Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 443: COMMON PEOPLE

Jing Sheng had dreams of her own. She tried to have some time with her sons, she wanted to feed them, she wanted to cook for them, she wanted to take them to the school, she wanted to play with them, she wanted to have some times with them.However, all her dreams turned into dust.She could never fulfill her dreams. She could only stay in the area of Mu Castle. She never went anywhere outside the area. She was imprisoned.She began to talk roughly to Mu Jin and always said, "You don't love me anymore. You don't care about me anymore."Once she threw tantrum. She wanted to go back to China. It was when Mu Jin went to China to look for the woman he loved. Jing Sheng didn't know anything. She just wanted to go back to her homeland. She wanted to a quality of time to spend with Mu Jin.The last blow to her was when Mu Lin gave her some evidence of Mu Jin cheating on her behind her back.Jing Sheng fell apart.From then on, she drastically changed.She was taught all the basic rules of Mu Family. She was also taught mannerism. There were lots of party every months and Mu Family represented nobility and royalty. However, she didn't care about those things. So she was taken to the dungeon and was locked there for days.If anyone asked for her, the Head butler would reply that Jing Sheng wasn't feeling well, so she was in her room and she didn't want to come out.The matters of the household were taken care by Mu Lin. Mu Cheng and Mu Jin would take care of business matters and underworld.At that time, Mu Family was in chaos. Betrayal, killing, kidnapping were daily matters.Who would care about a lonely woman?Jing Sheng's whole married life had been witnessed by the Head Butler, but he could do nothing to help her or to comfort her. He only obeyed Mu Lin. However, he didn't forget to give her meal without letting others know when she was locked up in the dungeon. He didn't forget to give her antidotes secretly so that she couldn't die while taking those herbal medicines. He didn't forget to meet a renowned psychiatrist to learn about Jing Sheng's mental condition.He knew that Jason Arnold wasn't helping Jing Sheng at all, he had other plans. Knowing all, the Head Butler couldn't do anything. What could he do?He was nothing but a butler. He secretly cared for Jing Sheng without anyone's knowing.When the maids dragged Jing Sheng out, the head Butler couldn't help but feel mortified. How he wished to take her out without hurting her.Mu Lin looked at him and said, "I leave everything to you." The Head Butler nodded and left the room.Mu Lin sighed loudly and leaned back on the chair. She closed her eyes. All of a sudden, she felt tired.All she wanted a happy family. She never expected this to happen.Since Mu Lin was born, she was never allowed to talk to the common people. She was always with bodyguards and other ladies of the same status. In the way to the school, she saw those uncultured people jeering at her. It would make her uncomfortable and uneasy. When she was with her friends and cousins, they would talk about how annoying, dirty, uncultured those civil people were.Mu Lin would ask Mu Cheng about it. He would just brush off her confusion about those street people. But he didn't forget to tell her to stay away from them.She would ask, "Why?"Mu Cheng would reply, "They are poor. They need money. They can do anything to obtain money. They are greedy. So you should be careful around them, or you might get kidnapped." Mu Lin would want to know more. She would ask her sisters about it. They would gasp and say, "Xiao Lin, you are so innocent. They abduct girls like us to sell us as slave. Not only that, they hurt girls and sometimes kill them. They are horrifying."Mu Lin grew up disliking the common people who were unruly, mischief. She stayed away from those horrifying creatures.Who would have thought that her playboy son who was always careful about certain things would make a girl pregnant who was a common pageant?Mu Lin was afraid. She was afraid that her family would be mixed up with the blood of uncultured people. Therefore, as soon as Mu Liang was born, she took away from the uncivilized woman.Her three grandchildren were very precious to her. She would gave in to their every request. She would give them the best things in the world.She was glad and relaxed to notice that they were just like her husband. They were intelligent, loyal, educated, civilized and cultured. It was good that they didn't get anything from their mother except for a tiny bit physical appearance. But Mu Lin let it go. At least things were under her control.Jing Sheng was exactly what she expected. She was unruly and uncivilized, like those street people. Mu Lin investigated her and found out that she was like those women her son slept with. So Mu Lin assumed that Jing Sheng was only after money.But then Mu Lin realized that she was wrong.Jing Sheng wanted husband, children everything to herself. She was too greedy.Mu Lin felt like that Jing Sheng wanted the authority of the Mu Household.Mu Lin would never let a common woman take her position. She waited for Mu Liang's girlfriend. She had a faith that her grandchild wouldn't disappoint her.However, she was wrong.Just like his father, Mu Liang chose another wild woman for himself.Mu Lin felt threatened. She felt that her household was going upside down in the future. She predicted that after she was gone, Mu Family would be destroyed by the common people.

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