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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 445: I SHOULD HAVE KICKED HER HARDER

Her sharp eyes made the young maid flinch more. She hurriedly shook her head and immediately let go of the hand of Jing Sheng.

Mu Lan sat in front of Jing Sheng and took out that handkerchief from her mouth. She softly asked, "Mother-in-law, are you alright?" She sweetly cupped Jing Sheng's face.

Jing Sheng was stunned to see Mu Lan at first. And now that she rescued her, protected her, she hugged Mu Lan like it was the end of the world and cried loudly in her arms. Mu Lan tightly hugged her back. She patted Jing Sheng's head just like Mu Liang did to her.

Jing Sheng's loud cry echoed from one corridor to the other corridor in the late evening.

"What happened?" Mu Liang walked closer to them and looked worriedly at his mother and wifey.


The moment Mu Lan left the room, he threw his files aside and followed her behind. But there were lots of corridor and she walked so fast that, he lost her.

As he searched for her, he heard a heated argument and recognized Mu Lan's voice. Hearing her cold voice, he frowned and walked faster. When he reached his destination, he saw Mu Lan threatening his grandmother's personal maid and the maid let go of his mother who was on the floor.

He also saw Mu Lan hugging his mother and his mother cried loudly.

'What made mother cry like this?' he wondered.

As he got walked closer, he asked the Head Butler who was watching silently from the side. "What happened?"

Before the Head Butler could say anything, the middle aged maid cried out loudly. "First young master, you have to bring justice to this maid. I have been working here since I was born and I was never hurt like this in my life. Madam Mu never punished for anything. I was more loyal than a dog. Today, I was obeying Madam Mu's order and your guest kicked me in the stomach. It hurts so much that I almost fainted on the spot."

Mu Lan scoffed. "Then why didn't you faint? Where is your haughty attitude now? Crying for mercy when you see him?" She hugged Jing Sheng tighter.

Mu Liang gazed at his wifey. "Haughty attitude? Did she not talk to you properly?"

It wasn't time for her to be upset with Mu Liang. She almost forgot that she was mad at him a while ago.

Mu Lan frowned. "She told me that I was only a guest in here so I shouldn't interrupt in the family business. She sounded like I'm being noisy."

"Does your leg hurt? You sent the maid flying in the end of the corridor." Mu Liang was worried about her leg.

Mu Lan was dissatisfied. "If I knew that she was such a drama queen, I should have kicked her harder so that she could faint."

The maid didn't need another kick. She almost fainted when she saw that young master was worried about his girlfriend's leg not her stomach.

The Head Butler also saw how first young master doted on his girlfriend. He was worried about Madam Mu's decision.

Mu Liang's eyes turned colder. His eyes swept at the Head Butler and said, "Take her to the sock room and call the doctor."

"Yes, first young master." The Head Butler bowed and helped the middle aged maid to stand up and took her out of the sight.

Then Mu Liang sat on the floor and softly said to Mu Lan, "Let me take her." He swiftly took his mother in his embrace and carried her.

"Be careful, she is injured." Mu Lan warned him.

Mu Liang's eyes turned excessively cold as he looked at the younger maid and said, "Come with us."

The four of them walked towards Mu Liang's chamber. In his place, there was a guest room beside his bedroom.

Mu Liang took his mother there and put her down on the bed carefully. He began to check Jing Sheng's injuries.

As Jing Sheng was dragged forcefully, her arms had purple bruises, her dress was shredded in some places, her knees were slightly cut and the places were bleeding lightly.

Mu Lan turned on the heater and brought the first aid box from Mu Liang's bedroom.

"Mother, do you want to drink some water?" Mu Liang asked.

As Jing Sheng nodded, he filled a glass of water and let her drink.

It had been so long since her son was so close to her and cared for her. Her eyes turned wet again. Seeing her like this, Mu Liang's heart bleed endlessly.

Mu Liang let Mu Lan stay with his mother as he took a bowl and filled it with cold water and then soaked a soft towel and placed it on Jing Sheng's injuries. After he cleaned her injuries, Mu Lan put on some ointment and bandaged them gently.

"Mother, take some rest in here. No one is going to harm you in my place." Mu Liang said firmly and yet tenderly.

Then he moved towards Mu Lan. "Can you give mother a night dress?" He asked.

"Of course. I already brought one." She showed him a silk night gown.

He kissed her forehead. "Stay with mother. Don't go anywhere else."

Mu Lan nodded lightly. "Okay."

Mu Liang got out the room and closed it from behind. Then his gaze swept to the young maid who was standing in the middle of Mu Liang's drawing room.

Seeing him coming closer, she began to shudder.

Mu Liang raised his eye brow. He sat down and called Mu Feng.

Mu Feng was already upset as he couldn't taste his mother's cooked food. So he answered the called after it rang three times. "What do you want now big brother? I'm sleepy." He sounded offended.

If it was other time, Mu Liang would joke with him, but it wasn't the time. "Come to my chamber right now." Then he hung up.

Hearing his voice, Mu Feng realized that it was something wasn't right. He hurriedly closed his computer and walked to the other side of the castle where Mu Liang stayed.

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