Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 432: HER FEVER

Because that's exactly happened in the past when you were only a child.'Not only Mu Lan, but also Mu Liang was stunned by the shocking information. He stopped massaging Mu Lan's cheeks and said, "Tell him to meet you as soon as possible."However, Mu Lan didn't hear what he just said. Her whole brain was occupied with what her brother just wrote.She wrote:'Come again?'This time she didn't get any reply. She frowned and wrote in anger:'I dare you not to explain it to me and flee from me. Do you think you can hide from me?'Then, she got a reply:'I told you that your past isn't a fairy-tale. Stop looking into it more. It's not as important as your present, right?'Mu Lan pondered for a moment and then wrote:'I don't care. Tell me everything you know and I will promise that I won't do another blood test.'A minute later, she got another reply:'I'll catch tomorrow's flight and meet you in Italy. Just don't do another blood test.'Mu Lan wrote another text:'Do you want a lift?'Her brother replied:'I have my ways to meet you. See you soon.'The screen turned blank.Mu Lan looked behind her and asked Mu Liang, "Do you believe what he just said?""Do you?" He asked back."I want to, but, let's wait and see." Mu Lan bit her lower lip.Mu Liang closed her laptop and said, "Don't worry too much. As he promised, I think he will come and meet you. Just focus on taming your mother-in-law."Mu Lan thought about something and said, "About that, I want to meet the psychologist who was giving therapy to your mother."Mu Liang glanced at her without blinking for a few seconds and then asked, "Is there something wrong?""Don't you find anything wrong?" She asked him back.Mu Liang's eyes glittered before he asked her again, "Should I find anything wrong?"Mu Lan frowned and then complained, "You knew all along, didn't you? If I, who has no background in Psychology could find your mother's problem after hearing the whole story, why can't the psychologist? He was counseling and giving your mother therapy all these years and her mental health wasn't improved in the slightest. It's odd."Mu Liang answered, "When my father realized that she was having mental issue, it was already too late. His friend was one of the best psychiatrists in the whole world back then, he help my mother to improve her. At that time, my mother wouldn't talk and only stay at her bedroom and she would close her door so that no one could enter. She would only talk to my father but their conversation never had a good end. My mother would always accuse my father for having affairs and father would keep quiet." He sighed."You had a rough childhood, didn't you?" Mu Lan hugged him."But now I'm having a wonderful present, don't I?" He smiled at her. Then he continued, "My father's friend help my mother to recover this much. Now, you are helping her. You have no idea how grateful I am towards you. Do you know that this is the first time I saw her smiling naturally? She never smiled like this. Since I was born, I only saw her fake smile. Thank you, Lan."Mu Liang took her right hand and kissed her fingers. Mu Lan felt embarrassed. She said, "Of course, I will help her. I need her approval, don't I? Only then we can get married."His hand froze as he heard her talking about marriage. He gazed at her thoughtful expression quietly and smiled at last. 'She wanted to run away from me. Now she wants to tie me up with her forever.'Mu Liang kissed her forehead and commanded, "Go to sleep, soldier. Tomorrow is the second day of war.""Yes, general. I promise that I will achieve victory and come back with glory." Mu Lan answered like a soldier. She wasn't bad at it either.-------The next day, though Mu Lan was learning from Jing Sheng how to knit a muffler, her head was filled with what her brother said last time.'When was I a lab rat? Was it my aunt who took me there or was it someone else? Why was I released from there? Or maybe I escaped? But how did I escape when I was a child? It's not that my brother could help me at that time. Did I have someone backing me up? Who am I?'She couldn't stop thinking of all these question."You, girl, where is your attention? Look, you are making a mess." Jing Sheng's words made her come back to the reality.Mu Lan looked down and saw that she made the muffler turned into a ball."How did you make such an amazing creation?" Jing Sheng scolded her.Mu Lan made a guilty face and said in a soft voice, "Sorry, mother-in-law. I'm not feeling well. My head feels dizzy."Jing Sheng frowned. She put down her wool and muffler and stretched her one hand to feel Mu Lan's forehead."Seems like you have a fever." She sighed and shooed her away. "Get out. Don't come in front of me before you heal. I don't want to have the same disease."Mu Lan smiled secretly at her behavior. 'You don't want to show that you are concerned about me, do you?' She only nodded and said, "Yes, mother-in-law." Then she left.She went straight to the bedroom and hurriedly changed into shirt, pant, sweater and winter boots.Mu Liang was working in the sofa. He glanced at her and asked, "Do you want me to come with you?"Mu Lan shook her head. "I don't think that he wants to meet you so soon. Let us have brother-sister reunion. He will meet you eventually."Mu Liang sipped his coffee and said, "Don't let my mother catch you."

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