting. Seat this way. Your hands, keep it in this posture, yes, that's right. Okay, don't move anymore. I'm starting."

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