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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 435: REMOVE THE EXISTENCE

Mu Lan closed the file. Her head was getting dizzy. She gave the file to her brother. "Burn it." She said.Her brother looked at her in astonishment. "Don't you want to show it to brother-in-law?"Mu Lan calmly looked at him. She pointed out her head. "Everything is safe in here. I will tell him, but, this file is dangerous. We need to remove its existence." She also handed over her blood test result. "And so it is.""I get it." He sighed. "I wanted to burn it the moment I finished reading it. But I wanted you to know about it. When I finally found you, you already lost your memory.""Mom is with you, isn't she?" Mu Lan asked. Her eyes didn't leave his.He was startled at her question and then chuckled. "I wish she was." His tone carried sadness.Mu Lan frowned. "What do you mean?""She died when she gave birth to me, Lanie." He replied. His eyes were filled with sorrow.Mu Lan was shocked. Her heart suddenly became empty. "How is that possible? Who raised you then?"He answered. "My foster parents. They are detectives. They found me at the door of their house. In the surveillance camera they found a man put me there, but they never found that man. He just vanished from the country." He glanced at her sister and said, "But I had a wonderful childhood, unlike you."Mu Lan thought of it and bit her lower lip. "I wonder how I ended up in Japan." "Beats me." He shrugged."Are you sure that mom died?" Mu Lan asked again. She didn't want to believe that her mom really died. She just had a tiny hope that she was alive."I'm certain since my foster parents looked for the information where I was born. I was born in the First Hospital." He said. His eyes glinted.Mu Lan saw that. She asked, "Is there something wrong with that hospital?""It belongs to the Li Family." He chuckled."Li Family, the man I was in love with, that family?" She asked.Her brother jumped out the machine as he stood up. "Wow! You know that much! Why did brother-in-law tell you all these? What did you threaten him with?""I told him that I will break up with him." She answered lightly."No wonder he told you everything. But I bet he doesn't know as much as I know." He said."No, he doesn't. So I need to get my memory back. But, my head hurts when I try to recall anything." She frowned."You are too stubborn. Fine, do whatever you want. But don't force yourself. Your head might heal but you still have to be cautious." He warned her.Mu Lan smiled. "Sure." She stood up as well and walked towards the door. "I'm heading out. I have to grab some lunch. Are you hungry?"He smiled. "I wish to have lunch with you, however, brother-in-law put two bodyguards behind you and they are close. I don't want to show my face to the public yet."Mu Lan stopped at her track and turned around to face her brother. "I saw them too. So I'm going. Take care of yourself. And don't forget to burn them before you leave.""No problem." He smiled.Mu Lan smiled as well and turned around to leave. "Goodbye, Jonah."Mu Lan's brother was dumbfounded. "You knew my name? How long?"Mu Lan smiled. 'A liar needs to be punished.' Thinking that she left without answering Jonah's question.After she got out of the warehouse, she took a deep breath and released slowly. Afterwards, she got inside the car and drove to the nearest restaurant.After she ordered food, she took out her cell phone and called Xue Lin.Xue Lin answered right away. "I never thought that you would call me at this hour. It's disturbing." The way she said it, it seemed like her mouth was filled with food.Mu Lan giggled and said, "Sorry that I disturbed you when you are eating. I have a question."Xue Lin replied, "Then what are you waiting for?"Mu Lan said, "I asked Liang Liang about the psychiatrist who was giving therapy to his mother. But he avoided the question. I think something is fishy. Don't you think she would completely recover after getting therapy all these years?"Xue Lin chewed down her food and replied, "Umm it depends on both the psychiatrist and the patient. Sometimes, even a psychiatrist cannot do anything if the patient has no desire to recover. Then again, if a psychiatrist doesn't want to help the patient, the psychiatrist could delay the therapy. A normal person cannot understand if the psychiatrist is actually doing his job or not." Mu Lan thought for a while and commented, "I think that Liang Liang's mother wants people to approve her and give her freedom and the right to live on her own." "Then, there is a problem with the psychiatrist, not his mother." Xue Lin said."I think Liang Liang already knows that the problem lies with that psychiatrist." Mu Lan frowned."Of course he does. Who do you think he is? And that's why he wants you to keep away from danger, so don't do anything stupid. I don't want to be disturbed when exam is going on." Xue Lin said flatly.Mu Lan laughed heartily. At that time, her lunch was served and so she hung up.She was eating slowly and someone came to her."Mademoiselle, excuse me for disturbing you while you are having lunch. May I join you? I have something to discuss with you." A voice said.Mu Lan was having a heavenly lunch. She looked at the person who was talking to her and saw a middle aged man. He looked respective and dignified. He was an Italian man. He had a handsome feature. His eyes were sharp.Mu Lan had food in her mouth, so she only nodded in approval.

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