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"Certainly." Mu Feng called his two personal butlers and said, "Take her and another maid called Martha to the dungeon. And wait for me there."The maid became to scream in terror before one of the butlers hit her neck and she fainted.After they drag her out, Mu Feng glanced at his brother, "Big brother, why would grandmother do something like this? Mother only cooked and nothing else. No harm is done."Mu Liang narrowed his eyes. "There is so much to know about the relationship between grandmother and mother. I can collect the information. But the problem is""We cannot meddle into the business of the household." Mu Feng sighed."But we cannot let anything happen which is wrong." Mu Liang said. "If we cannot protect our love ones, there is no need of those annoying rules and regulation.""But how are you going to go against it? That old man is head over heels for his wife. He won't just seat around and watch.""We need to change some rules and regulations. I'll talk to grandfather. You can do your job. And about Jason, we need to move fast before he does anything. He already approached Xiao Lan."Mu Feng was angry. "That guy! I'll kill him for sure. But how does he know Xiao Lan?""Maybe he saw her with grandmother the other day. Or there is a mole in here." Mu Liang said."Don't worry. I'll take him down after I'm done with this work. If there is nothing else, I'm heading out. Goon night, big brother. Take care of mother while she is here." Mu Feng said."I will. Good night." Mu Liang said.After Mu Feng left, Mu Liang headed towards the guest room. When he opened the door, he saw that Mu Lan was covering Jing Sheng's forehead with a socked towel."What happened?" He got closer."Fever. I already gave her medicine. Hope she recovers soon." Mu Lan said. She was feeling sleepy but didn't let him see her tiredness.Mu Liang rang a ball close to the bed. In two minutes, Mu Liang's two personal maid came inside. They politely greeted, "First young master.""Take care of my mother. Don't let anyone come inside except for the two of us, Feng and his girlfriend." Mu Liang ordered. He then caught Mu Lan's hand and took her out.He was slightly angry at him father who knew nothing about it. A man is supposed to treat his better-half well. This was the moral Mu Liang believed in. However, his father was completely unaware of the sufferings his wife went through. Moreover, he was thinking of other woman."Are you sure that it will be alright for mother to let her be with them?" Mu Lan asked."They are my personal maids." He said. "Yes, but they are still maids of this household. I don't trust them after what I saw. They are still under grandmother, right?" She said.Mu Liang was silent for a moment and then he asked, "What do you think of grandmother?""I think she is very elegant, polite and respectable woman. But after what I saw tonight, I'm not sure. I need to find out who I right and who is wrong. Maybe it's a misunderstanding, maybe it's not." She shook her head. "Let me think about it tomorrow. I'm feeling sleepy."Mu Liang replied, "Sure. Go to sleep."That night while Mu Lan was sleeping in his arms, Mu Liang was awake. He couldn't understand where his calculation was wrong.Next day, Mu Lan woke up early. She looked at Mu Liang's side and found that he was gone. She got up from the bed and brushed her teeth. After taking a bath, she went to the guest room to see how Jing Sheng was doing.Jing Sheng still had a fever and her temperature rose at dawn. One of the maids already called the family doctor. He was none other than Dr. Lu who was father of Lu Feng. Lu Feng's father just left and Mu Lan entered the guest room. Seeing Jing Sheng was unconscious, she asked the maid, "How is she now?"The maid answered, "Young mistress's temperature went up at dawn. I called the doctor and he prescribed some medicine."Another maid entered the room with two boxes. Seeing Mu Lan she politely greeted her."What are those?" Mu Lan asked."First young master ordered me to bring young mistress's clothes and other's stuffs here. These are young mistress's clothes." The maid said.Mu Lan thanked the maids for the hard work making the maids flustered. She left the guest room to look for Qi Ying. She went to the other side of the castle and knocked Mu Feng's chamber.The door the opened immediately. Mu Feng was startled seeing Mu Lan. "Sister Lan Lan, good morning. How come you are here so early in the morning?" He let Mu Lan enter the room."I just want to talk to Xiao Ying. Am I intruding?" Mu Lan entered into the big drawing room with attached kitchen and bar. She liked it how homely it was. She found out Mu Liang was sitting in a large, comfortable sofa. Mu Feng answered. "Not at all. She is awake. You will find her in the bedroom."Mu Liang was surprised to see her here as well. "Why are you up so early? Did I wake you up?" He gestures Mu Lan to come closer. They slept late at night. So according to Mu Lan's system, she was supposed to wake up late.Mu Feng left them alone.Mu Lan sat beside him and put her head on his shoulder. "You didn't. I couldn't sleep anymore.""Breakfast will be ready within an hour. Are you hungry?" Mu Liang asked her gently."No, I just don't feel good in here, that's all." Mu Lan spoke truthfully. After last night experience, she couldn't breathe freely. She was already missing Paris, their home."Do you want to stroll around or want to go somewhere?" He asked understanding her feelings."That's what I want to decide with Xiao Ying. I'll take her with me." Mu Lan answered.

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