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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 446: THE PUNISHMENT OF LYING

When Mu Feng entered Mu Liang's drawing room, he halted on the track."Isn't she grandmother's personal maid? What's her business with you?" He asked feeling stunned.Mu Liang didn't answer him. He chillingly looked at the maid and said, "Now, tell us what happened in grandmother's room."Mu Feng blinked. He was momentarily speechless and asked seriously, "What happened?" He realized that something was wrong.The maid was shaking and her face was pale. She opened her mouth, "Young masters, I-I don't know much. Upon hearing that young mistress went to the kitchen and cooked personally, Madam Mu called out for her. But young mistress didn't heed to it and disobeyed Madam Mu. Madam Mu felt insulted but said nothing. When Young mistress came, Madam Mu ushered her out and wanted to talk to young mistress personally. From outside we heard young mistress angry voice and Madam Mu's scream. After we heard the bell was rang, we entered the room and Madam Mu ordered us to catch young mistress before she hurt her. Young mistress was acting unsightly and was screaming loudly. Madam Mu said that since young mistress was part of the family she wouldn't make any ruckus and ordered us to take her to the dungeon. When we were trying to take her, Miss Lan confronted us and then kicked Martha."Mu Feng almost chocked. "Martha? The older maid of grandmother? Sister Lan Lan kicked her for what?" The maid fidgeted before answering, "Miss Lan told us to let young mistress go but we weren't supposed to obey her since she is a guest. So Martha politely told Miss Lan not to interrupt them. Miss Lan was in rage and kicked to Martha hard.""Politely? I heard that Martha was speaking haughtily." Mu Liang's voice maid chill running down the young maid's spine.She stuttered, "I didn't lie, first young master." "Wait, where is mother?" Mu Feng asked worriedly. He couldn't imagine his mother in the dark, bloddy dungeon, even though he never had mother's love.Mu Liang's eyes narrowed as he heard the maid. Then he looked at his younger brother and pointed out to the guest room. Mu Feng immediately barged into the guest room.Mu Laing then opened him mouth. "Do you know what the punishment of lying to me is?"The maid didn't dare to look at him. She knew that he wasn't blindly threatening her. But she couldn't let him know the truth. She knew that Madam Mu wouldn't let it happen. More than being afraid of Mu Liang, she was afraid of Madam Mu.Mu Liang didn't talk anymore. He thought of leaving the maid on his younger brother's hand. He dialed a number and the Head Butler answered the call immediately. "First young master, how can I help you?" he politely said.Mu Liang ordered, "Come to my room." "Yes." The Head Butler immediately answered.Within five minutes, the Head Butler came inside. He looked at the maid standing in front of Mu Liang and then turned his head towards Mu Liang. He bowed respectfully and asked, "First young master, what can I do for you?""Tell me how my mother attacked grandmother." Mu Liang was calm."I didn't see anything, young master. I was out of the room and the door was closed." The Head Butler answered truthfully."You are the one who took mother to grandmother's room, right?" Mu Liang asked.The Head Butler nodded. "Yes, young master.""You are also the one who informed grandmother that mother cooked food." Mu Liang stated."That's right, young master. It's my duty to inform Madam Mu everything about the household." The Head Butler had nothing to hide from his young master. He was just a servant."When you entered grandmother's room after hearing the bell, did you see my mother hurting grandmother?" Mu Liang asked."I did not." The Head Butler replied.The maid looked at the Head Butler in horror.Mu Liang noticed her behavior. He questioned further, "What did you see?"The Head Butler replied, "Madam Mu and young mistress were standing. They were both flustered. Young mistress was screaming at Madam Mu and Madam Mu was getting more and more angry.""Was grandmother injured?" Mu Liang interrogated him.The Head Butler shook his head. "No, young master.""Was her clothes disheveled or torn?" Mu Liang wanted to know every details.The Head Butler answered without hesitation, "No, young master. Madam Mu was just like I have seen her before I left the room along with the maids before I took young mistress in Madam Mu's room.""Then, I can assume that my mother didn't hurt anyone. They just had a little argument. But grandmother was furious and unreasonably ordered to lock my mother in the dungeon. Right?" Mu Liang's eyes were deadly."Yes, young master." The Head Butler replied."You may go." Mu Liang told the Head Butler. When he saw that the maid was also leaving, he said, "Not you."The maid halted and didn't go anywhere.That's when Mu Feng came out of the guest room. His expression wasn't good. He head everything from Mu Lan. She told him what she saw."Feng, what is the punishment of the servants lying to their masters?" Mu Liang lightly asked.Mu Feng tried to recall. Then he answered, "Isn't it skinning them alive. My hands are itching to do that for a long time."Mu Liang glanced at him. "She is all yours." Then he stood up and was about to leave.The maid fell on the ground. Her face was ghastly pale. She cried, "First young master, I was wrong. Please forgive me. It won't happen again. I was only following Madam Mu's order." Then she paused before adding, "She is in the charge of the household. You cannot take me without her permission."Mu Liang glanced at Mu Feng and said, "I don't want to see her and the other maid Martha in front of me again in the future. Another thing, send the decree to the servants that no one is allowed to torture or lie or behave rudely the members of Mu Family including our girlfriends."

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