Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 434: THE LAB RAT

'Elixir, the most powerful medicine in the earth, which has the ability to cure any disease and can bring people back from death. It is in my blood! Why is that? How is that possible?' She looked at her brother in disbelief."...You are kidding." That's what Mu Lan said in the end.However, her brother didn't seem like kidding. His expression was serious. "Do you think that I will risk my life to steal your blood test result just for joke?""It doesn't seem right. Why would I have such thing? And how do you know about it? Does it have any connection with the lab rat thing?" Mu Lan asked. "Well I didn't know about it either. I accidentally found about it two years ago. I was in a mission in Japan. It was about an illegal research center. I got this file from there." He handed her another file. It was a large and old file, brown in color. The only thing which was written in there in black color was SUBJECT HL12051999-01."HL means Hua Lan and the number is date I guess. 12 April, 1999 to 2001. So I was there for two years." Mu Lan commented."You are right. I found this file in a glass case. I got curious and looked into it. Then I realized that this file belongs to you. Talk about shock. There must be some video records too but I destroyed the whole building before I left. So there shouldn't be anything else." Her brother said."In Japan. Why would I be in Japan?" Mu Lan asked herself in a low voice. She opened the file and saw a picture of a five years old child. Just by looking she could tell that it was her.Five years old Hua Lan wasn't what she imagined. She was stoic. There was a grumpiness in her. She looked lonely and sad. But in her eyes, there was no fear. There was resolve.What kind of resolve, Mu Lan couldn't tell.She saw how pitiful and skinny she was when she was a child. Tears began to form in her eyes but she closed her eyes. She didn't want her brother to see her tears.However, her brother seemed to understand something. He hugged her from the left side and said, "That's why I didn't want you to know about your past. I don't actually know how did you ended up there and how you were rescued. Or maybe, you escaped by yourself. I want to know badly, but, I fear that you will be sad again."Mu Lan didn't respond to him. She carefully looked into the information.Name: Hua LanAge: 3 and halfSkin Color: pink/rosyHair: hazel tree (dark brown)Eyes: black, transparent/clearLips: rosy pinkBody: slimDate of Birth: unknownFather's Name: unknownMother's Name: unknownGuardian's Name: unknownMu Lan bit her lower lip. 'No information about my parents here.'She turned over the page and saw the description how she came in the research center.Apparently, this Japanese research center was looking for a child to experiment their new invention. Hua Lan was accidentally found in the street by one of the doctors who were working on this project. The doctor took her in the research center and began research on her body.The researchers were pleased as they found out that they got themselves a genius. In two months, she was given nutritious foods and she was learning how to speak, how to read and how to play with musical instruments.Two months later, she was taken to the laboratory and there she was injected with blood which had HIV. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, the incurable disease in the world.She was left with this virus in her body and still she was being educated. But as her health was deteriorating, her progress was slow.A year later, she was given their new invention. They weren't hundred percent sure if it would work, since she was the first lab rat, but they still gave it a try.It was called elixir.In two days, Hua Lan became healthy and her her progress became better. The researchers took her blood sample and discovered that she was completely healed. Not only she was cured from the most incurable virus, she brain was also working better. Therefore, they planned on testing her capability. They taught her different languages, gave her music lessons, Kung-fu lessons.Surprisingly, it took her two months to learn the most ancient languages including Latin and Ancient Greek, she could even write fluently in those languages. It took her a month to learn how to play piano, violin, cello, flute, zithar, ehru and guqin. She could even paint at that age. It took her three months to learn Kung-fu. Even her body became stronger in less then two months where it took Kung-fu masters years of practices.Seeing her ability to learn so fast, they let her use computer. She still had no idea what it was, but it became her favorite thing. She played with it day and night. And one day, she hacked the security system of the research center.It created a huge ruckus at that time among the researchers. But everything was hidden in the research center.The researchers took every note of her behavior. No matter how much she learnt and played with instruments, she never showed her emotion. She never cried, never smiled, never threw tantrum, never got mad, she was never scared. She was like a robot.So the researches planned to cut her brain and to see what was in her brain. In other words, they wanted to experiment her brain.But that's when something happened. Hua Lan escaped from the research center. She got help from another girl who was also injected with elixir too. But that girl had some kind of ability unlike normal human being.There was no information about her in the file. It was only mentioned that the girl help Hua Lan to escape from the hell.The researchers sent their rescue team to find their lab rat, but that little girl called Hua Lan was never found in Japan.

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