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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 451: DON' TAKE BACK WHAT YOU SAID

Afterwards, she gave the document to her grandson. "Now, take it and show it to your grandfather. You need his approval too."Mu Feng shed tears. He looked very emotional. He hugged his grandmother and said, "Darling is the best. Darling loves me the most. Darling cares for me the most."Hearing Mu Feng's emotional words, Mu Lin's heart softened as well. She slowly patted his head and dotingly said, "Fine, fine. Go now. You have worked hard last night. You need to take some rest. I'll cook bird nest soup for you in your kitchen in the evening." Mu Feng felt delighted. He nodded his head vigorously and said, "I will tell the kitchen maids to prepare the ingredients. I'm going now." Saying that he kissed Mu Lin's right cheek and left excitedly.Mu Lin looked at his back and smiled to herself. 'See Jing Sheng, daughter-in-law of mine, your sons will only come to me, only love me and only worship me. You are nothing in their eyes.'Mu Lin thought that Mu Feng was excited to eat her homemade soup. She didn't know that Mu Feng was overjoyed because he made her sign the document.Mu Feng was smiling brightly as he entered Mu Liang's chamber. Mu Liang was looking through some documents while sitting on the sofa.Mu Feng barged into the room and said, "Big brother! Big brother! I made grandmother sign the document." Mu Liang looked astound as he glanced at his brother. He asked, "Did grandmother read the whole thing?"Mu Feng proudly said, "Of course not. Since she would be so picky, I didn't let her finish it and made her sign it as soon as possible." Mu Liang chuckled. "Good job." He hardly praised his younger brother. He knew that no matter how Mu Feng tried, if Mu Lin read the whole document, she would never agree to it.Mu Liang took the file from his brother and read it thoroughly. He lightly asked, "Tell me, did you read the whole document?"Mu Feng was puzzled. He said, "I never got the chance to read it. When you gave me the file, I took it to grandmother. I didn't think of reading it."Mu Liang simply said, "Idiot." He said.Mu Feng blinked. 'Big brother's behavior is suspicious. He never asks if I ever read his document. Why did he ask now? Why did he call me an idiot? This document seems suspicious.' He thought."Big brother, let me read it" Mu Feng started."No need. Your job is done. Take a break now." Mu Liang shooed him out of the room.When Mu Liang finished his work, it was already lunch time. Everyone came to the dining room to have lunch.Mu Lin said, "I was thinking of planning on Xiao Liang and Xiao Feng's engagement party. It's my dream that I will plan everything." She was in a happy mood.Mu Liang replied, "I have no objection."Mu Feng beamed. "Of course, I would love to have my darling planning on it. I don't need someone else. Darling has the best taste."Mu Cheng said, "You have every right to do it, dear. They are your grandsons." He was happy too.Mu Jin and the girls agreed as well.Everyone talked about engagement and dresses. No one mentioned about the document. No one mentioned Jing Sheng.After lunch, Mu Lan and Qi Ying headed out before checking up on Jing Sheng's health. Her fever was still high. And Mu Liang went to Mu Cheng's study room."Grandmother approved it. She said that I needed your approval too." Mu Liang said calmly. He handed over the document.Mu Cheng smiled. "I told you that she would agree. Since she agreed to it, I have no objection." Mu Cheng opened the file and signed it without hesitation. "You could read it before signing." Mu Liang lightly said."There's no need. What my wife says is the absolute." Mu Cheng sealed it and gave it back to Mu Liang.Before leaving, Mu Liang turned back to his grandfather and said, "Don't take back what you said.""I won't." Mu Cheng said.Mu Liang left the room. He tightly hold the file in his hand.-----'Paradise' was Mu Lin's favorite parlor. She was gifted this ancient parlor when she married to Mu Cheng. She said that it was the best present her husband ever gave to her. She spent her times in this parlor a lot before her marriage. It was her precious place where Mu Cheng proposed to her.So she remodeled this parlor. But the name was as same as before.Mu Lan looked around and saw some aristocratic members in there. They were drinking, laughing, gossiping, some were dancing on the dance floor.Qi Ying took Mu Lan towards the bar and they sat around the corner. "Give us your best cocktail. It has to be sweet, but less alcohol." She elegantly ordered.Mu Lan faced towards her and said, "It looks like the same bar we were in Paris."Qi Ying answered, "All the bars are same. The only difference of this one is, those who have the premium cards only can enter here. It doesn't matter if the member is poor or rich. The thing which matters is the blue blood.""Was this rule made by grandmother?" Mu Lan inquired.Qi Ying thought for a while and said, "I guess so, since she owns it. Grandfather won't make the rules. he is too busy to think about this parlor.""She really cares of blue blood, doesn't it?" Mu Lan marked.Qi Ying nodded. "She does. She is from royal family after all. She was raised like one." She recalled her past. She was raised the same way too.'So there is a chance that grandmother might dislike mother-in-law since she (Jing Sheng) is a commoner.' Mu Lan thought.She asked Qi Ying, "What type of daughter-in-law your mother looked for your brother?"Qi Ying remembered her mother's words and answered, "Of course, from the same status. Aristocratic family really cares about blue blood, status and they have prejudice regarding commoners." "If that's the case, do you think grandmother will agree me marrying Liang Liang?" Mu Lan carefully asked.

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