Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 438: HER JUSTICE

"But if we don't finish it, mother would think that you didn't finish it. She would feel upset. Rather than throwing the meal, we just finished the whole bowl. We cannot throw such delicious dish, since we never ate her cooked food before." Mu Liang defended him and his brother. He acted as if he didn't want to finish the bowl of chicken soup. he was abide to eat it. He pretended to do a huge favor for Mu Lan.Mu Lan forgot to wipe her tears. She gaped at Mu Liang. "What? Never?""Never. That's why Feng was quite jealous of you." Mu Liang carefully wiped her tears with his thumbs as he spoke.Mu Lan was feeling lighter as she shared everything with Mu Liang. She let out a goofy laugh. "Hah look, I'm the most genius person in the world. No wonder you guys never won your mother's heart. I am the first one to do it." But then she frowned. "But you two thieves finished my trophy. Now I have to punish both of you.""You can just tell mother that you want to eat more of her food. Maybe you can take another day off and tell that you still have fever." Mu Liang suggested.Mu Lan bit her lower lip. "But why did she never cook for you? She is a good mother. A mother always want to cook for her children, right?" Mu Liang sighed. "In our household, none other than cook himself can cook food. Mistresses of the household are forbidden to go to the kitchen. You are not allowed either.""Why does your family have such rules?" Mu Lan was stunned."Because both my grandfather and father care about their wives and that's why they don't want grandmother and mother to burn their skins or cut their fingers in the process. And of course, I feel the same way." Mu Liang confessed.Mu Lan rubbed her head with her fingers. "Oh dear! So you never had you grandmother's food then."Mu Liang took off her hands off of her forehead and instead he rubbed her forehead gently. "We actually did. When grandfather was out of the city, grandmother would take us to her family house and cook for us. It was only when Feng asked for it. Grandmother never let Feng down. She doted on him the most." "Then why did mother-in-law break the rules this time?" Mu Lan was curious.Mu Liang let out a small chuckle. He turned on his laptop while saying, "Feng took the surveillance footage of the kitchen and sent it to me. Let me show it to you." After he played the video, both of them saw the scene unfold in front of them. In the kitchen, everyone was busy. Suddenly there was a commotion. Jing Sheng came inside the kitchen and ordered the cook to free a stove for her.The cook and other maids were terrified. Someone went to call the Head Butler. The Head Butler came and politely asked Jing Sheng to leave.Jing Sheng glared at him and sternly said, "How dare you to tell me what to do? My daughter-in-law is sick and I personally want to cook her a bowl of chicken soup. I dare anyone to stop me from what I'm going to do!" Not only the Head Butler but also the rest of the servants became astounded and speechless. For the first time in their lives, they saw this quiet woman who never looked at anyone in the eyes actually glared and threatened them. They weren't sure how to take this development, positively or negatively.Henceforth, none of them dared to stop Jing Sheng as she cut a chicken by herself skillfully and cooked a delicious soup. As Mu Lan kept watching the screen, her heart was filled with warmth. 'She called me daughter-in-law. She called me daughter-in-law.' She was never been this happy before. It was actually amazing when someone acknowledged other person as his or her own family.Mu Lan covered her cheeks and said, "Oh! I am so happy. She called me daughter-in-law. She approved me as your wife. I feel like crying."Mu Liang silently saw her being gleeful as she was mumbling on and on. He couldn't help but smile as well. He diverted her attention hundred percent."Okay, give me another onion tonight. I'm going to pretend like I'm sick so that I can have more cooked food from mother-in-law." Mu Lan began calculating.Mu Liang leaned forward to kiss her lips. Just then Mu Lan said, "Oh, I remembered something! Though your bodyguards followed me today, they didn't enter the restaurant I was in. While I was eating someone called Jason Arnold came and interrupted my meal. He called himself a professor of Fine Arts on University of Milan. He was trying to take me to somewhere with him. Oh, another thing. He actually dared to try hypnotism on me. Too bad for him that he couldn't."Hearing the name Jason Arnold, Mu Liang's expression darkened. "Did he do anything else to you?" "Of course he did! I ordered so many food and wanted to devour them slowly but he had to eat half of it. As he finished half of my meal, I made him pay half for the meal as well. Huh, why is everyone trying to steal my meal today? First you and brother Feng and then him. Unbelievable! Is today a curse day or something?" As Mu Lan kept pondering about it, Mu Liang didn't know whether he would cry or laugh."How about it? I'll take you to the most romantic place in Italy for a week. You can eat and buy whatever you want to." Mu Liang suggested a proposal.Mu Lan's eyes gleamed. "Really?" She loved traveling. Mu Liang rubbed her head affectionately. "Really. Now, can you please forgive me for eating your chicken soup?" She smiled. "Without a doubt. But what about brother Feng? He ate my portion too." Mu Lan wanted justice.Mu Liang was speechless.

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