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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 433: SOMETHING IN YOUR BLOOD

"I'll use the back door. Thanks for the onion. I'm going. Bye." Mu Lan swiftly gave Mu Liang a kiss on his left cheek and left swiftly.Last night, both of them planned how to meet her brother since Jing Sheng always kept Mu Lan busy. So Mu Liang gave her onion to increase her temperature so that she could fake her fever and could get out of the castle.After she left, Mu Feng knocked the door. "Big brother, are you busy?""Come in." Mu Liang replied. He was looking out of the window. The sky was clear."I heard that sister Lan Lan is sick. Mother asked me to give her a bowl of chicken soup." Mu Feng put a bowl of chicken soup on the table. "Guess what? The soup is made by mother." He grinned and looked around. "So, where is the patient?""She went out." Mu Liang replied nonchalantly. His eyes turned towards the bowl of soup and he smiled. 'She is going to regret not having it after she gets back.' He thought."Went out?" Mu Feng was puzzled. "Don't tell me that she is just acting! Is she tired of working as an errand girl already?""She went out to meet her brother." Mu Liang told him everything."What?! Why am I the last one to hear such juicy news?" Mu Feng felt great disappointment. Not only he didn't know about Mu Lan knowing that she had a younger brother, he also didn't know that Mu Lan's blood test result was stolen and it was actually done by her younger brother. He was too busy to be with his grandma in the day time and girlfriend at the night time and hardly cared about other things."We will find out everything eventually. However, last night Xiao Lan was asking me about Jason." Mu Liang said.Mu Feng blinked. "Jason? The psychiatrist who was giving therapy to mother? Why?""She finds him suspicious. I distracted her last night. But after she solves her own problem, she might ask about him again." Mu Liang replied.Mu Feng shook his head helplessly. "If Sister Lan Lan wanted to, she could become the greatest detective like Sherlock Holmes. We just made a trap and waiting for him to fall into it, and now sister Lan Lan is being nosy. We can't let them meet. Otherwise, who knows what will he do?"Mu Liang shook his head. "No need to worry about it. I already sent two of my bodyguards to follow her everywhere. Even if they meet, he cannot do anything." He looked at the bowl of soup again and said, "Bring me the soup. Let's finish it."Mu Feng grinned. "It will become cold when sister Lan Lan comes home. Better we finish it together."While two brothers were devouring their mother's cooked chicken soup, the one, who should be actually eating it, was driving the car. As Mu Lan was driving, her cell phone was giving her instruction where to head.She stopped her car in front of an empty warehouse and looked around carefully before she get off of the car.She knocked the metal door and waited for a reply. After thirty seconds of no reply, she pushed the door and with a growling sound the heavy metal door slowly opened.It was noon. The sun was over the head. From the holes of the wooden ceiling sunlight went through inside and the large empty warehouse was could be clearly seen. Several metal engines were here and there. There was a smell of dust everywhere.Mu Lan looked around and saw no trace of living people. "I know that you are here." She lazily said.The moment she finished the sentence, with a sharp sound of wind something passed her.Mu Lan calmly looked in front of her and saw that there was rope hanging in the middle of the warehouse and a man was hanging in there like a monkey."Lanie, you are fast! Did you miss me that much?" The handsome man grinned like a boy. He was wearing a blue jeans and black shirt. "Call me jiejie." Mu Lan walked towards him and stood before him. "Explain what you texted last night."The handsome man's transparent black eyes glittered. He pouted and complained, "Come on! Can't you give me a hug or ask if I'm alright or not? I fled to Germany from France for your sake!"Mu Lan smiled and said, "Thank you for the hard work. Now, tell me everything you know." She was getting impatient. She needed to find out what he meant last night and here he was having fun like nothing happened.Mu Lan's brother sighed and said, "You are no fun." Then he let go of the rope and got down. He sat down on a rustic metal engine and patted on the place next to him. "Come here and sit down. We have lots of things to talk about."Mu Lan silently did what she was told. After she sat down, her brother gave her a file. She opened the file and saw her blood test result which was stolen from Lu Research Center. She read the test result and she didn't understand most of the words. "Enlighten me." She said.Her brother began to explain. "Well the reason I stole it because there is something very rare in your blood which can be the most explosive news in the world if people find out. You will become popular and target of hunters. Your life will be in danger.""I see. So what do I have in my blood?" Mu Lan asked curiously.Her brother replied, "Something very powerful, which can cure any disease. It is called elixir. It is the very reason that you are still alive even after getting shot and getting hurt multiple times."Mu Lan didn't know what to say at first. She didn't want to believe what she just heard. Her brain was storming like a roller coaster.

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