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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 444: YOU ARE A GUEST

'This country girl thinks that calling me grandmother and calling that street woman mother-in-law will make her the mistress of the household. She can keep dreaming! How shameless of her! Just to keep in the position she kept pestering that country woman! Unbelievable! Who knows how many men did she seduce before she lost her memory? Maybe she got her memory back but she didn't tell others so that my grandchild can keep her out of pity. Disgraceful!' Mu Lin felt disgusted. She had to do something about this Xiao Lan. She couldn't let her grandson to marry this girl.'Greedy! They are all greedy! They only want to climb in the beds of moneymakers. Pathetic!'She recalled the girls who were desperate to cling into her husband, but she shooed them away. She hated those girls. She protected her husband from those filthy creatures. But she couldn't protect her son and grandson. She felt defeated.Her son made a great mistake. But she could still make her grandson turn back. There was still some time left before making an official announcement.She just had to tell her grandson and prepare some girls for him.She had to show who was in the charge of everything.That girl, Xiao Lan was nothing in the eyes of Mu Family.------Jing Sheng wanted to scream but her mouth was covered. Tears rolled down to her cheeks. She tried her hardest to take her hands away from those maids but their grips were too tight. She helplessly looked back at the Head Butler. She saw sorrow, guilt and something else that she couldn't think of.Jing Sheng didn't have time to think of it. She silently pleaded.The Head Butler couldn't take it and looked elsewhere. His heart was bleeding. He secretly prayed that someone would help her. Someone would give her happiness when others couldn't."Stop it right there!" A sharp voice made them halt in the corridor.Mu Lan strode towards them. She was so angry that her face became red. She couldn't take the fact that Jing Sheng was on the floor, crying for help as she was being dragging out.Mu Lan got closer and asked the maids coldly, "What do you think you are doing? Let her go." Her voice was calm and colder than the coldness of North Pole.The maids were Mu Lin's personal maids. They were serving Mu Lin for decades. So small fry like Mu Lan didn't make them flinch even for once."We are taking her where she belongs." One maid said. She was older than the other maid. Her grips tightened around Jing Sheng, making her flinch."Where she belongs? Taking her by dragging her on the cold floor? You are hurting her. Let her go." Mu Lan realized that they were ordered by someone more powerful than Mu Liang and that's why they could talk like that. She had yet to know whose maids they were.'Could it be Liang Liang's father? Could he do that to his own wife? Or grandfather? But he didn't seem like one. Or maybe it's grandmother.' She didn't want to think about it anymore. She could catch the culprit later."We are just obeying orders. Please let us through." Another maid said. She was a little rude making Mu Lan narrow her eyes.The Head Butler didn't say anything up until now."Whose order you are obeying? What did mother-in-law do?" Mu Lan asked for explanation."Young mistress tried to harm Madam Mu. Thank goodness that we were there and we hold her back. But Young mistress has mental problem. She was behaving like an animal and we had no idea what to do. According to the law of Mu Family, those who attack the members of Mu Family will be executed. Since young mistress was the wife of young master, Madam Mu decided to lock her up in the dungeon so that she can reflect on her own faults. We are just taking her to the dungeon." The older maid haughtily replied.Jing Sheng shook her head as she was held on the ground. As if tears weren't enough to make her miserable.Mu Lan didn't believe what the maid said. 'Dungeon? Are they human? And why would mother-in-law would do something like this if she wasn't provoked? Xue Lin already said that she just needed a little space and nothing more. She is practically fine.'Her voice turned colder as she spoke, "I will say for the last time. Let her go or I will hurt you like no one ever did."Her blood was boiling. She couldn't imagine for what reason Jing Sheng had to be tortured like this. She wanted to cut off the hands of the maids.This time, the maids were a little scared. Looking at her threatening vibe, they almost let go of Jing Sheng's hands. However, the first maid was older than Mu Lan more than twenty years. She glanced at Mu Lan with a stern look. If she gave in, she would lose her pride. "Young miss, you are a guest in this castle. Please act like one. Don't interrupt the business of Mu Family-"She couldn't finish her words before Mu Lan sent her flying in the end of the corridor."I did warn you beforehand, didn't I? You cannot blame me that I didn't." Mu Lan didn't care if that maid was older than her or not. She thought that this old maid didn't deserve her respect. For some reason, she felt better after kicking her. Some people really needed to know their places.The middle aged maid groaned in pain. The Head Butler was so stunned that he forgot to move. The older maid flied passed him and he could do nothing. It didn't mean that he didn't enjoy the show. The other maid who was younger was shivering in fear."Do I have tell you twice before you let go? Or you want to be kicked too. Are you a masochist?" Mu Lan asked the other maid.

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