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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 448: SHE WILL SURVIVE

"I'll arrange bodyguards for you two." Mu Liang said."Can't it be just me and Xiao Ying? I don't want bodyguards." Mu Lan pouted.Mu Liang smiled seeing her cute face and scratched her nose lovingly. "The time is not good. I'll assign two bodyguards, not more than that. They will contact me whenever it's needed. You two can have fun without caring about the world."Mu Lan sighed and said, "Okay, we will do that." She gave him a light kiss on the cheek and got up from the sofa. She went towards the bedroom and knocked lightly.Qi Ying opened the door and smiled at her. "Good morning Xiao Lan. Come in." When Mu Lan entered the bedroom, she saw Mu Feng gathering some papers."Brother Feng, you have so much works to do and yet you two are here. Are you sure you can handle all these?" Mu Lan asked.Mu Feng smiled and said, "Don't worry, sister Lan Lan. Our works are being handled in Paris by our assistants. Actually, we have some works in Italy. So we picked this month to take you and Ying with us." Mu Lan nodded as she understood. "Fine, if you need a hand, don't forget to ask me."Mu Feng pretended to cry. "Sister Lan Lan is the best."After he left, Mu Lan glanced at Qi Ying. "Aren't you bored staying here all the time?"Qi Ying sat beside her. "Actually, I have been working on new designs. But I wish I could go out for a while. I need inspiration."Mu Lan almost jumped. "Great! That's what I was thinking. Let's go somewhere today. I'm so bored in here. You have come here before. Do you have any suggestion?"Qi Ying thought for a while. "I know a good place. Whenever I was there, I got lots of new ideas. But this is not a place where I can go alone. We can go there together."Mu Lan showed interest. "Where is this place?""It's grandmother-in-law's parlor. All aristocratic members can enter that place. I have a membership card. You can come with me.""...Is it a safe place?" Mu Lan guessed that Qi Ying knew nothing about what happened last night, or she wouldn't have mentioned grandmother-in-law's parlor."Of course! And we are her future granddaughters-in-law. No one will dare to do anything to us." Qi Ying was pretty carefree. Mu Lan scratched her head. 'Even though I'm suspecting grandmother, it's not that she is my enemy. She seems to like me a lot. And Liang Liang already assigned bodyguards for us. Moreover, Xiao Ying has membership card. I hope there won't be any harm going with Xiao Ying, since she knows the place.' Thinking from every side, Mu Lan said, "Sure, we can go there after lunch.""Perfect!" Qi Ying was excited.-------In the breakfast table, Mu Lin was gloomy. She neither greet anyone nor did she talk.Mu Cheng was worried about his wife. She never made such expression before. "Dear, are you feeling sick?"Mu Lin didn't answer and had her breakfast silently.Mu Liang and Mu Feng stole glances. They didn't say a word either.Mu Lan began sweating. She never had such intense breakfast in her life. She drank her soup without lifting her head.Mu Cheng glared at Mu Feng. "Rascal! Tell me what you did to your grandmother."Mu Feng showed his most innocent face. "What did I do?""If you didn't do anything, why would my wife be so upset?" Mu Cheng argued."Damn! Are you really the one who took care of the company? Maybe it's your age which made you lose your brain." Mu Feng sneered."What did you say?" Mu Cheng was super angry."That's enough." Mu Lin spoke this time. She seemed more upset than she was before. Who did like argument in the morning?Mu Cheng's temper immediately melted. "Dear, what's wrong? Tell me what happened. I'll bring you justice.""I can solve my problems on my own. You don't have to worry about it." Mu Lin calmly said.She was the head of the household. She had the ultimate power. She didn't need anyone to bring her justice."You aren't sick, are you?" Mu Cheng asked. He was still worried."No." Mu Lin elegantly had her breakfast."Where is Sheng?" Mu Jin asked this time. He didn't see her after dinner last night.'Oh, now he recalls that he has a wife.' Mu Liang thought in his mind. He was annoyed but didn't show it."It seems that mother caught fever, so she is taking rest." Mu Feng replied.Mu Cheng, Mu Jin, Mu Lin and Qi Ying were all surprised. They didn't know when this happened."What? When? How is she now?" Mu Jin asked. Now he knew why she didn't came in the bedroom last night."She is recovering. You don't have to worry about her. She will survive." Mu Liang said this time."Xiao Liang, how can talk about your mother like this?" Mu Jin looked offended.Mu Liang gazed at his father and said, "At least, I'm the one who cares about her more than anyone in this household when she needs it."Mu Jin's tongue was tied. He felt embarrassment in front of his future daughters-in-law. He couldn't argue back since he didn't look for his wife when she didn't return by his side last night. He was the one who actually didn't care for her. Thus, he had no room to complain about others."I'll go and meet my daughter-in-law after I finish breakfast. Do you want to come with me dear?" Mu Cheng asked his wife."Certainly." Mu Lin sipped her rose tea."No one is allowed to enter my chamber as long as mother in sick." Mu Liang calmly said.His mother's pitiful expression was still in his mind. He couldn't take that scene off of his head.Since his mother couldn't get what was actually hers, there was no need for other's sympathy. His mother could live without others pity.

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