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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 449: CHANGE OF RULES

Furthermore, he needed to investigate the relationship between his mother and grandmother. Before he was done with his work, he couldn't let others meet her since he didn't know who would harm her.Hearing what Mu Liang said, Mu Cheng frowned and Mu Lin froze on the spot."Why can't we see her when she is sick?" Mu Jin asked."I heard from the maids that last night, mother attacked grandmother." Mu Liang finished his bacon.Mu Lin glanced at her grandson. Her eyes were sharp.Mu Cheng, Mu Jin and Qi Ying were stunned."What? Daughter-in-law attacked you?" Mu Cheng looked at his wife. His face became red."It's just a rumor, grandfather, don't worry about it. Don't you see grandmother looks alright?" Mu Liang said."Who dared to spout such nonsense? I never imagined that in Mu Family, servants would do something like this! They lack of proper training." Mu Cheng trembled in anger."Calm down, grandfather. I punished those maids for lying and sent a decree to the servants." Mu Liang finished his omelet.Mu Lin's eyes quivered as she heard it."You did a great job, Xiao Liang." Mu Cheng glanced at Mu Lin. "Dear, don't be upset anymore. I know why you were upset. You are the head of the household, but what Xiao Liang did was necessary. We can't let the maids have bad habits. We need to discipline them. If you lack of maids, tell Noel, he will take care of it."Noel was the Head Butler or Mu Castle. He was forty five years old. He was two years elder than Jing Sheng and four years younger than Mu Jin. He was also nephew of Head Butler Leo.Mu Lin smiled and said, "I'm not upset that I lost two maids. Noel will assign another two maids for me. We already discussed about it. But please don't worry about such trivial matter. Xiao Liang, you too. You are all men and you need to think about your work. Household is my domain. I'll take care of it."She skillfully skipped the part of being attacked My Jing Sheng. Mu Liang silently finished his meal.-----In the study room of Mu Cheng, Mu Liang was talking about some changes of the rules and regulations."Why are you talking to me about the household? It's your grandmother's territory. You should talk to her if you want some changes." Mu Cheng said."I know, but I need your support." Mu Liang replied."It's a reasonable request. Your grandmother will agree to it. Still, if you keep being noisy about household matters, your grandmother might get angry." Mu Cheng warned his grandson.Mu Liang nodded. "I know." He knew that he wouldn't get any help from his grandfather. Still he did it to let grandfather know so that he could come in handy in future.After he left, he gave the file to Mu Feng."That old geezer didn't agree! I knew it! He would never go against his wife. Boneless old geezer." Mu Feng frowned."I'm counting on you. Only you can make grandmother agree." Mu Liang said.Mu Feng said, "Leave it to me."Grandmother Mu Lin was knitting a new muffler."Grandmother-in-law, it's spring now. Why are you knitting muffler?" Qi Ying asked. Since grandmother was upset, she thought of accompanying grandmother.Mu Lin smiled. "It's still cold outside. I am planning on giving you and Xiao Lan mufflers."Qi Ying's face brightened up. "Really grandmother-in-law! Thank you very much. We will love your gifts for sure."Mu Lin noticed Qi Ying was hurrying while sewing a design. "You seemed to be in hurry. Do you have any plan in this afternoon?""Yes. Me and Xiao Lan are planning on going to your parlor after lunch. She wanted to go somewhere and I needed motivation for my new designs. Since it's a good place for my work, I invited Xiao Lan with me." Qi Ying politely answered.Mu Lin said, "Oh, really, that's good. Have fun you two. Do you like to drink often?"Qi Ying shook her head and said truthfully, "My tolerance isn't good. Not even Xiao Lan's. So we skip alcohol more than Xiao Su. Xiao Su always force us to drink.""You mean Yan Su, don't you? This child! How can she be so unladylike?" Mu Lin shook her head in helplessness.Qi Ying chuckled. "But she is a good person. I'm really proud of my friends.""You are a lucky girl, aren't you, Xiao Ying?" Mu Lin smiled at her."I'm really a lucky girl, grandmother-in-law." Qi Ying smiled."Call me grandmother. You are like my own grandchild." Mu Lin said lovingly.Qi Ying's eyes became teary. "Olay, grandmother."At that time, someone knocked the door and entered the room. Someone said, "Darling, you are here! And look, I've been looking for you for hours."Mu Lin dotingly glanced at Mu Feng. "This child, what do you need me for?"Mu Feng gazed at Qi Ying. "Ying, can you give us some grandmother-grandson time?"Qi Ying didn't think much. She smiled and said, "Sure." She got up and left.Grandmother Lin said, "Now, tell me."Mu Feng handed Mu Lin a file. "Darling, I made the whole plan by myself last night. I didn't have a wink of sleep. Please approve it, or I'll be bleeding to death."Mu Lin said, "Don't say such thing in future. You can sit down and have some cookies. I will read it right now."Ten minutes later, Mu Lin's face turned red. "Preposterous! What is the meaning this?" Mu Lin was beyond irritated. The file was about the changes of the rules and regulations of the Mu Household. Centuries' old traditions had been removed from here and placed with new types of rules. She couldn't let this happen. 'Over my dead body, they have to change the rules.'Mu Feng tried to coax his grandmother. "Darling, please don't get mad. I'm doing this not only for me, but also for others. Which point made you upset?"

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