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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 437: IMPORTANT MEETING

Mu Lan soon reached at Mu Castle and used the backdoor to go inside. Mu Liang already showed her a secret passage to go back and forth so that she didn't have to face Jing Sheng under any circumstances. She went straight to Mu Liang's room and saw Mu Liang having a live meeting with the board of directors of Mu Corporation. Hearing German language, Mu Lan didn't have to guess which branch Mu Liang had meeting with.She didn't want to disturb him but just looking at him all the information she had read from the file came to the surface and she recalled her picture of a five years old child who looked so empty. A mix of emotions flooded in her heart.Feeling fear, sadness, and loneliness, Mu Lan dragged her body towards Mu Liang who was sitting on the sofa. She sat on the sofa as well. However, she didn't want to show her face to the board of directors, so she kept a safe distance from him.The moment she entered the room, Mu Liang glanced at her. Reading her expression, he realized that what she found out wasn't a good experience. Looking at her broken state, he felt a pang of pain in his heart.How could a person feel good after knowing that he or she was a lab rat in the past?When she kept a distance from him as she sat down, he couldn't help but reaching out his left hand and pulled her towards him. He put her head on his lap as he continued the meeting.Mu Lan fidgeted at his sudden movement, but soon she relaxed her body. She turned her face towards him so that the directors couldn't see her face and then she closed her eyes. Sensing his warm body, she felt secured and for some unknown reason, she began thinking, 'Why haven't I met him sooner?' Her eyes filled with tears. Slowly droplets of tear rolled down from her eyes and steadily soaked Mu Liang's pants.The boards of directors of Mu Corporation in German branch were sweating. They never had such stressful meeting in their lifetime. They were having a peaceful meeting. Suddenly their boss was distracted and then a little beauty was held by their boss and currently she was trying to sleep on their boss's lap.She had the same feature of the girl whom their boss carried in the office while wrapping her with comforter. Although, they were in the meeting, they could hardly concentrate as their minds were full of recent rumors about their boss killing an employee in Paris as she got drunk and confessed her love to him.'Boss must be very angry when he heard her confession. After so long, he got himself a girlfriend, who told that drunkard woman to confess her love? No wonder boss was furious. Look at this woman. How delicate and beautiful feature! Only such woman could stand by our boss's side.'That was they were thinking when they were having an important meeting.Thinking about their future lady boss was also part of the 'important meeting'.The meeting was almost end, that's when Mu Liang felt that his left side of the pants was getting wet. He realized that she was crying."Meeting is adjourned." Mu Liang immediately ended the meeting and turned off the laptop, making the board of directors speechless.'Boss, it was almost the end of the meeting. All we need is your approval. Couldn't you just show us some mercy?' They could cry and complain, but all in their minds, not out loud.As the employees cried, their boss Mu Liang hugged the woman dearly and asked her with concern, "What happened? Was it that bad?"Mu Lan nodded but didn't say anything else. She tightly clenched his shirt and wept soundlessly."Do you want to share with me?" Mu Liang didn't want to force her. He was curious and at the same time, he wanted to bear her sorrow too."It was really bad" Mu Lan started telling everything she read and she didn't hide anything from him.As Mu Liang heard the whole story, his fists were clenched and his blood began boiling. He promised then and there that he would kill those who made Mu Lan suffer when she was only a child.The part which made him feel tons of pain was "I didn't feel like a human at all. I was almost like a lifeless doll." He hugged her closely and repeatedly kissed her face. "Don't feel bad anymore. It's all in the past. You have me now. You won't suffer like that in the future.""I wish I met you sooner." Mu Lan hugged his thigh as she mumbled.Mu Liang heard her and whispered, "I'm sorry that I couldn't meet you sooner. But I wonder if I did, you would actually look at me or not. Maybe you would avoid me."Mu Lan thought of that and smiled lightly. "Yeah, I think I wouldn't."Mu Liang changed the topic skillfully. He didn't want her to feel bad anymore. Seeing her cry would make his heart ache. "Have you had lunch?""I did. I invited my brother too, but he wanted to keep low profile. So he didn't join me." Mu Lan replied.Mu Liang told her, "After you left, mother cooked chicken soup for you. As you were out, Feng and I finished the whole bowl. It was delicious. Looks like mother really cares about it. It's a good thing. I think you don't have to work hard to win her over-"Mu Lan sat up and interrupted him. "Wait, wait, wait. What did you say? Mother-in-law cooked for me chicken soup and you and your brother ate it all? Couldn't you just leave my portion?""But if we didn't finish it, mother would think that you didn't finish it. She would feel bad. Rather than throwing it, we just finished the whole bowl. We cannot throw such delicious dish, since we never ate her cooked food before." Mu Liang defended him and his brother.

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