Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 439: FOOD

To appease Mu Lan, Mu Feng had to beg his mother to cook another bowl of chicken soup in the evening. He looked very pitiful and said, "Mother, sister Lan Lan liked your chicken soup so much that, her taste buds cannot taste anything else. She is vomiting no matter what type of food she was eating. She is only mumbling your name. Maybe she is longing for your cook. Her mother died when she was two. She looks so pitiful. Seeing her like this, even big brother stopped eating and was sitting quietly beside her. It was so heart wrenching that I cannot bare it anymore. Mother, please cook her some food."Jing Sheng was having evening tea peacefully at her own room. Hearing from his second son that Mu Lan acting like that she was surprised. "Ah, that bad? Why didn't you say so earlier? I can cook as much as she wants." Again, someone fell for Mu Feng's trap. His acting skill was truly top notch.However, he could only envy his sister Lan Lan right now.Jing Sheng thought of herself. When she caught fever in the past, she always wanted to have spicy food. But doctor, cook, Mu Jin and the elders didn't let her have spicy food worrying that she might have stomach pain. She who loved spicy food had to force herself to change her habit. After coming in Italy, she never tasted spicy food.'She might like spicy food.' Jing Sheng thought.So she went to the kitchen again and began ordering people to prepared ingredients. They didn't have any spicy dish flavor. So Jing Sheng order a servant to buy spicy dish flavors from supermarket.No one dared to disobey the mistress of the household. However, the Head Butler was the right hand-man of grandma Mu Lin. He sent the news to the elder woman.Mu Lin was surprised to hear that in the castle Jing Sheng not only went to the kitchen but also wanted to cook spicy food. 'Since when did this child become so willful?' She wondered. She didn't want Jing Sheng to break the rules and regulation of the household since the future granddaughters-in-law were here. It would be bad for the household, if they also broke the rules in the future.So she summoned Jing Sheng.Jing Sheng didn't go upstairs right away. Making her mother in-law wait, she finished her cooking, went to the upstairs to deliver the food personally. Seeing Mu Lan on the bed, laying down, and soaked towel on her forehead, Jing Sheng felt sympathy for her. She said, "When I had fever, I always wanted spicy food, but after I came here, I never had any. I especially cooked spicy food for you. I hope you will like it." Her voice was soft as if she was coaxing a child.Mu Lan who never had a mother's love, felt unimaginable happiness and yet sadness. Those paradoxical emotions overwhelmed her so much that she forgot to thank her.However, Mu Liang didn't forget to do that on Mu Lan's behalf. "Thank you mother. I wonder if Feng is jealous. He never ate your cooked food while he had fever."Jing Sheng chuckled. "I will cook for both of you. Just don't finish her food out of jealousy." Then she looked at Mu Lan in concern and said, "Her fever turned worse. Did doctor came and checked her? How come she isn't recovering?"Mu Liang, "Er.." He never lied to anyone. How could he do that right now? It took years of practice for Mu Feng to lie without batting eyes. Could Mu Liang do it?And Mu Lan was acting like a muted fever patient. If now she talked, Jing Sheng would be suspicious. Mu Lan couldn't even bit her lower lip seeing her beloved man was hesitating to answer."Mother, doctor visited and prescribed medicine. But sister Lan Lan doesn't like medicine so she didn't take them. We didn't have the heart to force her since she was vomiting no matter what he ate." Mu Feng came on the right time to rescue.Mu Liang and Mu Lan sighed in relief secretly.Jing Sheng believed in her second son once again and said, "Now that I cooked spicy food for her, I don't think she will vomit. Spicy foods don't make people feel nausea. Take care of herself. I have some things to do." Afterwards she left. The Head Butler followed her from behind.When both of them were out of sight, Mu Feng closed the door silently from the inside and Mu Lan jumped off of the bed. "Let me taste them." She smelled delicious scent the moment the food entered. As she ate the spicy prawn pasta, she made a "Yuumm" sound, making the other two almost drool."It's so good." Mu Lan kept praising Jing Sheng's culinary skills. She took a piece of lamb meat and chewed while closing her eyes.Mu Feng couldn't take it anymore. "Sister Lan Lan, I did a huge favor for you. Let me have some too." Mu Lan didn't even look at the person who spoke just now. "In your dreams." She sipped the chicken soup.Mu Feng couldn't believe how heartless Mu Lan became. "But I helped you. You can't do this!" "Compensation. Have you forgotten?" Mu Lan took a fried prawn in her mouth."One bite would be enough." Mu Feng pleaded."Are you a pig?" She ruthlessly shut Mu Feng's mouth.'Who is the pig here? Are you kidding me!?' Mu Feng didn't dare to say that out loud.Mu Feng looked at his big brother thinking he might help him, but he should have known. Mu Liang not only didn't help him, but also glared at him.'Why are you drooling over my wifey's food?' Mu Liang's eyes clearly said that.Mu Feng felt a pang of pain in his heart. He sighed painfully and retreated from the room. He couldn't stand the scenerio anymore.

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