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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 44: PET AND BODYGUARD

When Mu Lan woke up in the next morning she felt refreshed. She looked at the balcony door from where sunlight was greeting the room. She twirled her body as she got up. She freshened up and went downstairs. There she was Mu Liang sitting on the sofa while reading the newspaper.

There was a hot coffee mug on the table, she realized that he wasn't waiting too long. Mu Lan greeted him, "Good morning, Liang Liang."

Hearing her greeting Mu Liang looked up. Seeing her bright face, total opposite of last night he felt relieved. He also smiled at her and greeted, "Good morning."

As Mu Lan sat beside him, Mu Liang gave her a fashion magazine. She thanked him. Seeing him so relaxed, Mu Lan looked up at the clock, it was almost time for work. So she asked, "Liang Liang?"

Mu Liang looked up and smiled, "What is it?"

"Aren't you going to work?" Mu Lan asked.

"Actually today I've to go somewhere else. Someone is coming from New York. We'll head together."

Mu Liang dared not to say that he was going to visit the girls' dorm for her room decoration.

Mu Lan nodded, "Oh, okay." Then she looked at the magazine. She tried to cover he light blushing face. She thought the way she asked him it was like they were married couple.

Soon Head Butler came and greeted Mu Lan and told them breakfast was ready.

After they finished their breakfast, Mu Liang took her out. They went to the east wing where the vegetable garden was situated. There they saw a man in black t-shirt and trouser with black glass. He was with two German shepherd.

Seeing Mu Liang and Mu Lan coming, those shepherds started barking and ran towards them. Mu Lan froze on the spot. She wasn't afraid but still cautious.

First the shepherds jumped on Mu Liang and gave him some licking in his hands and they gave their attention towards Mu Lan. When she saw them looking at her suspiciously, she drew closer to Mu Liang. Seeing her discomfort, Mu Liang hug her waist and pulled her closer. Then he introduced her to them.

"Lan, they are Oscar and Lucy. They are husband and wife. Recently Lucy gave birth to twins, the girl is called Lola and the boy is called Noe. They are one month old. They came here today. I sent them to Italy, my family house when I heard Lucy was pregnant. My grandma loves Lucy. They seem unfriendly first. To make them friendly, you just have to kneel down, give them your sweetest smile and try to shake your hand with them."

As Mu Liang instructed her, Mu Lan knelt down and smiled a bit. She extended out her right hand.

"Grrrr." Oscar came between Lucy and her. He seemed very protective towards his wife.

"Behave." Mu Liang warned him coldly.

Hearing master's warning Oscar gave him a pity look then smelled Mu Lan's hand. 'She doesn't look unfriendly or a bad girl unlike those shameless hags who tries to seduce my master.' Oscar thought wise. Then he advanced his right leg to shake her hand. 'Huh, just because I'm shaking my leg with you, doesn't mean I trust you completely. If you want to stay with master I don't mind but stay out of my wife.' Oscar scoffed.

Mu Lan became very happy. She also shook her hand with Lucy.

When Mu Liang saw that they wouldn't be harm to her anymore, he looked at the man who was walking to them. That man in black came closer and bowed to him.

Mu Liang told Mu Lan, "He is Hugo Muller. From now on he is your personal bodyguard."

Mu Lan was surprised. "I don't need bodyguard." She protested.

Mu Liang smiled at her, "I don't have to remind you what Feng told you, do I?"

Mu Lan remembered what Mu Feng told her before he left. She gulped. "No, you don't."


Feels great when my Lovely Readers smile reading my novel.

I'm sorry that I didn't publish it earlier. I had a class so I was in hurry. Now when I checked, I saw it was in draft, not published yet. :(

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