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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 441: GIRL WITH NO BACKGROUND

After Jing Sheng vented everything, Mu Lin was stunned listening to all these. She knew that her son was a playboy but who wasn't? In Italy, men were all playboys and so were the women. However, she was lucky enough to be with Mu Cheng. Mu Cheng had only eyes for Mu Lin and no other else. So Mu Lin lacked of experience which Jing Sheng had.Thus, Mu Lin didn't understand that Jing Sheng was suffering. Even if she did, why would she care?Mu Lin snickered. She asked, "Fed up with 'this sort of life'. What do you want then?"Jing Sheng looked firmly in her mother-in-law's eyes. "I want divorce." Mu Lin felt like she was struck by lightning. 'Did I just hear right? Divorce?' "Impossible!" Mu Lin refused firmly. The only thing she cared about was Mu Family's reputation. Why would she care about a selfish woman who was mentally sick?"Why? I want to live happily. I deserve it. I want divorce because I want to be free from these stupid rules.""Stupid rules? Don't get too cocky since Xiao Liang is here. We are following these rules from generations to generations.""Following rules? You can take my children away, you can cook for them in your parental house, but me, I cannot cook for them when they are sick and when they ask me so that I can cook for them, I can do nothing. And you lock me up so that I cannot meet them and only you can stay beside them. You became the closest person to them and they went further and further away from me when I longed for them. Whose fault is it? Whose fault is it that my sons politely greet me when they see me and hug you when they see you? Whose fault is it that they don't even smile at me and happily talk to you? Whose fault is it?" Tears rolled down from Jing Sheng's cheeks as she screamed in the end."The moment I was kidnapped and was taken in here, I was a caged bird. I could only stay here. I cannot go to shopping mall, cannot got to amusement parks. I. I couldn't carry my children when they were small. I couldn't stay with them when they were sick." Jing Sheng wiped her tears. "It's all because of you. If it wasn't for you and you so called rules, I wouldn't suffer so much and my children wouldn't be deprived of mother's love." Mu Lin's blood was boiling. "What did you say? Because of me you suffered! Such insolent woman I've never seen in my life. Tell me, who will believe you? Everyone sees you as a mental disorder woman. You think that they will belief your lies?" "These aren't lies. These are the truth. If others don't believe me, I will tell Xiao Lan. She will believe me." Jing Sheng said.Mu Lin sneered. "I only wanted to be with my grandchildren. Was it too much? You think you can take them away from me? I love them more than you ever did! And Xiao Lan? Just because she called you mother-in-law, you think she will believe you? You are a fool!"Jing Sheng protested loudly, "I wanted to love them but you took my children away from me! And don't underestimate Xiao Lan. You don't even know her." Mu Lin raised an eye brow. She let out a mocking laugh. "So what if I don't know her? You think you know her better than I do? And so what she knows about you. What can she do? Xiao Liang will never listen to her. In his eyes, his family is first. He took the responsibility of whole family. You think that he will defy me after listening to a child who has no memory. She might to be at seducing my grandson, but there are more women who can be good in bed and can make my grandson happy."Jing Sheng was stunned at first. Then she said, "You are despicable."Mu Lin sneered. "I'm despicable! I think you are the idiot who doesn't know how to tame your man. You can't keep my son in your heart and you think he will love you for eternity? He loves playing with women and knowing that you went to bed with him. And now you complain? What right do you have to complain about my son when you are a street girl who drools over him just like rest of the women? And you want a happy marriage! Knowing your personality, how can I let my grandchildren to be with you?"Jing Sheng felt like her heart was shuttered into pieces. "If... if you despise me so much, why don't you let me divorce him?""I don't want to ruin the reputation of Mu Family. For a street girl like you, I had to listen to dirty words whenever I went to tea parties. I had enough of you. You better clear you head and stay away from your future granddaughters-in-law. That's the best thing you can do for yourself and the whole family." Mu Lin took the magazine from the table and opened it. It meant that the discussion had ended, Jing Sheng had to leave.Jing Sheng clenched her hands tightly. "So just like you treated me, will you treat Xiao Lan the same way?" She needed to know. She didn't want another Jing Sheng suffer here endlessly like her.Mu Lin let out a laugh. "Xiao Lan has no background unlike Xiao Ying. She is just a normal girl, like you. To make it worse, she has no memory. Since she can tame my grandchild, who knows what she was in her previous life? I don't want my grandchild to be ruined because of a wretched child. Now that you understand, be a filial mother and make your eldest son understand that the girl he chose isn't fit to be the future mistress of Mu Family. You can leave. Don't spout nonsense like 'divorce' again."Mu Lin didn't care to look at Jing Sheng and began reading the magazine.

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