Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 431: COAXING WIFEY

At night, Mu Lan was in Mu Liang bedroom."You know, you don't have to do it. I'm fine, really." Mu Lan said helplessly.When she enter the bedroom after dinner, first Mu Liang helped her to have a warm bath and then he put legs and hands in the bowls of semi-hot water. After that, he massaged her palms and fingers and later he put ointment there and then wrapped her palms with soft silk towels.And afterwards, he began messaging her whole body.Mu Lan was so speechless by his action that she couldn't find a word to say anything. When she saw his massaging her feet, she couldn't help but saying, "You know, you don't have to do it. I'm fine, really."Mu Liang only replied with a question, "Did I say anything?""Are you going to do this every night?" She asked in concern. She knew that he worked hard everyday."What do you think?" He asked her back.Mu Lan didn't say anything after that. She realized that he was feeling guilty and apologizing to her silently on behalf of his mother. So she let Mu Liang massage her feet silently.After a minute of silence, Mu Liang opened his mouth, "Lu Feng called. He was attacked and you blood test result was taken by a man. Hugo's team was keeping an eye in him but they lost his track."Mu Lan was dozing off. The massage was making her feel heavenly. She realized then how tired she was. However, upon hearing Mu Liang's words, she was fully awake.She sat up and looked at Mu Liang curiously. "How is Dr. Lu Feng?"Mu Liang replied, "He was only hit in the back of the neck, so he is fine."Mu Lan listened carefully and then commented, "So they enemy wasn't cruel enough to kill him.Mu Liang nodded. "I was thinking the same thing. The attacker isn't from mafia. This person has different plan. His main target is you and you alone. And yet, he has no desire to harm others. Maybe he is protecting you."Mu Lan smiled. Before she could say something, she winced in pain. "Ah! That hurts."Mu Liang stopped massaging her right leg instantly. "Where? Here?" He asked her with concern as he touched her right ankle.Mu Lan trembled in pain. "Ow! Yes, here."Mu Liang frowned. "How did you get hurt in your ankle?"Mu Lan answered, "I don't remember. Ah! Maybe the time and fell while carrying the gifts packs in the shopping mall.""Why didn't you take rest?" He was getting angry. 'She doesn't even know how to take care of herself and she is trying to help my mother.'She replied lightly, "I wouldn't dare."Mu Liang was mad. "You-"Mu Lan reassured him. "Liang Liang, please don't get mad. We are helping your mother to recover. A doctor must do everything to help her patient to heal."Mu Liang didn't agree with her. "You are not a doctor. Moreover, a person who doesn't know how to take care of herself, can-""Can help others to recover quickly." Mu Lan interrupted him again and changed the whole sentence. Mu Liang sighed helplessly.Watching him, Mu Lan grinned childishly. "Hehe.. ow!" Her expression changed."What happened now?" Mu Liang stopped massaging thinking that her ankle hurt again."My mouth hurts because I smiled too much today." Mu Lan rubbed her cheeks.He caught her hands and said, "Don't rub like that. I'll do it. Wait a moment." He bandaged her ankle."Liang Liang." Mu Lan sweetly called out."What is it now?" He just stood up to take ointment from the bedside table."Fetch me my laptop please." Mu Lan requested. Since he didn't want her to walk around, she could only order him."Okay." Mu Liang gave her the laptop and then he took the medicine and applied on her both cheeks.As he sat on the bed behind her, he could see what she was doing in her laptop. As soon as Mu Lan opened her laptop, her fingers stormed over the keyboard. Her bandaged palms didn't bother her a bit. In a second, the laptop screen was filled with numerous numbers.Mu Liang took a note of her skill while he admired her intelligence.Two minutes later, the screen changed and there was a message in English.'Lanie, miss me?'Mu Lan smirked as she read the text. She wrote:'How do you know that it's me?'There was another reply:'Who will be as genius as you to track me down so easily? I don't remember sharing my current location with anyone. As I remember, my Lanie is the best. ^_^'Mu Lan scold her younger brother.'I'm your elder sister. Call me jiejie.' [In Chinese, elder sister is called Jiji.]Ten seconds later, there was another text.'I don't think you can recall your past memories. Did my brother-in-law lose to his wife and told you everything what he knew?'Mu Liang instantly liked the boy calling him (Mu Liang) brother-in-law. 'The kid knows his place.' He thought. He was very pleased with Mu Lan's younger brother.Mu Lan replied jokingly:'Of course! I'm a genius. People are bound to worship me.'Her brother wasn't bad at joking either.'Amen.'This time, Mu Lan went straight to the business.'Why are you in Germany?'She could track down his brother and knew that he was in Berlin.She got a reply:"Why do you think?'She replied back:"Stop beating around the bush. I know you stole my blood sample and the blood test result.'She got an immediate reply:'It's for your good, Lanie.'Mu Lan frowned.'And how so? I trust Liang.'Her brother replied back:'I do too. But I don't trust doctors and scientists. If they know what you carry in your blood, they will make you lab rat.'Mu Lan was curious.'Why do you think that? What is in blood?'The next reply caught her off guard.'Because that's exactly happened in the past when you were only a child.'________________________________________________________________________________________________________Before I went to China, I knew that I couldn't use Google apps. But never in my imagination I thought that I won't be able to use Webnovel since it is the creation of China.I was totally off guard when I couldn't use Webnovel after I reached there. Even using Discord was a great problem. I felt so stupid.I know that I made you wait a lot, so you will get 3 mass releases for that.

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