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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 442: TO THE DUNGEON

Mu Lan let out a burp. She leaned back to the sofa and rubbed her belly. "That was so good." She lost count how many times she praised Jing Sheng's culinary skills.Mu Liang looked at her dotingly. He rubbed her head. "Do you want to take a stroll before you go to the bed?"Mu Lan nodded. "If I don't then I'll get fat."Mu Liang chuckled. "It will be good if you become fat. You are too skinny. Sometimes, I feel afraid that I might brake you.""Hmf, you only think about bed activities. You don't care about me at all." Mu Lan pouted.Mu Liang leaned closer. He whispered seductively, "If I didn't care about you, I would have ravished you every day, every night." He lightly bit her left ear.Mu Lan shuddered and held back her moan. With her red face, she glared at him and pushed him aside. "I knew it. You only think about bed activities."Mu Liang became speechless. He was trying to make her understand that he wasn't as horny as she thought he was. But it was backfired."I'm going out for a stroll alone." Mu Lan got up and moved out. She was really mad at that beast boyfriend of hers. "Beasty! Beasty Liang Liang!" She murmured in her breath. As she walked in the corridor in the late at night, she heard weeping sound of a woman. She halted on the spot. She walked fast to the origin of the sound and paused at the scene in front her. What she saw was unbelievable.------Mu Lin let out a laugh. "Xiao Lan has no background unlike Xiao Ying. She is just a normal girl, like you. To make it worse, she has no memory. Since she can tame my grandchild, who knows what she was in her previous life? I don't want my grandchild to be ruined because of a wretched child. Now that you understand, be a filial mother and make your eldest son understand that the girl he chose isn't fit to be the future mistress of Mu Family. You can leave. Don't spout nonsense like 'divorce' again."Mu Lin didn't care to look at Jing Sheng and began reading the magazine.Jing Sheng trembled as she stood there. "So you will make me a bad mother again and you will be a good grandmother."Mu Lin didn't answer her. She didn't care what a street woman talked about."You are a monster!" Jing Sheng felt hatred filling up her inside. She couldn't help but curse the woman sitting in front of her.Mu Lin lost her patience this time. No one ever cursed her before and now a uncultured woman dared to do that. She stood up in rage and asked, "What did you say? Say that again in my face. I dare you!" Her face turned red in anger."I said, you are a monster. I won't ever do what you tell me to do. I will open your mask in front of everyone. I will keep talking about divorce until I'm free from this monstrous family." Jing Sheng's whole body became stiff as she was showing her hatred.Mu Lin was trembling in wreath. She slowly spoke, "You uneducated, uncultured woman! You dared to call me monster! You even threatened me! I will show you where you belong." She clicked a button and the Head Butler and another two personal maids of Mu Lin came inside the room. Mu Lin instructed, "Keep her in the dungeon. Lock her up in the usual spot. If anyone ask you anything, tell that she got mad and tried to attack me. So according to the rules of Mu Family, she will be in the dungeon until she realized her wrong doings."The maids grabbed Jing Sheng's both arms and forced her to get out of the room. Jing Sheng was horrified. She recalled her time in the dungeon. It was dark and wet place. There was smell of blood everywhere. Thinking of that she shuddered tremendously and shouted, "You liar! You liar! You can't take me there! You cannot do this to me! I will unmask your true color! You monster!" "Shut her mouth. She is disgusting." Mu Lin coldly said. The Head Butler obeyed. With a dark face, he took out his handkerchief and gently put it inside Jing Sheng's mouth. He whispered softly, "I'm sorry mistress." His voice was full of guilt.The moment he was born, he was bound to serve the Mu Family. He obeyed Mu Cheng's mother in the past and now he obeyed Mu Cheng's wife. No matter how wrong they were and no matter how bad he felt, he had to do what he was ordered to do.It's true that Mu Family was famous for treating their servants the best, but the way they treated their family members, it was only known to the servants of the Mu Household. However, they didn't dare to spread the news. Jing Sheng was a lovely woman. When she came here, she was nervous and scared. But Mu Jin treated her well. Everything was good. But good times never lasted long.After Jing Sheng gave birth to Mu Liang, everything changed. Mu Liang was taken by Mu Lin and she took care of him. Jing Sheng wanted to hold her son but she was replied with, "You are weak. What if he falls from you hold him? Get well soon and you can definitely hold your child." However, Jing Sheng's weak body never was better. How could that be?Because in her herbal medicines, there was something which made her feel weak. Only head Butler knew everything who was the culprit. And then Mu Feng and Mu Chen were born. However, Jing Sheng could never take them in her arms.She tried to have some time with her sons, she wanted to feed them, she wanted to cook for them, she wanted to take them to the school, she wanted to play with them, she wanted to have some times with them.

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