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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 450: YOU DON"T LOVE ME ANYMORE

"Everything! Child, you can't let the mistress of the household cook. It is harmful. Those who dared to cook in the past, had terrible accidents. We have enemies everywhere. That's why your grandfather changed the rules." Mu Lin couldn't be mad at her favorite grandchild. So she used reasoning.'So that old geezer can change the rules but he loves his wife so much that he handed over the power to grandmother.' Mu Feng thought.He said, "I understand your concern. Than how about, cooking in the personal kitchen alone. That won't be a problem, will it?" Seeing that Mu Lin was hesitating, he desperately said, "Please darling, it has been so long that I don't eat your cookies. I love them so much. If you make cookies for me, I will make sure to come every month, promise."Mu Feng pestered Mu Lin in such way that she couldn't reject her favorite grandson."Fine, I agree with you. Make sure that you keep your promise." She said dotingly. Nothing she loves more than her grandsons being close to her.She was always pampered, and she wanted to be like that no matter how difficult it was for other person. When it came to affection, she wanted to have everything for her own."Darling, you are the best." Mu Feng said gleefully."Silly child, what is it about 'not bullying family members'? Who bullied the family members in this household in my care? What nonsense is this?" Mu Lin asked while frowning."It's that the maids were being rough with mother, so big brother sent a decree to the servants so that they don't dare to do such thing again, also it includes our girlfriends. I certainly don't want Ying being bullied." Mu Feng said thoughtfully. He didn't mention about Mu Lan and only mentioned slightly about his mother. He was just being careful."Why? Did something happened to my granddaughter?" Mu Lin inquired.Mu Feng shook his head. "Nothing happened to her. When big brother maid a decree, I thought about it and added it."Mu Lin thought for a while and said, "It's ridiculous to think that any servant will dare to bully my granddaughters. So there is no need for such rule about bullying."She wasn't worried about Qi Ying. She was thinking of Mu Lan. If she agreed with this act, then Mu Lan would be out of reach.Mu Feng made a puppy expression. "Darling, even if they don't, I'm talking about future here. When we won't be round, I don't think that the servants will be as good as they are now. Right now, they are under you. You are the best among the best to teach the servants. Thinking that, I planned all these. It's for the future. Please don't say 'no'." Mu Feng was always good at pampering others. Right now, his heart was beating so fast. He was overly excited and worried at the same time. He felt that, if he couldn't make his grandmother approve this new law of the Mu Household, there would be problem in future.Mu Lin felt helpless against this grandson of her. He was always this willful. "Child, I'm still thinking about the best outcome" "Darling, do you think I want the worst for this family? Do you think I can destroy your beloved family? Do you really think so?" Mu Feng seemed so heart broken."Child, that's not I mean-" Mu Lin started.But she was interrupted by Mu Feng. "I understand now. You don't love me anymore. You don't even trust me. Where is love then? There is no justice in the world. I guess I lost my most important person today." Mu Feng stood up and began walking towards the door.Mu Lin was speechless. She never saw this sort of expression on his face. Before she knew it, she said, "I understand, I understand. Child, come here. I'll approve it."Mu Feng turned his face towards her. "Are you sure?" He asked pitifully and yet carefully."I'm sure." Mu Lin confirmed."Will you approve it?" Mu Feng asked further."I will approve it." Mu Lin answered without hesitation."Will you sign this document?" Mu Feng asked the real question."I will sign this document. Wait Xiao Feng!" Mu Lin frowned."So you don't want to approve my decision. You don't believe in me. You don't love me anymore. You don't see me as family." Mu Feng clenched the place close to his heart and showed a painful expression.He continued, "Throw this document, if you don't want to sign it. I already know my place in your heart. This is the last time I'm visiting you all. Hope you have wonderful time in future with your beloved husband. All my prayers and wishes for you for eternity. In our next life, hope we can meet again in different situation."Mu Feng was truly a great actor. He showed his saddest, broken expression to Mu Lin. Even if it wasn't her, the other audiences would use all their tissues wiping tears and snorts. And Mu Lin felt that something in her heart was dropped. She didn't want to lose her beloved grandson for this tiny document. She cared nothing anymore. She stood up and hurriedly approached her grandson who was about to leave. She gripped his one arm strongly.She said desperately, "Xiao Feng, I love you more than anyone in this world. What can I do without you? But you are always this willful. What to do? I will sign the document. You can declare the new formation and regulations of Mu Family on your engagement party."Mu Feng kept silent.Mu Lin sighed. "Don't you believe me? See? I'm signing it now."From the corner of his eyes, Mu Feng saw that Mu Lin signed the papers and sealed it.Afterwards, she gave the document to her grandson. "Now, take it and show it to your grandfather. You need his approval too."

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